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  1. Have you done the graveyard?
  2. Visual Novels (and games adjacent to them) are terrible for this. I think Phoenix Wright gets better as it gets popular in the West- I can't think of anything as egregious post the first trilogy in that series. I played Death Mark on the Nintendo Switch over lockdown. A daft little spooky horror VN with a fun twist, suprisingly enjoyable, apart from one thing. In the first case your introduced to a schoolgirl character Moe who is your sidekick: And then later on, out of nowhere, you see her like this (just linking to it here, but that link is very much NSFW) https://death-mark.fandom.com/wiki/Moe_Watanabe?file=Death_Mark_-_Moe_Seized_by_Roses.jpg Just completely explicitly sexualising your schoolgirl sidekick to the point of ridiculousness. To anybody who thinks this is comparable to modern Western culture I'm going to ask how? What western videogames are you consuming in which something like this would be presented to you without comment or incident? Because this doesn't even register as background noise in terms of dodgy scenes in Japanese games released in the West. It's just incredibly tiresome to have to put up with this to play games which are otherwise a good play (and forget about recommending them to others).
  3. Sorry Broker but that just reads like you're trying to shut down discussion on this issue by fighting strawmen. Nobody is saying Western cultures have it correct, but it's hardly dangerous to expect critics to stop ignoring it every time a videogame from there has young sexualised women.
  4. Even at a societal level, both cultures have issues in the music industry, but Japan also has hostess bars. I guess I just don't understand what point people are trying to make when they bring these examples up- the only relevance to the thread seems to be whataboutary. Issues in music production don't change anything about some of the worst examples released on Switch.
  5. You can't hypothesise recent examples in lieu of an actual recent example! The sexualisation of female performers is a significantly more complex issue, one which nobody here is arguing for, and in no way excuses the videogames sexualising minors released from Japan.
  6. 2016? Pretty sure that was over 20 years ago. And if you're reaching back that far to say that's equivalent to stuff coming from Japan now then I'd just stop.
  7. I find it bizarre that that's a job, rather than something which gets you shunned. Anybody who starts whatabouting western culture either is unaware of how accepted this is in Japan, or how unacceptable it is here. You wouldn't get a western game as mainstream as Fire Emblem having a sexualised child 'who's actually a 1000 year old dragon'. It's a real shame as well, because one of my favourite games, VLR, suffers from this. I can't recommend it as a result, because adding the caveat that two women, one young, don't wear tops, is ridiculous.
  8. If this concerns you start your own thread about it, rather than 'whatabout' in here.
  9. It's embarrassing and awful, especially in otherwise fantastic visual novels. There's a tendency to just go 'Oh Japan' and try to ignore it, but I do wish media took a stronger stance against it.
  10. This was covered in a 'what have you been playing' segment, can't remember the episode though. Currently loving the phrase 'Pentiment heads', need to start using that more in general conversation.
  11. Telling Lies has mechanics working against you (slow rewind and the boringness of one sided conversations). Plus it's all a bit dull. Immortality is a haunted masterpiece.
  12. Gonna be post Roiland now. Or cancelled I guess.
  13. At some point everyone learns that you can't ignore military in Civ. Whether you build your own or use a city states the sooner this is realised the sooner you'll start winning.
  14. That's definitely part of it, there's still some good runs, but it's less of a whole. Hate hate hate the ridiculously high run incentives though, especially as they take over commentary with donation begging.
  15. That's frustrating. The prototype they sent me was fine, but I left the manufacturer in charge of that hole as I didn't have the fastener. I'm still waiting for my copies (big bulk order), but would some bluetack work?
  16. They were, but the Floridian hotel wasn't up to the COVID safety standards they wanted.
  17. Wtf! Didn't realise these were being sent out now! Hope you enjoy them!
  18. I played an hour or 2 of that, enough to get bored of journeying across the map. Nothing ever made it easier or fun.
  19. That's piqued my interest then. Great to see Illbleed on there! I have no idea about the runner, but the game is wild.
  20. Missed out the Playdate, and all the VR helmets (meta quest 2 being the obvious one, not needing anything else to play games)
  21. I struggle to believe Dark was planned out, given the unsatisfactory conclusion to the mysteries of the very first episode.
  22. Given the reception Dark got that thread at best is damning with faint praise, and that's ignoring the literal damning. TV shows get cancelled all the time when nobody watches them, it's not some horrendous Netflix thing.
  23. Isn't the issue that 1899 wasn't very good? I feel this is the internet complaining about not renewing something they didn't really like anyway, even this place had a general consensus of avoid, and that was from people who even thought Dark was good.
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