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  1. I've just completed 4 and it's absolutely bloody brilliant.
  2. I'm on Yakuza 4! It's brilliant, and (so far) my second favourite after 0 (although FotNS and Judgement were excellent side games). I've been working my way through them in order since starting on 0 a couple of years ago. Random spoilery thoughts: Loving it. Will take my time getting through 5 and 6 before picking up 7 shortly after release.
  3. Re: Thunder Force, I haven't played III but thought IV was pretty disappointing on the Sega Ages range on Switch, given its reputation. Muddy graphics, no real visual feedback on hitting enemies, bullets that blur into the background, lacklustre mobs... I'd heard great things about it since forever, but it's no way near worthy enough to lick Winds/Gates of Thunders' boots, as a hori comparison. I even enjoyed the much-derided TFVI on PS2 more.
  4. I love Saejima so far! A real bona fide ice cold killer to play as, rather than your namby pamby Akiyamas and Kiryus. I like his charge moves.
  5. Let us measure

    NIOH 2

    It's more Nioh and it's subsequently awesome. But does anyone else's PS4 sound like it's about to catch fire during the character creation bit?
  6. I too was massively WTF when they announced that Yakuza 7 would be a DQ-inspired JRPG. Like Dragon Quest however - a) No one in the West gives a shit, and b) It's one of the best series of games ever - so I'm fairly confident I'll much enjoy whatever it is RGG Studio pump out next year. I will miss the brawling though... I'm keeping my premium adventure save of Judgement nearby just in case I get the urge to mash buttons on goons, but the JRPG mechanics are going to give Y7 a very different flavour. And Kasuga has some damn big singing boots to fill... Judgement Kazzy
  7. The localisation for this, as with all DQ games, is absolutely rllmuk-tier. Puns to make even the PTMYL thread blush.
  8. It always bummed me that you couldn't keep your shield held up in LTTP; slashing away from behind the safety of your shield added an extra level of control and comfort in LA. LA has the better swordplay IMO for this reason. Inside the egg right now. Don't want it to end.
  9. Thanks, managed to get that one last night!
  10. That whole bit is like some yakuza fever dream. Can't decide if it's the best set-piece ever or the worst.
  11. I haven't unlocked any zodiac signs yet. Could a kind soul give me a gentle push towards some of the easier ones to get? Also, what's the story about?
  12. This gets better and better the more you replay it. Getting a flawless run on a track reminds me of going for perfects in Rhythm Tengoku/Paradise.
  13. It was factually, scientifically the fastest car ffs. It told you on the car select screen. And Dr. Stewart was a doctor. There was no reason not to go Golden Fox.
  14. I do find it really interesting to see the thoughts of those coming to LA for the first time - for me it's pretty much a priori knowledge that magic powder starts fires, and I truthfully couldn't tell you where I first learned that. A lot of this game I'm playing on dreamy autopilot, and it's brilliant, but I sometimes find myself wondering what it would be like to not know what a Pol's Voice is (for example), and how it would've affected my game.
  15. Yeah, album mode should have been the default really, saving the individual level select as an unlockable. It would have made an even better first impression that way. Still a brilliant mash of influences mind. That Gemini twins parallel reality bit was genius!
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