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  1. The rooftop bug happened to me as well but I managed to get round it without re-starting. Send the tank on as far as you can and use the tactical map to order it to fire on everyone at the second roadblock. Once everyone there's dead you should get an updated waypoint for evac. Terrible bug though for sure. Besides the odd glitch (getting permanently stuck to walls and mg emplacements), I'm loving this game both single player and multi, first game to make me truly glad I own a 360.
  2. Quite a few impulse buys for me lately. Wasn't planning on buying them originally but had some credit notes and gift vouchers to burn. Black on Xbox - Good fun in a brainless spray bullets everywhere way. More fun on normal than hard I find. Hard mode punishes rambo tactics too much. The upped objectives requirement is annoying too. I actually like the fact its short, a lot of fps's drag on a bit too much. Super Monkey Ball DS - I like it a lot. The much criticised touch screen controls work for me. Finding the last four sets of stages tough but I keep getting further each time. Viewtiful Joe DS - Its like VJ lite with added touchscreen puzzlyness. Its alright. Can feel a bit clumsy at times having to switch between touch screen and buttons. Not one for people who dont want to get fingerprints all over thier touchscreen though
  3. I've given up hoping for a demo before release. If the GRAW demo comes out before the games release, I'll eat both my bollocks, puke em up then eat em again. It's a marketing thing surely. 360 owners are really eager to play this game, releasing a demo that scratches that itch for free might do more harm than good regarding sales. Whether thats right or wrong, I doubt Ubi will risk it so close to the release. Theres already enough hype around this game that it doesn't need a demo this early from a marketing perspective. Also, the demo's going to be on the US OXM on the 14th I believe. Another reason to delay the marketplace demo to keep it "exclusive" for a while. I reckon it'll go up a week or two after the release. Anyway, the thought of Ubisoft needing time to polish up the demo seems hilarious after playing the completely non-working King Kong demo that they put up on the marketplace.
  4. martroid

    Ridge Racer 6.

