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  1. Treetop Flyers (named after a Stephen Stills song)
  2. Fighters are actually really good in 5e. I play a Barbarian/Fighter multi class in the first campaign. Rikku has her eye on a Barbarian. I am 50/50 on paladin at the moment. We’ve never had a lot of front liners so it would be really interesting to see 3+ frontline big hitters.
  3. You'll be fine. D&D 5e is very straightforward compared to earlier editions and some of the games you mention. Palladium/Heroes Unlimited are like a more complicated version of 1st edition. Cthulhu/Pendragon have very similar stats to 1st edition but the rest of the system is very different. You'll grasp it no problem. I make loads of mistakes You'll also get everyone’s opinion on how to make your character! Any ideas what you want to play?
  4. Yep. He’s gonna get hit, but he’s gonna hit back harder.
  5. Hey, you don’t want to upset Foehammer now do you?!
  6. Seven’s a big party but could be fun. Yes, Essentials is set in Phandelver, ours has, err, undergone some changes hasn’t it.
  7. Yeah - it’s great.
  8. PS @Clipper what do you want us to do about rolling stats? Should we have a quick session on Sunday to roll 4d6 drop lowest?
  9. I think I agree with your analysis of what has worked for us. It seems odd that Out of the Abyss isn’t on roll20 but later adventures are. Tyranny of Dragons is interesting (particularly as a prequel to our other campaigns). I had heard about issues with it, and a bit of railroading, but it was the first 5e adventure, has now been revised and there must be a lot of tips advice and supplementary material out there. Curse of Strahd I am unsure about as I'm not sure about the change in tone. Despite having played 1st edition I never played Ravenloft. I think the main downside of it for me is that it wouldn’t be linked to our campaign world. That said I would be very happy to play whatever you want to run. It’s important you find an adventure that interests you as you will be running it. Have you thought about the adventures in the Essentials Kit? I think there are also some supplemental adventures to take it higher level on D&D Beyond.
  10. GW don’t seem to but lots of other companies make metal minis.
  11. Yeah, Lucky isn’t advantage so does stack with advantage/disadvantage. That’s interesting. Variant Human and Feats are obviously optional rules in 5e, but seem pretty widely used. I haven’t seen Lucky complained as as an overpowered feat. The normal complaints are about Great Weapon Master, Sharp Shooter, Heavy Armour Master (especially if taken by Variant Human at first level) and Elven Accuracy.
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