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  1. 6 hours ago, Calashnikov said:

    I’ve played neither btw. I bought the PS4 original in a sale yeaaaars ago but there’s since been a PS5 version of that, and there’s no way to upgrade the PS4 version without straight up buying the PS5 version. Shite.


    FWIW fella, I was able to upgrade to the PS5 version of Lost Judgement with only my PS4 disc, free of charge. Can't imagine it would be any different for the first one?


    I'm going to try to replay this summer, and get onto the Kaito Files!

  2. I'm also loving this, but agree that it's possibly one of the most obtuse Nintendo games ever. The tutorial is basically: do these moves - good, now do them all again in 32 seconds or whatever, oh tough luck you failed, you're shit; so the only real way to learn is to play the cups. And the cups are brilliant fun! Punchy and madcap and essentially Mario Kart turned into a football game. Waluigi's win animation is possibly the best thing I've seen so far this gen.


    Online is a crap shoot though, and I'm being trounced at the moment. Loads of players have got to grips with passing and dodging all over the shop, running rings around me and scoring quick easy goals. I need to work on my defence and dodging with R to make the most of my chonky Wario.

  3. 12 hours ago, spatular said:

    ^ i get confused with the scoring tbh, but think you're pretty much doing it right for survival, i think if you don't use the lock on you'd be down on fire power. some basic scoring stuff is point blank with your shot to increase a multiplier, like on the invunlerable (untill they open their shell) enemies on stage 1. and filling your lock-shot up to maximum lock-ons before firing gets you another multiplier. probably depends on the game mode too.


    edit - oh yeah i think you're supposed to try to kill the bosses with a lock on shot


    and heres some guides:




    Awesome, thanks. Will read. I guess I'm trying to avoid playing the game like I play Rez - mindlessly holding the button, wiggling about until max lock on, release, repeat. But maybe that's the way. 

  4. On 25/04/2022 at 23:27, Jonster said:

    Was reminded how much I like Crimzon Clover despite not really putting any time into it, so I've gone and started trying to get the Novice 1CC. Had my closest run yet tonight - saw the bullet coming towards me and pressed Break but must've been a tiny bit late as this happened:




      Reveal hidden contents

    That's the very last boss in case people are unaware 😭

    Anyway, then had a quick go of Arrange, which is certainly an interesting change, but that resulted in me unlocking the Type-Z ship. I only had time to try the first level with it but it seems like the Type-I but just better?! Think I'll be swapping to that for the time being and seeing how that goes. 


    I've decided to put some time into Crimson Clover at last, not least because the opening stage music is excellent. 


    A n00b question, but how should I be using lock on homing shots? At the moment I'm keeping auto fire held down, while repeatedly holding lock on, releasing, lock on, release, etc. Is this the right way to play? At the moment it seems that lock on just slows me down and distracts me from shooting things with my regular fire. 


    Any advice appreciated! Though I'm focusing on survival rather than score at the mo! 

  5. 7 hours ago, robdood said:

    I think..

      Reveal hidden contents

    Given that its fiery status seems to mirror that of the Erdtree..  I'd say it's inside there. 



    I think this is right. 



    You know how when you defeat a boss they remain as a remembrance, 'hewn into the Erdtree'? I reckon the Roundtable Hold that we can access is just such a remembrance, a memory held somewhere deep within the consciousness of the Erdtree, of the glory days of Godfrey and his army of the Roundtable, who would later go on to become the Tarnished. And so when the Erdtree starts to burn, its memories burn with it. 


    It's a cool concept, pulled off to slightly greater effect in Bloodborne IMO. 

  6. Bloody hell, crazy glitch right now... 


    End boss of CFA spoilers:



    I had summoned for some help with Maliketh on NG+. All three of us walked through the mist gate when his beast clergy form... just died. Immediately. The transformation cutscene triggered as soon as I'd gone through the gate. What followed was a full health bar battle with Maliketh straight off the bat. Absolutely mad. 


    Still managed to beat him tho. 😎

  7. 10 hours ago, Talk Show Host said:


    If there is something that is making me question this game more than other from software titles is this kind of hyperbole. 


    Good game, I am having a fun time with it, but nowhere near as revolutionary for open world games as people would like to think imo.


    Sorry to pile on, but you're replying to someone saying that the game world is stunning with the retort that it's not revolutionary. 


    ER's open world isn't revolutionary but it is stunning. For precisely the reasons that you've brought up. It wouldn't work with loading screens at all. That one screenshot that everyone takes of the vista overlooking Liurnia of the Lakes, with the academy in the distance, and the capital further still, and then Mt. Gelmir behind that... And each location just as recognisable from miles away as it is from when you're deep within it. 


    It's a crazy achievement. At all times like being thrown into a Caspar Friedrich painting or something. 



  8. 1 hour ago, Number 28 said:

    If you're hankering for more punishment you should play on PS4 where the reload on death is three times longer. 


