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  1. The 3DS still frequently impresses me with its 3D, especially the Sega 3D Classics range. There's a bit in Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master when a small, enclosed escalating platform rises above an embankment to give way to a gorgeous cyberpunk cityscape, a scrolling parallax bonanza of blinking lights and huge server-like buildings and it looks absolutely incredibly deep in 3D, a real jaw-dropping moment. Feels like the screen would swallow your finger if you were to poke past Joe Musashi into the inky blackness in the distance. Outrun in 3D also adds loads to the sense of speed, to the point that the 3DS one is my favourite version of the game, hands down. So there's a space for 3D in gaming I think, though I don't think we'll see much of it outside of VR.
  2. I've just turned on the 30hz autofire and it feels like cheating! (gonna keep it on tho obvs) It doesn't seem to affect participation in the online leaderboards funnily enough, so I'm just going to assume that everyone in the table has it to 30hz by default. Can now make it to the third level in one credit - onwards and upwards.
  3. These seem to be back on Amazon for RRP if anyone didn't snap one up! Worth it for that sweet, sweet Shining Force CD. Edit: Gone again
  4. OK, brilliant. Looking forward to diving back in this afternoon!
  5. I picked up Metal Black on a whim last night after wondering where that Darius CS dlc ship came from, and being in the mood for a Taito shmup from playing Night Striker on the MD Mini, so glad to see it being talked about so favourably here! That guide is great @Klatrymadon, thanks for posting. With scraping though, does this mean that your L3 or above beam can destroy enemies directly above or below you? Is that how it works?
  6. I actually de-hacked my Megadrive Mini at the weekend and restored to factory settings, getting rid of dozens of roms I never played. Curated playlists is where it's at.
  7. I preordered just because, and had a big meh feeling about it, but just as I was about to cancel I started youtubing some long plays of the games included and now I'm pretty hyped up for it! I'm really looking forward to the Mega CD games, particularly Shining Force CD and Final Fight CD, which look and sound incredible. I've been listening to the Mega CD Ecco soundtracks, that sound like awesome 90s new age trance. There's a load of infamous shmups on there that I'm keen to try, like Truxton/Tatsujin and Ranger X. And then the icing on the cake for me is the 'what if' version of Space Harrier II with smoother frame rate and proper sprite scaling. And the first ever port of Puyo Puyo Sun. Love it when M2 drop these little curiosities into their work, it's clear they're very, very passionate about what they do.
  8. As geeky as it sounds, I really like to role play when I create a character in games, making my own head canon concerning their upbringing, personality, livelihood, strengths, weaknesses, fears. It has provided an even more immersive edge to games like Fallout 4, Bloodborne, Nioh 2, Elden Ring and, more recently, Cyberpunk. To that end I usually go for designs that fit the world they're supposed to be in. Boring maybe, but it helps me get invested in the story. By the time I completed Cyberpunk, I'd grown to really like 'my' V.
  9. That's interesting, because I've been playing Shining Force 1 on the Switch VC and have been absolutely loving the simplicity of it all. SFII is one of my fav MD games but I had never played the first until it was released on Switch. No anime cutscenes, very little inventory or skill management - just a map, your squad and some baddies to out-manoeuvre. It pains me to say but to answer the topic question, any of the N64 remasters by Nightdive. Nightdive have done some brilliant work getting the Turoks and Shadowman to the modern era, they're just pretty pump by today's standards. I remember loving Shadowman back in the day - a prototype God of War - with a huge open world to plough through and upgrades aplenty. The lack of any in-game map is the first thing that hits you, and it's pretty much downhill from there.
  10. This arrived yesterday and, with my wife at work, I played through four hours straight, which is pretty rare for a game in this day and age. I really like it. I much preferred the exploration and tight gameplay focus of SMTV over the arduous social link and date-your-teacher-who-is-also-of-course-a-stripper antics of Persona 5, so this dungeon crawler is pushing all the right buttons. It's snappy, slick and very easy to play.
  11. Didn't Sam Barlow used to post here occasionally as @mrsambarlow? Only reason I remember is that I was always mistakenly reading his username as Mrs A M Barlow, and enjoyed imagining that a well-to-do middle-aged reader of Good Housekeeping had somehow come across rllmuk and made an account to follow the hot console war goss.
  12. FWIW fella, I was able to upgrade to the PS5 version of Lost Judgement with only my PS4 disc, free of charge. Can't imagine it would be any different for the first one? I'm going to try to replay this summer, and get onto the Kaito Files!
  13. I'm also loving this, but agree that it's possibly one of the most obtuse Nintendo games ever. The tutorial is basically: do these moves - good, now do them all again in 32 seconds or whatever, oh tough luck you failed, you're shit; so the only real way to learn is to play the cups. And the cups are brilliant fun! Punchy and madcap and essentially Mario Kart turned into a football game. Waluigi's win animation is possibly the best thing I've seen so far this gen. Online is a crap shoot though, and I'm being trounced at the moment. Loads of players have got to grips with passing and dodging all over the shop, running rings around me and scoring quick easy goals. I need to work on my defence and dodging with R to make the most of my chonky Wario.
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