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  1. That's the difference then, unless it's a simultaneous action game I never play my turn whilst other people are playing theirs, I love to see what other people are up to and what them to be engaged in my turn (also 3 hours is still quite a long time).
  2. That's fair, it could just be a group thing, but it just didn't work for me pacing wise. There were moves people had which placed two animals, both of which gave extra moves, which moved markers on the various tracks, which unlocked extra bonuses and caused markers to be moved on other tracks which unlocked even more bonuses and in a four player game I was waiting up to half an hour before I could take my turn (because there's a lot to think about ahead). Could be an anomoly, but I like my games a lot more efficient, never a big fan of unlocking multiple things in a single turn, all of which require thought and consideration.
  3. The action selection mechanic is 100% from Civ a New dawn. Which seems really clever, but IMO just adds another layer to think about and makes things more slogging.
  4. Played Ark Nova twice yesterday, didn't think much of it at all. Some absolutely fundamental problems, such as board space meaning you have no idea what other players are doing, and a general inelegance which causes turns to drag. Selling it.
  5. Just completed. Mass effect 3 I've completely reassessed, it's an absolutely amazing game, best of the trilogy, and even though the final ending still disappoints I couldn't imagine a more epic send off for the rest of the game.
  6. A load of sensible guardian columnist types lost their shit that it advocated murdering rich people, and wrote a bunch of opinion pieces having never seen it about it being pro-incel. It's just a film, but one whose mere existence seems to rile people, not because of what it does badly, but because of political thought pieces at the time.
  7. It was on a table by a bunch of family games. Not sure the stand though!
  8. Thanks to everyone who stopped by! Not going to post loads, but had a great time, and I did find that copy of Agricola 15 I scoured the halls for. Tis a thing of beauty. Also, Blood on the Clocktowering until 2:30 on the Saturday almost killed my voice dead and made me sleep today. Worth it though.
  9. Really enjoying ME3. ME2 is great, but feels very videogame structured. Hire someone, do their quest. Repeat. Three really does feel like the end to a massive trilogy, superb.
  10. If beating a boss without using summons isn't its own reward I don't see how any extrinsic reward would work. If you get joy out of soloing bosses, I don't understand why you need something extra to encourage you to solo bosses.
  11. One of the spirit summons, 3 soldiers, through a powder which makes her visible.
  12. Backed! Good luck with the campaign @michael
  13. You can't, but you can edit them (although that won't change their locked status), so I just edited the pictures and words to swap them
  14. 2 days left! I switched 2 of the stretch goals around based on feedback, seems to have gone down well. Over 400 backers, it would be amazing to hit over 500 at this stage!
  15. Really enjoying Mass Effect legendary edition on gamepass ultimate post Elden Ring.
  16. Just keep your clothes on and you're safe.
  17. Not yet, but it's up next (or at least, it's on the GP list) thanks!
  18. This was my post-Elden Ring game, the whole trilogy Legendary edition, as I downloaded it on Gamepass Ultimate when it came out but never got around to it (still on Gamepass Ultimate for anybody interested). Just completed ME1, and went straight into ME2. Really have to echo how big an improvement it is, but what really struck me is how short ME1 is. I remember playing it originally getting to know all the characters, and spending hours just mulling around in the citadel. This time I hotfooted it out the Citadel and only did 2 Mako sidequest missions before calling an end to them. Was going to do the DLC before the final mission, but then the final mission happens almost straight away- just 4 main missions before the point of no return!? Even accepting I remembered all the codex stuff from my first playthrough it's crazily short. Going to make sure I rinse ME2.
  19. Ohhhh yes! Absolutely up for evening gaming- if you're around near the NEC you must come to the ibis for blood on the Clocktower. Playing it until 2am is my new expo tradition.
  20. I don't think so. I think Elden Ring was popular so someone released a clickbait article which a few people jumped on because they don't like Fromsoft before quietly stopping when it became apparent how low effort the whole thing was
  21. Thanks everyone! I was worried unnescessarily it turns out. Took the "fund in 48 hours OR ELSE" mantra to heart.
  22. Thanks! I think I just felt a bit emotional given everything I've put in. Going to push it more over the long weekend and see how that goes.
  23. I think it depends if Gamefound suffers the same drop off as Kickstarter. Hopefully not!
  24. Thanks, I'm going to be honest I can't help but be disappointed with the numbers so far. Not sure if it's moving to Gamefound, or the theme not being as appealing, but I've put a lot more into the pre-marketing with this and have an incredibly solid game. Really thought it would be doing better 😐
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