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  1. Foundry have a sale on as well: https://www.wargamesfoundry.com/
  2. Live GoGo Penguin (I love GoGo Penguin. Post lockdown I really recommend trying to see them live.)
  3. I posted in the bargains thread but in case anyone is after any D&D Books Magic Madhouse have a Black Friday sale on (including some limited covers and Strahd Revamped) https://www.magicmadhouse.co.uk/bf20-role-playing-t10852
  4. Magic Madhouse have a Black Friday sale on. I have ordered from them in the past and their customer service has been good. https://www.magicmadhouse.co.uk/black-friday-sale-c1733
  5. These wet palettes and handles may be of interest to folks here: https://www.redgrassgames.com/black-friday-2020/
  6. Any decent Black Friday offers from breweries or online bottle shops? It’s difficult to know what is a bargain and what isn’t.
  7. Parks and Recreation. Persevere past season 1. (Although it’s on Amazon not Netflix.)
  8. The ones we have cooked have been but you sometime need to make a paste or something.
  9. The Dishoom book is brilliant. The Black Daal and Ruby Murray in particular and the results are pretty much indistinguishable from the restaurant.
  10. The crew thing is optional though it seems and you can still just buy the battle pass?
  11. Yes, I do. The base gravy is pretty interchangeable I think. I’ve used Al’s because I had a big batch when I got the Misty Ricardo book and it worked. I may try the Misty Ricardo next time I make a big batch. One thing that surprised me was that pre-cooking the chicken by poaching in flavoured water really makes a difference and improves the end result. Definitely better than using fresh chicken, which I found surprising. I think a gentle poaching keeps it really moist. Recently we have been cooking a few recipes from the Dishoom cookbook. Not a BIR as such but highly recom
  12. So for £9.99 a month you get the battle pass, 1000 vbucks and an outfit? When does this start? Is it instead of buying a battle pass with v-bucks?
  13. £9.99 a month. What does that get you? Is that instead of buying a battle pass?
  14. What’s the creative mode to get layers. We’re at 198 and keen to get to 220. dies anyone know what the galactic event will be?
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