    Conversely, and I'm going to sound like a massive envious pauper apologist here, I've grown to quite like the extended loading times on my OG PS4 - they give you a chance to breathe and reflect, and for your heart rate to return to healthy, non-threatening levels. Mind you, I'm a veteran of Bloodborne pre-first patch, when upon death all you were faced with was a massive BLOODBORNE, white on black, for about three minutes. A loading screen that made you wait, and consider the meaning of things, and reflect upon your sins.

  9. 15 hours ago, immortaljellyfish said:


    I know loads of other folk like yourself who seem to love Eschatos, but for whatever reason it just doesn't seem to get on with me. Might be the scoring systems, perhaps. Glad you're enjoying it tho, dude. When the time comes for CC you're in for a treat - it's a proper modern classic.


    Yeah tbh, I'm not too sure about the scoring myself. It mainly seems to be based on how quickly you beat each wave, but seeing as the waves blitz by at rocket speed anyway I'm not too sure where the skill comes in, beyond just surviving. I think I'm enjoying the clean simplicity of it, it's not a cluttered shmup at all. 

  10. I picked up Eschatos and Crimson Clover in the recent Switch sale, and to my surprise Crimson Clover hasn't had much of a look in! Eschatos is glorious, with its clean, chunky polygons and amazing soundtrack. It seems pared back, naively simple compared to CC, but maybe that's what floats my boat - it's like the ultimate evolution of Galaga or something, swarms of enemies hanging up at the top of the screen before flitting down towards you.


    Haven't touched much of Judgement Silversword or Cardinal Sins which come with the package yet, by same developer M-KAI, but it seems that Eschatos is the perfecting of those sweet, sweet WonderSwan shmup mechanics. I mostly find it funny that the publisher Qute Corporation is mostly a medical apparatus and healthcare logistics company. That just happens to have a hardcore shmup division.

  11. 44 minutes ago, NexivRed said:

    Something fucking cool today. I won’t say anything spoilery.


    Decided I was strong enough to try the tosser after the Albinauric village again, and through my own curiosity, happened to find an obscure NPC up there!

    Got an important item from them, and then was looking at the map confused why I couldn’t get to random buildings seemingly nearby. 

    Decided to try and reach the areas through a different approach, and entered some nearby caves that a golden candelabra dude had led me to, and it exits somewhere different. And low and behold my previously found item has an instant meaning. 


    This is normally the kind of shit I have to Google. But I found it all by chance as the game intended! Tres cool. 


    That boss in Albinauric Village is rough. It's annoying as he feels like he should be easy, but he hits like a truck. Good to know there is more to explore there, but can you give me a hint? I've crossed the bridge but it seems a dead end... 

  12. 37 minutes ago, MrCarrot said:

    You have to not have anything that has a skill in your left hand (so no shield with Parry). So until you find a No Skill ash, yeah, you either have to unequip your shield or two-hand your weapon.


    That makes sense, ta. 

  13. 10 hours ago, Keyboard Koala said:

    Looks and plays brilliantly on my bog-standard PS4. Loading times and graphics seem to be on par with Sekiro. No complaints from me. Something something fps... 


    I was going to say, this is seriously impressive on my trusty OG PS4. I'm not particularly sensitive to frame rates / frame drops or whatever anyway, but this has been playing like a dream in the few hours I've had with it. The wonderful art direction definitely shines through. 

  14. Could anyone tell me how to actually use the skills I supposedly attain from equipping ashes of war? I've got a couple now, including some kind of ground stomp move and quick step, but I've got no clue how to pull the moves off... 

  15. I managed to get all skill points, with exactly the same method there, on NG+3 so there wasn't too much of a grind by the time I'd got most of the skill points 'naturally'. 


    It then did mean I had to face ISS on NG+3 for completion's sake... Took me two solid weeks and is one of the most difficult things I've ever done. 🥵

  16. I've been playing the Shadow Man remaster over the last couple of days and it holds up remarkably well! 


    It was always a bit janky, even back in 1999, but it still has to my mind one of the most interesting and effective depictions of hell seen in any videogame. All rusted, narrow corridors threading between gothic plazas hanging over lakes of lava. Something about the primitive use of 3D space makes the environments seem larger, on a grander scale somehow. 


    Don't know if I'll fully complete it again but I'm enjoying it a lot right now. 

  17. Here it is guys, with massive thanks to @Treble for all the palaver. 


    Game of the Year 2021


    A1. No More Heroes III


    With the recent pessimism surrounding the decline of Japanese B games, the unstoppable rise of the western AAA, Sony dropping out of the Japanese market, consumers wanting bigger and better and ray-tracinger etc. etc., it was refreshing and really pleasing to see that Grasshopper hadn't in fact got the memo, and were jankily carrying on the party like it was 2005. NMHIII has texture pop-in from a few metres away, a frame-rate that could generously be called inconsistent and very little meaningful interaction with its sparsely-populated, uncanny open world. And yet. The combat is absolutely amazing, the character and alien design is just really damn punk and the VA from Robin Atkin Downes and Noshir Dalal, as main arch-rivals Travis and alien lord Fu, just sells the whole damn stupid story in a way that will have you punching the air during their final fatal battle to be No. 1 ranked assassin in the universe. It's first and foremost just a damn good videogame, and it knows it. Oh, and the item shop theme really didn't need to go this hard but I'm really, really glad it does.


