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  1. Just made the smoothest smoothie.
  2. Well I blitzed it, speed five for a couple of seconds a time. It worked. Took seconds not 20 minutes of chopping.
  3. Yes Fahrenheit! Most of the bbq recipes are US and I wasn’t paying attention with my earlier post was I! Good to know I was in the right zone.
  4. It went really well I think. It was on the BBQ about nine hours, possibly a bit more. It took that long for the temperature to start dropping below 200° and at that point I thought i’ll Take it off to shred and keep warm. I don't think it suffered from the higher temperatures was very tasty and I’m having some more tonight. Interestingly not all the charcoal was consumed. There were bits (some quite large) left in the slow n sear. I assume that is because the vents were nearly closed to get the temp down but my thermometer was reading over 250° all night (or at least when I woke to check it).
  5. Thanks thats all really helpful. I am going to try to make a pico de gallo tonight. I’ll try to end up with a dice and not a funny purée.
  6. You are always fair. I really enjoyed Errick’s little off the cuff speech. I don’t always find that stuff easy but I think it came quite naturally last night. I have always played Errick as a stoic (he’s a dwarf) and a reluctant hero. But he is deeply religious and Lawful Good follower of the dwarf pantheon. So while he is a reluctant hero who misses home and hates Chult, to him the idea of souls feeding the soul monger is anathema. That’s what made the decision quite straight forward to him. It was a good opportunity to do some more role playing rather than just being a grumpy dwarf.
  7. It was one of those great moments! It was a good session and I think we showed ingenuity around the traps (okay maybe not the magnet one ). I’m most concerned about the ooc things I know about Kryn now though!
  8. Yeah, that’s what I meant. I want to use it as much as possible day to day rather than just follow Cookidoo recipes (although there are lots of them that look great). I guess i am I am going to have to read the manual and get practicing.
  9. Ah sorry, I didn’t mean cookidoo, I meant the Thermomix. Having come straight into the TM6 I don’t really see the distinction.
  10. Yeah. Second loaf last night was even better. Having played with it through cookidoo I now need to work out how to use it on its own for my recipes. Any tips?
  11. We made brownies and hummus this afternoon. My my wife is in love with it.
  12. I take it back. With some pulled pork the sauce is great.
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