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  1. Fair enough, I was expecting more of a jrpg, so not for me I'm afraid.
  2. Just started this but found the opening utterly boring. Don't like shmups or button mashers, and just found the prospect of killing a billion robots in that way mind numbing. Is that all there is?
  3. Completed Shibuya Scramble- a fun romp, but it's feeling its age. The slowness of the text being the worst offender. Loved the cat costume.
  4. Read this article about a certain London based board games company and wanted to share it. If anybody doesn't know who it's written about, but wants to, pm me. https://www.dicebreaker.com/categories/board-game/opinion/board-game-startup-dream-job-nightmare#comments
  5. In a shocking twist the pilot has his phone on silent, and the terrorists have to try and contact passengers on the plane through social media to get them to ask him to answer his phone.
  6. Just booked accommodation! Thursday through to Sunday at one of the Ibis hotels, thank goodness it's still in the school holidays.
  7. Ha, the 30th is my 10th wedding anniversary, and my wife is not happy. Got my exhibitor stand though!
  8. That does look interesting, but yeah- a 5$ saving on MSRP to then pay $20 on shipping is just weird. I feel it needs to be either KS only, or a bigger discount to MSRP these days to make backing worthwhile.
  9. Normally I'd be happy with multiple threads, but the regrets one is only on page 3. Worth a merge?
  10. Just to say this arrived yesterday, the day one edition with artbook and everything. Feels bad to buy the 'day one' edition, considering how late I actually bought it. Not got into it yet as I'm still partway through 428 Shibuya Scramble
  11. Yeah but Halo's price is kinda irrelevant, as it'll be on the Dave Average Subscription Service.
  12. Ahhh, so it's a console fanboyism thing. Makes sense now.
  13. Nah, you're just extremely poor at explaining your thoughts in a succinct and clear manner. You're current breakdown is essentially "Games don't cost £70" and then contradicts itself later by saying Sony are trying to make as much money as possible. If games don't cost £70, then why are you saying it's ok for Sony to charge £70 for games?
  14. I have no idea what @CrichStand is even saying at this point. As far as I can tell it's good that Sony prices games for £70 because it prices out people who would just buy COD and Fifa (which will sell for £70? Won't sell for £70?), and that the games don't even cost £70, they cost £55 or less, but it's good on Sony for charging £70.
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