    A2. Shin Megami Tensei V


    It's not often I find myself agreeing with @Wiper's 100% correct opinions, but the fella is bang on the money here, and MegaTen V is the best JRPG I've played in ages. Taking open world cues from - what else? - BotW, the areas you find yourself in work like massive dungeons, albeit dungeons taking place in the ruins of vaguely recognisable Tokyo cityscapes, with a pleasing verticality to everything as you explore the ruins of collapsed skyscrapers searching for Miman, the korok equivalents. Starting off with faeries and the sandman in your party of recruitable, trainable monsters ripped from centuries of folklore and religion from around the world, you can kind of guess you're reaching the end game when your party consists of Loki, the Buddhist arch-demon Mara, the Virgin Mary and Lord Ganesh. With punchy combat and meaningful exploration, it never lulls during its 50-hour odd playtime.


    A3. Metroid Dread


    It might just be me, but Dread seems to be the most hardcore, difficult game Ninty has put out for ages. With all the impact of a shinespark to the face, the game has you blasting through the abandoned planet of ZDR at a pace that only lets up when you run into the EMMI robots - Dread there stealing the ultra-tense SA-X encounters from Fusion and deciding to make a game around them. It doesn't quite come together; ZDR never feels like a real, breathing planet akin to Zebes or Talon IV, and you're pretty much funneled from one area to the next in a way that makes it feel more an heir to the philosophy of Fusion and Samus Returns, rather than Prime or Super. But the boss battles are killer, the rare moments of Samus' expressing herself are badass and the animation throughout is absolutely top-notch. It's also great that they named the game Dread not after the relentless EMMIs, but the feeling that accompanies the discovery of that coveted energy tank hidden behind two tiny, inconspicuous speed boost blocks. To quote our own @Cyhwuhx, 'You want to me to shinespark where?!?'.


    A4. Monster Hunter Rise


    I bounced off World quite a bit when it released a few years ago on PS4, but Rise really clicked this year and I'm glad I can finally say that I 'get' Monster Hunter. It's all about the multiplayer. Single player is challenging and fun, but the rush that comes with playing online co-op, with friends or (usually Japanese) strangers alike, taking down a vicious Magnamalo with judicious zipping around on wirebugs, is a gaming experience that gets its hooks into you, forever chasing the next cool piece of armour made of the skin of the monster who's head you'd just caved in. The levels are wide and tall, the move sets as satisfying to learn as always, and leaping off your faithful palamute at full speed to plunge into your quarry's cranium long sword first rarely gets boring.


    A5. Lost Judgment


    It's a RGG Studios game. It's spotting UFOs so that a high school kid can come to terms with the fact that his father has run off with another woman. It's finding out what is so cursed about a lucky cat statue that seems to kill everyone who touches it. It's spotting a cat burglar panty thief who claims to be Spiderman in his defence. It's KimuTaku laying the smack down on school kids for having their shirts untucked. It's racing your drone through the streets of Yokohama to earn cash. It's working at a posh private school that somehow doesn't require any DBS checks to be the girls' dance club instructor. It's unpacking a pretty dark murder mystery. It's sitting back with a highball in the depths of Kamurocho, and then going to the Sega game centre to unwind with some House Hama of the Dead. It's punching punks for looking at you funny. It's a RGG Studios game. And it's glorious.




    Game of the Year (premiered anywhere pre-2021) 


    B1. Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye


    Anyone who has ever-so-cautiously piloted their spaceship through the depths of Dark Bramble, or of Giant's Deep, secretly knows: Mobius Digital want to make a horror game. And here they have, sort of. I don't think I've ever played a game that had environments that were so... cosy, yet off at the same time. It lacks the space travel that made the original game so special, and the new area to explore in EotE recalls influences from the original Myst to Amnesia, but the puzzle solving, frights and attention to detail of the new environment make a hell of a lasting impression that sticks with you.


    B2. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD


    Loved the motion controls on the Wii. Loved the motion controls (and the 60 fps) here. Great Zelda with an underrated soundtrack.


    B3. Bowser's Fury


    A fun Mazza that can't shake the impression of being a neat proof of concept. Short and sweet, with an entertaining central mechanic.




    Biggest Disappointment of the Year


    Z1. Still not being able to buy next gen consoles at retail


    Z2. Look here! It's NFTs! With this new technology on the etherhiumium block chain, we will be able to engage with our consumers content, consumers, make them free to play, play to earn, consume, unprecedented opportunities for content creation in the hands of our consumers, content, play to engage zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... fuck off






    Sound Design of the Year


    S1. No More Heroes III


    S2. NEO: The World Ends with You


    S3. Nier Replicant




    Visual Design of the Year


    V1. NEO: The World Ends with You


    V2. Dungeon Encounters


    V3. R-Type Final 2




    Writing of the Year


    W1. Lost Judgment


    W2. No More Heroes III






    Format of the Year


    F1. Nintendo Switch




    Publisher or Developer of the Year


    P1. Grasshopper Manufacture

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