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  1. Empire of the Summer Moon - Though it seems to be quite divisive with a lot of reviewers claiming it is rascist, if that puts you off, I thought it was as good as Blood and Thunder, balanced and a good read.
  2. Soft Cell - Say hello wave goodbye, Bedsitter and Torch(untill the woman joins in at the end)
  3. Been listening to a lot of Genesis again myself recently, partly inspired by this thread. Selling England By The Pound(Dancing with the Moonlit Knight is a great first track) being my favourite though Foxtrot and Nursery Cryme are both excellent. Totally agree, much more rewarding putting a bit of effort in to listening to this than the latest immediate but soon boring 3 minute disposable pop. Dont know if youve seen it but there is a torrent available for a 1973 Sheperton 16mm concert. Quality isnt brilliant but its watchable. It was on Demonoid last week.
  4. Porridge made with Tesco finest oats mixed with half and half skimmed milk/soy milk and half a tea spoon of honey. Love it, even in the middle of summer.
  5. I agree with Hoop V2, if you read Inversions without reading a couple of other Culture books first it just wont make any sense to you. Id go for Use of Weapons and/or what Hoop suggested first.
  6. I really enjoyed Life of Pi, lots of indian atmosphere at the start. The author somehow manages to keep the story going with just the boy and animals stuck on the boat, it never got boring. Then right at the end theres a twist that makes you rethink everything youve read. Well worth a read. This week ive read Slaughterhouse 5 - Kurt Vonnegut, great writing style though I think I might have to reread at some time to try and put it all in a bit more order in my mind(though I suspect that wont work and isnt the point of the book anyway) and a couple of Michael Moorcocks Corum books(far from his best). Tomorrow im going to start either Catch22 - Joseph Heller or Children of God - Mary Doria Russell, not decided which yet.
  7. Never bought any but Im old enough to remember when they started. The early ones can go for quite a few quid nowadays.
  8. Who the fuck would want to buy Jade Goodys perfume, its beyond me. I'm now waiting for the first signs of that twat Max Clifford yet, he usually turns up at times like this offering advice. Maybe Jade is a bit too far gone even for him.
  9. Crazy English Summer - Faithless English Rose - The Jam
  10. Ive always hated On the Turning Away in particular. I always cringed a bit when I heard it on the album. Then when I went to see them at Earls Court they played it and I was suddenly surrounded by 50-60 year old blokes holding lighters in the air. A horrendous memory.
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