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  1. Yeah, I hope everyone feels better. Suits me as I am cream crackered after hosting a thirteen year old girls birthday party.
  2. We started this recently. Halfway into season 2 now. It really depresses me though because I cannot stop thinking about what could have been. Man hasn’t walked in the moon in my lifetime and I really wished the space programme had continued. I just think about what could have been.
  3. Looks great. I have never done OOL and I have something I want to paint (won’t make the contest) so I am very interested in techniques.
  4. Looks great. On both the axe and the miniature did you use an airbrush or dry brushing?
  5. Hmmmm might go to that. Probably do not want to buy tickets until nearer the time though and see how things are going.
  6. Just heard Richard Halliwell died yesterday. He was one of the leading designers from the early days. Co-designed WHFB 1st edition. http://wiki.oldhammer.org.uk/v/Richard_Halliwell
  7. yeah, wok on a chimney starter. Nice and hot to replicate the burners they use in restaurants and cooking outside prevents the house smelling of turmeric and spices for three days!
  8. I added some fresh chillies as I like them more than (three tablespoons!) of chilli powder. I had a little taste. It’s pretty spicy.
  9. That sounds amazing fun. Top marks @Cyhwuhx. I would love to read a report or write up.
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