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  1. No, I asked the same thing when it was bugging out for me. Instead use the XBox app, which I found to be much more relaible. You'll need it for remote play anyway. Regarding QR, it's worked 100% of the time for me in Outer Wilds on instrt start standby mode (Series S). I'm curious to see if it's not working on that game for those people who are finding it much more flaky? (not a ruse to get more people to play The Outer Wilds)
  2. I think online titles go back to title on quick resume. The Outer Wilds worked perfectly 100% of the time, Dark Souls 3 always says connection lost and returns to title.
  3. After no blue knights came to my aid yesterday I changed to the covenant of blue knights so I could help others, and I was summoned whilst cowering from a knight. Back in the crabby swamp I managed to kill the invader, protecting the host. Can't believe I missed out on all the online stuff before!
  4. I haven't played Demon Souls, don't own a PS5, but Undead Burg->Taurus Demon I did around 14 times and ended up loving it. At first I was extremely annoyed, why make me redo a 30 minute run to the boss? But after losing my souls through rushing I just played around on the run. Learnt when I could run, who I could ignore or get quick kills on. Started rolling, learnt how to quickly take down shielded hollows. Also levelled up a bunch of times whilst doing this. Eventually realised the level should be treated as the first stage of the boss. And it became a 3 minute run. However, t
  5. Got invaded last night! Was minding my own business, fighting a giant enemy crab, and whilst fighting it a message appeared, along with a red invader. Managed to quickly finish off the crab followed by the invader! Punched the air, and then got invaded again almost straight away after, and after a long battle died At least now I can't get invaded. Although, I did think my covenant would mean a blue protector would appear to help me (? Really no idea about covenants). Anyway, after respawning I quickly ran to collect my souls, triggering both big crabs, some big warrior far away, and a lo
  6. Please do! This is my first time running a Souls game online, and I'd like someone to summon/ be summoned by, especially if we're both on our first run through. Also it's 75% off for the next 10 days https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/dark-souls-iii-deluxe-edition/c23cwxl81h3l?activetab=pivot:overviewtab
  7. Laptop is a waiting game for Series compatibility. iOS and Android it's the XBox app, not the gamepass app, which you want. Then the icon in the top right (it's meant to look like an xbox with wifi waves coming out) lets you remote play. Currently the Series pad isn't supported on iOS.
  8. Thanks, I'll go back and comb the area first- homeward boned out after the fight with the fire demon and haven't been back since. That place is pretty much a labyrinth.
  9. I know I'm a few years late with this, but after a terrible start as a cleric I'm really enjoying this as a Knight. The game seems to keep giving me firebombs which are just fun to use as well as my bow, with a fiery longsword for close combat. I'm rolling around much more than in 1, helped by the generous weight limits. I thought I'd be annoyed by the necessity to warp back to FS all the time, but actually the load times are so quick on the Series S it doesn't bother me, and it's frankly nice having a shop and blacksmith available so soon. Absolutely stomped the Undead Settlement last night (
  10. Just did a whole bunch of the Undead Settlement in Dark Souls 3 on my phone in bed, including the bastard before the Road of Sacrifice and the big Fire Demon (down to a sliver of health on that). And the only time I died was rolling off the elevator, and then running back to the elevator not realising a hole would be there. Amazing scenes.
  11. Hohoho! That is more like it! I thought the game started bastard hard (seriously died about a dozen times on the tutorial boss) and then things like the armoured knights early in the High Walls were killing me easily whilst I was doing pitiful damage. Thought I'd try it as a knight and I'm basically back to where I was before except in about 20 minutes without having died once. Obviously part of that is knowledge of the enemies, but the main part is I'm actually able to hurt things now and take damage. Also I took the fire gem this time to make a fire sword so I can pump my levels into vig and
  12. At the moment the PC companion app is for the One consoles only. There is a weird fix I've seen when googling involving sideloading something but I haven't tried it.
  13. Didn't realise it just wasn't supported- my iPad can be a bit temperamental so I just put it down to that. More disappointed in the lack of Win 10 support to be honest, that seems really odd, the left hand of Microsoft actively ignoring what the right hand is doing.
  14. Just started this as a cleric after enjoying my cleric build in DS1. However I'm finding it considerably more difficult than that game, and I'm not sure my faith of 16 is worth it tbh. Currently stuck on the rooftop in the high walls of Lothric- what class is best for a beginner? Also, is there no more humanity and going hollow?
  15. Anybody else using remote play? I've used the MOGA adapters with my phone (pixel 5) and it has worked amazingly well*, playing Forza and Outer Wilds in bed is fantastic, and whilst the screen isn't as big it hasn't mattered yet. I've had some sound issues, but I think that's because I've plugged the headphones into the controller whilst I'm waiting for wireless headphones to arrive. I've also tried it on my laptop, but no dice. Apparenty that's One X/S only, so I'm hoping a fix for that comes along soon. I've also tried it on my ipad, but it has difficulties connecting to the contr
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