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  1. I’m afraid I don’t think I’ll be able to duck out and join the game this evening, sorry all.
  2. Just a head’s up, my in-laws are visiting next weekend and I have just found out they are staying Sunday night as well. I’m not certain how me disappearing for a few hours Sunday evening will be received. I will sound out Mrs Sardan during the week and see how the land lies.
  3. I am. I was just coming to post that I’d like to watch the football on Sunday with my son(s) (not sure the littlest will stay up for all of it) so won’t make Sunday. Sorry guys.
  4. I’m watching on iPlayer in UHD and it doesn’t let me pause or rewind. Any idea why that might be?
  5. Oh shit, I’ve got a table booked for dinner Saturday.
  6. This performance, on BBC’s Rock around the Clock, is semi legendary. They had played in Cornwall before and travelled up to London, got stuck in traffic and were very very late. The studio was not used to or set up properly for live bands and that caused problems. They didn’t like wearing headphones to play live. They had programmed a different set list into the sequencer, (I think Stephen mentions it taking all day in his book) and when they arrived in the studio it wouldn’t play so they had to play a totally different set. They then bought new equipment as a direct result of it.
  7. Yes, an eshop voucher will work for v-bucks. My brother did that for my son.
  8. Sorry for being a no show last night. I wasn’t feeling great, had a lie down before the game and must have nodded off as I woke up at 11pm!
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