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  1. I’m at episode 5 in the final season, and I’ve mixed feelings about it. As above, there’s an incredible amount of people not doing the sensible thing and having no agency, which really grates after a while. Also annoyed that season 2 spoiler Hopefully it ends well
  2. They could include a hardcore mode where Fi doesn't immediately tell you what to do, and the loot descriptions don't reset to being unread everytime the game is loaded.
  3. Big old meta puzzles that encompass the entire game- either taking the central mechanic and widening it into the level select/ world (The Witness, Baba is You), or a different puzzle layer on top of the puzzles contained within (Fez, Braid)
  4. @Yasawas there's a Switch fix now- delete all your CIV VI save data from the switch data management screen. Then it works Just did a ridulously fast religion win with Ethopia and Voidsingers. Ethiopia can generate stupid amounts of faith, and then gain science and culture from it. As a result you don't need to break off gaining faith to concetrate on anything else. The only districts I built were holy sites.
  5. That’s not right is it? I’m pretty sure they only disappeared upon death
  6. My wife’s rewatching this, and given the BLM protests in the USA, having the only black characters in the cast be there in order to show how racist the heroic racist cop is really highlight how utterly tone deaf this film is when it comes to race.
  7. The ‘next turn’ button is only responsive when ‘!’ or it’s actually the next turn. Otherwise you have to go through menus (select research or production etc). Except you can’t go through menus to make era declarations, so you can never get past the ancient era.
  8. New frontiers Ethiopia update released on Thursday! And promptly broke the game again for Switch owners. So far there’s a 100% record for new content rendering the Switch version unplayable. Surely some sort of record?
  9. Hah! I've killed i'm first time both times I've played (and AotA in double figures both times ), but then, unlike everyone else in this thread I still use my trusty shield.
  10. Steins Gate and AI Somnium Files are both discounted now (amongst others) https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/07/spike_chunsofts_summer_sale_offers_up_to_80_percent_off_selected_switch_titles
  11. Apparently it's not just that, a whole bunch have been discounted: https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/07/spike_chunsofts_summer_sale_offers_up_to_80_percent_off_selected_switch_titles including AI somnium files
  12. therearerules


    In pretty much any industry powerful companies can get you blacklisted.
  13. I don’t mind it when there are few pickups , so each one feels like a win. Titanite in Dark Souls is great for this. But there being a thousand items, each one feels inconsequential.
  14. Wait, what's Steins Gate 8 bit adventure? That downloaded along with the actual game?
  15. Steins Gate Elite is 60% off in the eshop sales. Still makes it above £20, but I was sold at time travel. Got a bit of a queue going now though, so it may be a while before it gets completed.
  16. You literally tell people not to boycott companies because their games are too good to pass up, no matter what the companies have done.
  17. I plan to use a pledge manager this time, so that should be doable!
  18. Yeah, shipping (plus taxes) is bloody expensive these days. It's also amazingly complex with different fulfillment companies giving different tax advice. For DotD I'm making sure that total price including shipping will be less than MSRP for the UK and USA (although getting into retail is a distant thought atm, if we fund I'm in the mindset of ordering just a few more to sell personally from either myself, or a US fulfiller, rather than get into shops.)
  19. Won't be at UKGE this year for obvious reasons (sob, had a stand opposite the food court! Could have made absolute hay with the table presence on this thing). Anyway, I've moved the Kickstarter date to 25th August! Because that was after the postponed UKGE, and I'd already paid for a facebook banner for that week by the time it was cancelled. But also because (if it funds) I want to get it into people's hands before Dia de Muertos 2021, so the earlier the better. I've got a few professionally made copies out to previewers and handmade a couple more. I'm keeping a running designer diary on my website (radical8games.com) and Boardgamegeek, which isn't actually that bad to write. It's just a deep dive into the decisions for everything really. What I'm mainly disliking, and the worst part of the job, is social media. More accurately, shilling on social media. But anything to get the word out!
  20. I have it turned on, but tend to ignore it. Largely because I’m often heading to the custom marker and there’s no dotted line for that.
  21. I'm towards the end (of the main quest now), and despite flagging towards the middle and almost throwing in the towel, I instead forged ahead and am really glad I did. Firstly, regarding the minimap, I turned off completed things appearing there, and that was enough. Honestly, there are plenty of missions where you aren't given great directions, and generally your compelled to either follow the minimap or follow the red trail, so you do need to keep that minimap on. Some advice from a newb- In White Orcahrd you can do everything before you leave and never return. This is not true of Velen! You will return there later so leave a chunk of the south to do upon return (if you're trying to do everything). The NE of the map is for the Hearts of Stone DLC, which is excellent, but save it until you're at least level 30. Doing the main quest shoots you up levels, so if you're bored, just plough on with the main quest and then do HoS. Generally the best quests are secondary quests given from people you meet on the main quest, so you can't miss getting them, but can miss doing them. At the start of the game you need to loot everything for money, by the midpoint you'll have more money than time so you can cut back on the looting. Just buy flowers from herbalists. When in a tavern buy the ingredients for White Gull and make as much of it as you can (not sure where the recipe is). Ignore the ? on the Skellige map.
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    Okay, he shouldn’t wear a suit and tie, but also shouldn’t wear what he’s worn for pretty much every other single video he’s made, so what should he wear? Honestly, for an apparently progressive forum, there’s a weird demand for dressing like a new labour politician on a photo-op if you want an opinion to be taken seriously. “How can we be expected to take them seriously if they’re not wearing denim jeans and a short sleeve shirt!?” Finally the amazing conclusion that despite plenty of people looking past whatever clothes he wears, that you can’t has nothing to do with you, but is entirely his fault for not wearing the sensibles uniform. It’s Kier Starmer all over again.
  23. therearerules


    I still don’t really understand why it’s a shame? It doesn’t matter a jot, and he’s barely on screen.
  24. therearerules


    Didn't see that in the video, got a timestamp? If not, then you're being fucking precious. Your second statement is also bollocks- he's one of the few people actually pointing out how rotten Ubisoft have been, but you're suggesting he should just shut up. Why?
  25. Played my first in person game yesterday- we had another household around. Destination X. Won thanks to our teammate knowing the capital of Tajikistan. I’d like to play games again in person. Small group, masked and sanitised. I asked on the BM WhatsApp group, and got a mixed response.
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