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  1. My right joycon has gone cuckoo bananas. It recently started disconnecting when in handheld mode, and then turning the switch on overnight, but now I can't do anything on the switch I've even had to turn on airplane mode and disconnect it to stop it loading random games.
  2. I see the Batman Telltale games are half price, any verdict on them?
  3. I really wanted to play Obra Dinn when I heard about it, but right now I have too... many... games...
  4. Do the buttons click? edit- just seen the prices! never mind edit 2- though I am interested, how much did you pay for it and where from?
  5. Do we know if this is closer to the short yet perfectly formed number 1, or repetitively stretched out and forgettable number 2?
  6. Final Fantasy VII- it was my first JRPG, and one of the first 3D games I played, and I couldn’t believe it when the world opened up once you left Midgar. Genuinely astonished.
  7. I enjoyed it, but it’s bloody tense all the way through. Interesting that a lot of the uproar from reviewers is because they see having poor and dispossessed people hold ‘kill the rich’ signs as socially irresponsible, whereas it just reflects society.
  8. There were a number of things bringing down In The Tall Grass, but for me the biggest was that it just seemed to throw everything at the wall and give it all 5 minutes to see if it stuck, yet still be dull because it left no room for characterisation. That and its internal inconsistencies. I should note, I only got Netflix recently and this is the only Netflix film I've seen. It felt very made for TV.
  9. It's not the 89p, it's the time opportunity cost.
  10. Just watched it, it’s not good I’m afraid:(
  11. Is there a reason this was ignored?
  12. Wow, that's a sale. FFX and FFXII are also half price at Argos if people would prefer hard copies.
  13. A lot of the tabloids and rolling news coverage also referred to him dressing as a clown at the time.
  14. I mean, imagine reading this https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Holmes_(mass_murderer) and thinking the issue was the movie playing.
  15. Except the shooter never dressed up as a clown. Why is that right wing lie now being adopted by the left?
  16. Every time I’m reminded of this I get happier. Cannot wait. Can’t remember if I’ve preordered a special edition though edit £52 ooof
  17. I felt let down by this, it was all allusions and references but with no substance behind it. I enjoyed parts whilst watching it, but then felt nothing as it ended.
  18. No, we left after the JJJ scene. Not sure putting key characterisations like that after the credits is the best editing decision they've made tbh.
  19. Just saw this in the cinema, which was packed. Funny that eh this long after release. Anyway thought it was some light hearted fun so that’s nice isn’t it. One thing, I was waiting for angry inconsiderate Fury to be revealed as an illusion, but that didn’t happen. Was he always such a gullible shit?
  20. It’s a so-so story in an interesting world. Not a metroidvania at all, almost completely Linear and no real optional power ups. That said I enjoyed most of it
  21. You don't need to copywrite anything (you can't copywrite mechanics anyhow). Best thing to do is share it when it's at a point you're happy with- if it's so good it's worth trashing a reputation to steal then it'll just be worth seeking a contract to publish instead. For showing stuff off, the best thing is at playtest meetups, however, if you're playtesting make sure you give people an out after x number of minutes for big long games, it'll make them much more likely to playtest, and ensure you payback by playtesting one of theirs. There's also a protspiel event in Nottingham this year, which could be owrth checking out.
  22. Once upon a time in Hollywood 1/5 Bored to tears.
  23. Loved this, but then I have a massive soft spot for any meta interactive fiction with parallel timelines/realities affecting each other in subtle/unsubtle ways. Closest we’ll get to Zero Escape on tv (although I can dream). Plus it was about my gaming childhood, which helped.
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