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  1. If I barely had the time for even one game, should it be Nobody saves the world, Hitman, or Deaths Door?
  2. The Zero Escape series are impossible to reccomend to anyone not on this forum without caveating that in each part of the trilogy at least one of the female cast is just wearing a bra. I mean, essentially all Japanese visual novels tbh.
  3. I learned my lesson a while ago. Never buy anything (except for Switch VNs and DLC). Edit- and Fromsoft games.
  4. And done. It's 95% one of the greatest gaming experiences ever, and 5% wanting to put my controller through the TV due to bafflingly shit game design. I need to go back in, just to visit earlier places to get the story straight in my head. Still feels like there's something to do, but I don't think there can be. Tbh, that feeling is very much like the main game. Also, as disappointed as I was with the lack of flying around, that planet had more imagination put into it than a thousand other games. Incredible.
  5. DLC late game spoiler
  6. It's a great soundtrack. When WFH I'd play it in the background of meetings to keep myself awake.
  7. Had a bit of an old school day on Saturday. Samurai, Modern Art and Acquire all got played, along with Transamerica, Codenames Duet (smashed it with a 6 word clue), Lancaster, Just One, Deus and a great ridiculous pub game of The Mind after.
  8. A lot of artists don't want their work to be artificially scarce. The alternative is for it to be primarily a speculative asset, which is what most artists reject.
  9. Unfortunately I thought it lived up to its name. Just didn't grab me at all.
  10. Almost all digital artists would make more money selling unlimited multiple copies then selling one for speculative purposes and getting a cut of future sales.
  11. Man Gnosia is weird. I initially was sceptical, then loved it, but now find myself getting bored by it. Love the high concept, but I'm at the point where I don't really care about winning, just unlocking story, which means playing these mock werewolf games with no real purpose. Currently prefer the Raging Loop take on the genre, as the wheat to chaff ratio in this is just out of wack.
  12. Super happy Outer Wilds is back, amazing game and I've been waiting for a discount to get the DLC, but this is better.
  13. Why on the blockchain? Surely people would expect your company to have oversight of the game, making a centralised option cheaper, better for the environment, and more secure?
  14. Elden Ring releases on time, lives up to and even surpasses it's stupendous expectations, with a fantastic multiplayer that never gets old.
  15. Just seen in the works One of those children's games which is also a fantastic pallette cleanser or daft game at the end of the night. House rules: first to 9 wins. After you've won 3 you play one-handed, and after 6 you play one-handed with your non- hand.
  16. Just completed this, and whilst I certainly didn't hate it, it kinda ruined the beautiful mysterious setting by combining the snarky mundanity of life with a overly emotionally manipulative backstory. I know it's old, but it feels like a parody at points these days.
  17. Clash of Cultures, monumental edition. Suspicous of this at the start, as it took my mates a good number of hours to get halfway through last time they played, but they said it was because of a slow newbie so I hgave it a shot. The most civ game I've played. Had a miserable time during the first game because I misunderstood where the game was- relied upon good card draws and drew shit, then got beaten in a city. Played the Romans who needed to attack attack attack, but that's not me with civ games. Have a real problem with games in which you can murder your opponents so badly- I feel bad and they feel worse, but came back around to it by the end. Reevaluated what I was meant to be doing and the cards actually played well, giving me numerous barbarian villages to attack. Enjoyed it to the extent I played it again the following week, this time being given the purely civil Babylonians, no attacking needed. Just some defensive structures and a truce with my neighbour. Smashed a first place win. Really like the game, and want to play it lots more, but it's wargame part does make me afraid of getting crushed in an early war and having to endure 4 more hours of a game I'm just existing in.
  18. Unseeded Slay the Spire sounds interesting
  19. That's also getting restored https://restorationgames.com/key-to-the-kingdom/
  20. Tempted by that, but going to get Gnosia instead
  21. There might be a few 'investments' and some genuine Molyneux fans, but otherwise yeah. That and wash trading. Simplest thing to do would be to find the people who are so excited for the game they purchased the land. People who excitedly spend money like this are usually in a forum or subreddit about the game. And given the novelty of NFTs there should be a bunch of posts by Molyneux fans new to crypto, asking questions and such.
  22. I just don't believe that's not wash trading, like most of the big-ticket NFTs.
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