    You aren't using the dynamic drift class by any chance are you? I started out using it and was wondering why I was struggling with some races when everyone was saying the early races are easy. Switched to standard and flew through them without any problems. Believe me, you'll want to get through the early races quickly, so many of them and they're largely irrelevant once you reach the speed of the later classes. Good for learning the tracks though I suppose.
  5. Wasn't going to buy this due to the reviews I'd read but after reading some positive comments in this thread I bought it and I really like it. At first I did think that you had to move the stylus within the ball on the bottom screen which would have been rubbish but since realising it controls as Cyhwuhx says I've had no problems with the controls. Theres a case for saying that making very small adjustments to direction is actually easier with touchscreen than with the GC stick. I suppose touchscreen control takes more getting your head round than with a stick though. I don't get the complaints about the camera. It's not great but it's the same as the previous Monkey Balls isn't it? Done the first four sets of levels so far and nearly done the fifth. The only stage I've come across that I hate is the Starfish one. Chocolate starfish more like. Oh and best version of Monkey bowling yet surely, except for the lack of special alleys.
  6. After seeing mdn2 had posted up the main award results, thought I'd do the same for the technical acheivement awards. Lots of tied positions as people only had one vote per category but here they are anyway: Best Graphics 1st place: Resident Evil 4 (17 votes) 2nd place: Kameo (6 votes) 3rd place: Shadow of the Colossus and PGR3 (5 votes each) Best Music 1st place: Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan (10 votes) 2nd place: Killer7 (6 votes) 3rd place: Shadow of the Colossus and Lumines (5 votes each) Best Use of Sound 1st place: Resident Evil 4, Call of Duty 2 and F.E.A.R. (5 votes each) 2nd place: Killer7 and Condemned (4 votes each) 3rd place: Metal Gear Solid 3, Lumines and Electroplankton (3 votes each) Most Innovative Gameplay 1st place: Nintendogs (6 votes) 2nd place: DK:Jungle Beat and Resident Evil 4 (5 votes each) 3rd place: Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan, Kirby Canvas Curse and Yoshi Touch n go (4 votes each) Best Writing 1st place: Killer7 (9 votes) 2nd place: Metal Gear Solid 3 and Phoenix Wright:Ace Attorney (8 votes each) 3rd place: Half Life 2 and Fahrenheit (4 votes each) Best Visual Style 1st place: Killer7 (15 votes) 2nd place: Shadow of the Colossus (8 votes) 3rd place: World of Warcraft (5 votes) Best Animation 1st place: Shadow of the Colossus (9 votes) 2nd place: Resident Evil 4 (7 votes) 3rd place: DQVIII and Castlevania:Dawn of Sorrow (3 votes) Best Level Design 1st place: Resident Evil 4 (8 votes) 2nd place: DK:Jungle Beat (6 votes) 3rd place: Metal Gear Solid 3 (5 votes) Best Voice Acting 1st place: Metal Gear Solid 3 (10 votes) 2nd place: Killer7 (7 votes) 3rd place: Fahrenheit (5 votes) Best Mod Tools 1st place: Half Life 2\Source engine SDK (7 votes) 2nd place: Civilisation 4 and The Movies (2 votes each) 3rd place: Unreal Warfare and Far Cry Instincts map editor (1 vote each) Technical Achievement Award 1st place: Resident Evil 4 GC (11 votes) 2nd place: Half Life 2 Xbox and Shadow of the Colossus (9 votes each) 3rd place: God of War (3 votes)
  7. It's currently listed as Gameplays top seller which is good news surely. Got my copy yesterday and played for a few hours, really enjoying it. Was a bit non-plussed at first but once I got used to the controls and got to some bigger levels was loving it. Like the way you can replay the levels choosing to go for a big katamari or a fast time. Also like the levels with special objectives like lighting the campfire. The whole select meadow things cool as well. Was chuckling away to myself as I played, lots of nice little touches and details you probably wouldnt notice the first time you play through a level. Like setting on fire a guy thats sitting down and watching him scramble away on his backside screaming or finding a guy being chased by a giant piranha plant, then rolling the both of them up. The dialogues cool, I like the fan request angle. Love some of the dialogue when you fail and the king goes nuts. "Nobody likes Katamari Damacy, it is a rubbish game. And our fanbase has just decreased by one." I'll probably get lynched, but I found some of the music just plain annoying. Maybe its because I was tired last night. I like the more chilled out tunes though. Anyway, great game, looking forward to some more rolling tonight.
  8. Cheers for the close races just now Carly, my fingers are killing me after that Yoshi Circuit. Must get some sleep now though. edit: heh, first time I've ever done that with a boo. Unlucky
  9. No worries, was getting a bit paranoid there Cheers for all the games tonight btw, some great races.
  10. martroid

    Ridge Racer 6.

    \waves willy I finished World Explorer recently. Final route is horrible indeed, takes a fair bit of luck and a tonne of patience. Just try to keep close enough to them with a double\triple nitrous up your sleeve on the last lap. Theres usually certain parts of the track where they're slower than you, use your nitro there to get past, the closer to the end of the lap the better. Trying to get ahead on the first two laps is a waste of time, they'll just nitro right past you, the cheating gits. If its any encouragement I found the first two races of the final route the toughest, the last few fell pretty quickly in comparison.
  11. *minces around* Unlucky Scott, good close races. The three way tie was funny. Probably didnt deserve a couple of those race wins but thats Mario Kart for ya Someone kept doing searches while we were racing but just kept missing them when we quit out, shame that :-/ Think I'm going to call it a night now, really tired tonight. GG's.
  12. Added bcass and David Heath. I'll be around for some more races tonight.
  13. Heh, cheers for the games tonight Scott, some excellent races. Thought we both got stitched up by blues just before the finish fairly evenly, but maybe I'm biased Think someones mentioned it before, but your emblem really looks like its opening and closing its mouth during races, quite unnerving.
  14. On the subject of Scotts's bobombs, he landed a superb one on me from the one side of the track to the other on Baby Park on the last lap. Great shot, you git Had a hilarious Yoshi Circuit with Earl and Scott too, never seen that many blue shells in one race. Anyway cheers everyone, great night of races. Race y'all again soon
  15. No problem Matt, wondered what happened on Wario Stadium. Just played Fointy, very cool racing the offline tracks online. Makes you wonder why they were left out, they seem to work fine.
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