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  1. Just play The Outer Wilds, it surpasses just being a fun gamepass game to being an incredible, unique must play experience. A game I still think about 2 years after completion, with world class DLC.
  2. The game does actually tell you what to look out for. Can be clearer if needed.
  3. Playing a lot of Blood on the Clocktower at the moment, and I mean a lot. Started a pub group over the summer in York and we had 17 players last time we met (just under 2 weeks ago). Meeting again on Monday and cannot wait. We get through about 3 games each evening, and each one is just epic.
  4. Because that's where the base game funded, so that's where most backers already are for the expansion. If Damask did above expectations on Gamefound I might have stayed there, but there's still an issue of taking previous backers with you. I know, from experience, that once you've backed something by a creator KS hastles you when they launch their next thing, so hopefully I can benefit from that.
  5. When you get that high it is, but at the lower end your fighting economies of scale and fixed marketing costs. A lot of crowdfunded games don't see a profit, even if they fund, mainly because shipping and postage now take significant chunks out of everything and margins are squeezed. At the upper end there's a general expectation to pay over $100 then another $30 I shipping, even though that wouldn't stand lower down.
  6. It means I can pay myself way way below minimum wage, or as happened in that case, afford the increased shipping costs and not be able to afford to get a reprint.
  7. Yearly bump to say the pre-launch page is active for the expansion and reprint! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/radical8games/die-of-the-dead-xolo-expansion-and-ofrenda-variant It's pretty scant at the moment, as I realised that in the past I waited until the last minute to get the pre-launch page done, believing that Kickstarter actually checked those things. This time I'm getting the page approved, then completing it. Still, these expansions are all I've been playtesting since Damask launched, and it'll be great to launch before the actual Dia de Muertos.
  8. Not sure what to do with mine. The difference between my circumstances when I ordered it and when it arrived are so vast I just don't know when I'll get the chance. Really wanted it at the start of Summer to get stuck in, but it arrived at the end of September, a very busy time, and I even forgot I owned it until I open the drawer it's in. Need to actually make a concerted effort to sit down with the thing.
  9. It felt a lot smaller- you could hit maximum depth relatively early on, and there wasn't as much wonder. I stopped playing it unfinished.
  10. I think so- is he the one who appears when you drown?
  11. Happy to finally have Danganronpa V3 on the service.
  12. It's an excellent listen. Just finished the July games court, such wonderful nonsense. Wish I could have voted in those drafts though.
  13. Pos'd for the Dreamcast mention. Can't believe their Dreamcast guest even said there weren't 20 good games for it.
  14. So do I, but then the credits happened and I'm not sure.
  15. Before We Leave is a nice little city builder, quite a compulsive loop with good simple yet rewarding logistical play.
  16. I'm not really seeing all that tbh. They might have been forms they adopted, but that's it. Would Lilith take on the form of a man? Would Samael take over a woman? Does fire kill them? Are the tales of them all about telling stories?
  17. You mean The One? They're other forms she's taken. In one of the later scenes she exclaims she can't remember them all, implying those she shows are the ones she remembers.
  18. Maybe it's because I read all of Sandman last month, but I'd argue it's also about the nature of stories, their importance, relationship to the truth, and their long lasting cultural impact.
  19. I had exactly the same issue. Annoyingly I spent ages manually trying to watch them, got the first line and thought that was it.
  20. Those overlays become proper scenes if scrubbed correctly, it's holding the d-pad on console, no idea on PC
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