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  1. I hope you are being sarcastic. I also hope it's as light hearted as Harry Hill's TV Burp. I really do.
  2. Crikey, I knew the greasy one was often wrong about all he enthuses about, but still.
  3. Is that the Richard Nixon one? If so I have played it, an odd game. There was one very old but excellent game I played whilst going through a random stroll of mamex. But I can't remember what it was called. Arses. And hatris, despite having an excellent name, is shite.
  4. Super Mario 64 Why? Because I too used to hate it. But now I bloody love it. Oh yes. Once I was blind, but now I see! (actually, I think it's purely because I hated- yes hated- the N64 pad. Strange but probably true). And because I used to be a detracter, I can safely say they're all wrong.
  5. I don't think you can beat him can you?
  6. Only bit worth watching that. Christ it was awful telly, all the airtime showing this could have been spent showing episodes of yes minister/dad's army/fawlty towers eh? And everyone already knew who had won. Pointless absolutely pointless.
  7. Godamn this game's addictive. I've been playing it while housebound and everytime I save it I wince at the number of hours I've played it for. How can leveling up be so addictive, how?
  8. yes. 26th. erm.. you'd make more money auctioning dogs!
  9. Seeing as how The Passion of Christ has done so well in merica, it's clear there is a large right-wing Christian group which film makers will do all they can to exploit. So my prediction is we'll soon have a film of the Nativity, Going Fishing (Whilst Walking on Water), and How to Feed Shitloads of People with Naff All Food. Naturally they'll all have just as much blood as the Gibson spectacular, to show suffering and everything, and be block-booked by American Churches. Of course, a bigger audience could be reached with the Old Testament stuff, and a vengeful God would mean even more blood! Yeah!
  10. The main bit I hated was when that French bloke talked about causality. Now that truly was GCSE philosophy tryoing to pass itself off as somehow profound, and all the worse for it.
  11. So, er, how is it possible for GAMEPLAY to mature? If we want to strip away everything until we are left with purest game (take away advances in cinematics, plot, graphics etc), then gaming can never 'mature', can it?
  12. Hitman 2. Cheap and bloody, bloody good.
  13. I'd say it was almost entirely based around the storyline. Oh and there needs to be a distinction between 'mature' and 'adult'. Possibly. Hitman 2. Now there's a mature game. Mature because the violence depicted, ace though it is, is essential to the feel, mood & storyline of the game. Yet at the same time it can be played in an immature way (I'm talking shoot outs & strangling competitions). Now, in the past there was nothing like this. Violence was depicted as cartoony, and death was just characters dissapearing after small bullets touched them. But maturity is more than death and violence. The storyline to Hitman 2 is something that not only would have been impossible a while back, but wouldn't have even been considered. To me it's one of a few videogames actually trying to tell a clever story which isn't a pastiche, but something original. Mario may be a good game, but a mature storyline is not- save the princess to get a cake. If, in Hitman 2, it was just level after level with no story, than I would say it wasn't a mature game, but 'adult'. Possibly. EDIT=- Maturity in games is nothing to aspire to. BTW
  14. My only gripe was the fact that when you ran out of sanity you lost energy. Because to play with a full sanity meter is to miss out on some of the best things (when that thudded began I stopped shocked, then went to the door to see what had happened, then carried on and it came back. Brilliant). But for me it's the final time you leave the study, and the books are flying about, the floor is sloping heavily, and finally creatures are about. Brilliant.
  15. Hey Jools! Long time etc Anyway- yes it could: d-pad = move left shoulder = shoot left right shoulder = shoot right a= shoot down b = shoot up combine for diaganols (sp?). Simple. And it can't REALLY be played anyway without dual sticks.
  16. See, I disagree with everything else you've written, but here I think you're just plain wrong. The voiceover is there to open and close the film, and add to the 'bookishness' of it. And I really do like that. It's clearly not simply a way to get stuff over to the audience.
  17. Hey, do you want my crazy-good crosswording skills? You better do, you better do.. (because wordsearches are... well.. kinda.. lame)
  18. agree and Royal Tenebaums is lurvely too. And S&H has Will Ferrel in it. and Snoop Dogg as Huggy Bear. HOW CAN IT NOT BE GOOD?
  19. Uh-huh. Bought the soundtrack, and then downloaded every song not on the soundtrack but in the film to get the COMPLETE soundtrack. Saw it 3 times over the weekend. Such a beautiful wonderful film.
  20. I've only got.. Hidden Valley (stupid glitch), At The Gates, Shogun Showdown (VERY close last time, but the first guard I throttled saw me), Jacuzzi Job (another glitch this time with the lift not coming up (I think)), Motorcade Interception, Temple City Ambush (so close again, just got to kill the second assasin stealthily), & The Death of Hannelore. Left to complete with SA rating So I bet I can.
  21. I liked it, but only really loved the church and mansion levels. The world war level was acers though. Oh and the temple under the mansion was boring. Too much blue.
  22. Well, yesterday I decided to replay through getting SA ratings on every level, but got to a glitch in the Hidden BValley level which annoyed me (until I went postal on the basement level). Does anyone else have the problem of the gaurds checking the truck indefinitely in the subway? Anyway, So now I've decided to go through th game killing as many enemies as possible only using the fibre wire. Leon style. And the occasional silenced pistol. Yes, maximum deaths with minimum alerts, a new way to play the game.
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