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  1. Shit, thought I was in the Gamepass thread! I'll cop the ban
  2. Utterly bizarre posting in here. If you're paying full price for GP just buy it when there's something you want to play on it. If you're paying 3.99 a month, or whatever the cheapo deal is, then it's an objective bloody bargain unless you literally don't have the time to play any games, in which case *massive shrug*.
  3. The mod was excellent. Really interested to play it now on two levels.
  4. I've wanted to play the forgotten city for a while, but reading the description it sounds just like a Skyrim mod I played recently. Is that its genesis?
  5. I wouldn't worry. If you think back to the least linear DS, the first, you get told where to go (up and down). With an open world game you need some direction at times, and a compass direction is a perfectly fine non intrusive approach. "Head west" is a world away from a map, or following the dots.
  6. Yep. There's more of that to come. The three zero escape games, on the DS and 3DS, I felt were worse because they had characters with ridiculously innapropriate clothing completely unmentioned. At least the main character being a pervert is a thing in this. Still love the games despite that though.
  7. Indifferent to QoS, hated, absolutely hated Spectre and Skyfall. Thoroughly enjoyed this. Maybe just happy
  8. Nah, there's definitely interesting reads on there, it's just very fast with zealous modding.
  9. We gotta be one of the oldest left at this point.
  10. Course it was! Forgot that was download too.
  11. I know 4&5 have their issues, but they're still worth playing. As is 6 if you have a 3DS (very good imo). Currently replaying 6, but if you want to borrow my 3ds with the whole collection after that let me know!
  12. When you're 'platforming' is the only play music button X? I tried changing it up a bit with the other buttons and he just stopped playing, but reading this thread I assume it's not just holding down X, occasionally releasing and pressing again to triple jump?
  13. Regarding the games
  14. I'm playing this, and I'm not sure if I've outgrown it, or lost patience, but I'm not finding it as endearing as previous games. Also I just don't like the bullet hell fighting system anymore. Probably just got too old to enjoy most of this.
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