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  1. The localisation for this, as with all DQ games, is absolutely rllmuk-tier. Puns to make even the PTMYL thread blush.
  2. It always bummed me that you couldn't keep your shield held up in LTTP; slashing away from behind the safety of your shield added an extra level of control and comfort in LA. LA has the better swordplay IMO for this reason. Inside the egg right now. Don't want it to end.
  3. Thanks, managed to get that one last night!
  4. That whole bit is like some yakuza fever dream. Can't decide if it's the best set-piece ever or the worst.
  5. I haven't unlocked any zodiac signs yet. Could a kind soul give me a gentle push towards some of the easier ones to get? Also, what's the story about?
  6. This gets better and better the more you replay it. Getting a flawless run on a track reminds me of going for perfects in Rhythm Tengoku/Paradise.
  7. It was factually, scientifically the fastest car ffs. It told you on the car select screen. And Dr. Stewart was a doctor. There was no reason not to go Golden Fox.
  8. I do find it really interesting to see the thoughts of those coming to LA for the first time - for me it's pretty much a priori knowledge that magic powder starts fires, and I truthfully couldn't tell you where I first learned that. A lot of this game I'm playing on dreamy autopilot, and it's brilliant, but I sometimes find myself wondering what it would be like to not know what a Pol's Voice is (for example), and how it would've affected my game.
  9. Yeah, album mode should have been the default really, saving the individual level select as an unlockable. It would have made an even better first impression that way. Still a brilliant mash of influences mind. That Gemini twins parallel reality bit was genius!
  10. I'm making my way through Yakuza 3, as someone who came fresh to the series with 0 (then Kiwami and Kiwami 2), and... I'm really enjoying it! I was a bit worried about coming from the Dragon Engine goodness of K2 and Judgement to this, but it holds up really well for an early, uprezzed PS3 game, with the same excellent sense of place and characterisation that permeates the earlier games. I especially love the way they've handled Majima from 0 onwards - So colour me impressed. Yes, it's the middle part of a fairly meandering gangster soap opera, but Y3 has done enough to keep my attention, and I honestly can't wait for 4!
  11. I think it's a Dragon Engine thing, Kiwami 2 had modern, 21st century saving too. Saving in Y0 requires around 27 separate button presses.
  12. Sadly, I have to agree. Although having played through Judgment recently, that is absolutely the best that the Dragon Engine has been, and has an amazingly smooth combat system and great gritty look. It does still look kind of... clinical though. Too clean compared to the earlier 0-engine games. I'm currently working my way through Yakuza 3, and it's a breath of fresh air compared to Kiwami 2. The change of setting makes a pretty huge impact, and its definitely got a different flava to the previous three games. Kiryu is also a great dad.
  13. I have also played through Shenmue 2 twice and never found bloody duck racing. Where is it?
  14. I've found with the games past 0 that you feel that you're going through the motions until approximately chapter 3 or 4, when the story inevitably does a right turn, someone dies, another person backstabs, someone else tearily raises their fists to the sky and swears bitter vengeance, and then you're fucking in. In other words, there's no such thing as being Yakuza'd out. Make like Kaito-san and bust your way through.
  15. From the interview: "Also, regarding the translations, it’s not the old translations from the PS3 versions. The team that’s been localizing the Yakuza games since Yakuza 0 has now reworked the translation to make it more understandable, smooth and natural. So there’s a higher quality of translation and localization, too." This is actually brilliant. I've just completed Judgment, and the current RGG localisation team are masters.
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