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  1. I've saved and just uploaded all three races (Dragon's Trail, Bathurst, Nurburgring GP). Should be able to see them on my username (Hask_NL), I've also added the tag "rllmuk". I'll need to rewatch them myself, specially interested in what happened at the front at Bathurst. The first features me horrendously holding up Batmobile for as long as I could, if you need a laugh
  2. You're using the cross-button for throttle? Perhaps try using the right-trigger (R2)? Then you can at least try partial throttle (takes a bit of a steady hand) Same goes for braking, but then that set the for L2-trigger. At least, that's what I use on controller
  3. Not taking into account the cam in use, I would say to take into account the braking/distance markers before the corners (before they're punted off :P). And no worries, it IS hard - especially at tracks you've never been before!
  4. Got close with 1:13.660 but no more time. Congrats! Took me quite a while to get a bit quicker on Mount Panorama - awesome track, but very tricky!
  5. No idea, we were talking about this yesterday in the race last night coincidentally. I don't think I'm faster with the pedals/steering tbh. It is a lot more fun though (after the initial getting used to it). Also stuff like easing off the brakes and throttle-control in corners does become easier - i.e. granular controlling is easer. Personally I'm using the Logitech G29 btw - I like it, not too expensive and seems robust for the price.
  6. Oftentimes, your camera manufacturer has software which will do this. It's just, in my experience, not as easy or thought out as well as Lightroom. Though, colours could certainly be better. For example, Canon has Digital Photo Professional: https://www.canon-europe.com/support/consumer_products/software/digital-photo-professional.aspx Sony has Imaging Edge, which just has had an update: https://support.d-imaging.sony.co.jp/app/imagingedge/en/download/ Etc. I've also used darktable in the past, but found it a bit clunky, could be better now: https://www.darktable.org/
  7. Great photos all, some fantastic shots on this page! Black Headed Gull - HSK_6211
  8. I always thought those puffins were in Northern America somewhere, didn't even know they were in the UK - would definitely do it if you're able to!
  9. Some pigeon-shots: Pigeon - HSK_9937 on Flickr Pigeon - HSK_9950 on Flickr Pigeon - HSK_9906 on Flickr
  10. Great pics all I'll participate with some Rook shots. This is the first time I've actually been able to get some shots from relatively close-by and somewhat good light, usually they just flee at the slightest sight of me - impossible to get really close. Rook (Corvus frugilegus) Rook (Corvus frugilegus) Rook (Corvus frugilegus) Rook (Corvus frugilegus) Rook (Corvus frugilegus)
  11. Yup, or to be more specific: it supports f8-focussing, which is really the nice thing. All Canon-camera's will support extenders, but most will not autofocus past f5.6 which is where f8-focusing bodies such as the 5DmkIII, 7DmkII and 1D-bodies come in. Do note that autofocus will be impacted when using an extender, usually slower and less and/or less accurate AF-points will be used, and image quality will be impacted as well of course because an extender contains glass elements. The extend (ha!) to which said quality is impacted will depend on the extender and lens quality.
