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  1. And Kickstarter done. Phew. All I need to do now is get the things made and shipped out! Thanks to everyone here for your support.
  2. I *think* (Lost Kin help)
  3. Imagine if you could digitally buy DS and 3DS games for the Switch.
  4. Rewatching this I watched Once More With Feeling yesterday. I remember enjoying it at the time, but that was out of context. Years later with context and experience the songs about having depression floor me. Astonishing, possibly the best thing on TV.
  5. There are only two polterkitty encounters in the whole game.
  6. As a 9 year old I was able to play it all day at primary school. I can't think of any comparable dungeon crawler even now. It should be the gateway game for children, not some cold logic puzzle like Splendour. I couldn't be more excited about my students playing Hero Quest compared to any other game.
  7. It really depends on the child- I’ve played it with 11yr olds who have been fine, but they’ve played a lot of boardgames with their family. There’s nothing inappropriate, or too complicated, but obviously it’s a step up from more simple games.
  8. And a much quicker run through here if anybody is interested
  9. YouTube playthroughs- there’s a great GDQ of Hollow Knight with the best ending. Either that or devote some serious time to practice.
  10. Just started replaying this (although I'm quite a way through). I do think the pale ore numbers are a bit of a misstep- it's easy to get the nail upgraded twice before you combat a load of the difficult bosses, but very hard to get it upgraded 3 times.
  11. I thought randomly moving in a direction was the dreaded drift?
  12. If I let the battery go completely dead it's a bugger to restart, and I've switched to exclusively using the hori split pro pads to avoid joycon drift. But I forgive it all for Dark Souls in bed, or Civ VI on the toilet.
  13. posting an update about dice, could somebody check this reads ok? Thanks!
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