  12. Nice gear! Would love to have an f8 focusing body too
  13. Do note that most of that page is about the Sigma Sport, rather than Contemporary
  14. Thanks! And of course: I bought it here in the Netherlands at a large retailer, in August 2014 - so quite a while back already Didn't use it that much in the meantime to be honest, mainly due to weather (it's a lens which needs plenty of light) - I might as well have waited a couple of months. Oh well. You've got the 400mm 5.6 L right? I´ve never used it, but I hear it´s one of the best birding lenses due to fast autofocus. I´d definitely look into the Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary as well if looking at the Tamron, it's got some more modes and the capability of using the Sigma Dock. Sharpness is supposed to be pretty equal between the two. Another advantage is the specific support for teleconverters, though your body must of course support f8 focusing. When I bought the Tamron, the Sigma wasn't yet announced - but today I'd definitely take a second look. Not saying I'm not happy with the Tamron though
  15. Recently had my Tamron 150-600mm updated with the latest firmware-update, these are the first bird shots I took with it. Pretty happy with the lens still. Juvenile Black Headed Gull - HSK_9252 Juvenile Black Headed Gull - HSK_9237 Black Headed Gull - HSK_9292 Eurasian Blackbird - HSK_9559 Eurasian Jackdaw - HSK_9171 Eurasian Jackdaw - HSK_9146 House Sparrow - HSK_8830 by Hasan Karagülmez, on Flickr House Sparrow - HSK_8899 Quite a bit more on the Flickr album: https://www.flickr.com/photos/17316292@N00/sets/72157655598575415
  16. Some Bull Terrier puppies: These are just a couple of my favorites, full album is on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/17316292@N00/sets/72157655377733462
  17. Thanks, had a go at this as well, tastes differ, but I'd probably go for something like this if it was my photo: or a bit more neutral: It's a tough photo, as the weather makes it quite contrastless. I tried to work on (apparent) sharpness with PhotoShop, then worked a bit on colour in Lightroom Also, the background is really tough as it doesn't really separate from the subject and easily detracts. I see the forum resizes the attachment a bit, so a 1920px wide image is also added as an attachment: IMG_4746 - Darran Jones.1920px.zip And sorry for the late reply, been so busy lately
  18. It is showing, but it's still a jpeg The original RAW would be great.
  19. You can use something like Microsoft's OneDrive or Google Drive or DropBox or Mega (50GB Free)
  20. Two things: 1- it looks like a heavy crop 2- you can shoot in Av if you like, and on nice sunny days this will probably work fine. However, your shutter speed here is only 1/100th on a 400mm lens (I'm assuming you had it handheld). Rule of thumb is focallength * cropfactor = shutterspeed That would mean in your case 400 * 1.6 = 640th of a second for a sharp picture for the focal length, minimum (of course depends on subject, what you're trying to do). That would in turn mean a lot higher ISO unfortunately on such cloudy days you're already at ISO 800 with a shutter speed of 1/100th. 1/200th would require ISO 1600 1/400th would require ISO 3200 1/800th would require ISO 6400 You can see where I'm going with this Would you be alright with posting the RAW? I'm, and perhaps others, are willing to see what's possible with it.
  21. Yeah, as Soong said, you can just buy Lightroom seperately. Can you do local adjustments in the version you've got? That way you could also make local adjustments on the bird, or the background. Advice for overcast days: don't bother Those days just often suck, because everything has just really low contrast resulting in rather dull photo's. So, unless that's your goal, it's hard to make nice photo's, in my experience. Often a flash can help, but for bird photography that might not be ideal/practical. You can try to use different picture styles in Lightroom or in your camera to help get some nice pictures too, but that only works to a point of course.
  22. Nice shot strider! Some small advice as you asked, before I head off to work. You might already do some (or all) of these, but I can't know that of course So, here goes: Shoot RAW. Really. Try and get the sun on the face - or use something like a Better Beamer on a flash As you can see now, part is on the shadow, part is in the highlights - making exposure without blown-out bits difficult. It also makes using expose to the right (ETTR) for less noise more difficult, http://photography-on-the.net/forum/showthread.php?p=8534003 It seems like a heavy crop, which is nothing wrong in itself, but you're also enlarging noise and sharpening artifacts. For example, it seems you've also sharpened the background (see the mazing in the background). I see you're already using Lightroom, so when sharpening use a mask so that you only sharpen the subject. You can do this in Lightroom by holding the Alt-key. The preview will go white/black showing you where the sharpening will take place. Slide it so it's only white on the bird. See for more: http://digital-photography-school.com/lightroom-tips-develop-module-magic-alt-key/ Try a (light) vignette to put more emphasis on the bird Practice! HTH!
  23. A few from a while ago, don't think I've posted these here before: Lake 31st May 2014 - Canon FD 50mm Lens Turbo Lake 31st May 2014 - Canon FD 50mm Lens Turbo Lake 31st May 2014 - Canon FD 50mm Lens Turbo Lake 31st May 2014 - Canon FD 50mm Lens Turbo
  24. So, Horizon 2 is like the arcade-racing variant still of Forza, right? I quite liked fiddling with car-settings and such in Forza 4, is Horizon a game for something like that?
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