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  1. therearerules

    Civilization VI - Civ on the streets, Civ in the sheets

    Unlike other ranged attacks you click on the attack first, then the enemy.
  2. therearerules

    Nintendo Switch

    Last thing regarding Civ VI- it's £37 on the Russian e-shop. Not a massive saving, but that'l get you the Nubia dlc for free effectively
  3. therearerules

    Nintendo Switch

    The screen is fine, you can zoom in and out quickly and easily, not that I've felt the need to yet. Compared to mouse and keyboard there have only been a few instances which I've found worse- when my apostles have 2 upgrades (martyr +1) I can't see an easy way of checking the second promotion. I have tapped on another unit to select them, only to move my current unit there instead. There's no quick 'skip a unit's turn' like the space bar, you have to manually select it, which isn't massive, but I'd like it. However, this is all with the caveat I haven't looked into changing controls yet. Otherwise it runs just as well as on the laptop, better actually, seeing as how I have to turn off animations to get it playing on mine. edit- a lot of the controls are sensible or clearly signposted, but I'd advise to press '-' upon beginning, unless you already know what every symbol means.
  4. therearerules

    Nintendo Switch

    Just to warn you, Civ VI on the switch is Civ VI on the switch. I’m concerned about the lack of sleep and missed train stops which will now occur.
  5. therearerules

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Finish Dark Souls. Think I can now start to tackle the backlog. Civ VI released and pinball boards go on sale. FFS
  6. therearerules

    Dark Souls Remastered

    I did Sens Fortress on the train. The irregular light shining through the windows making it only slightly more difficult. Since finishing this all I’ve done is read about it and watch speedruns. It’s a difficult follow up.
  7. therearerules

    Dark Souls Remastered

    What an amazing game. I only ended up buying it because I'd received an amazon voucher and I was bored waiting for Civ to be released on the Switch. I'd also completed Hollow Knight and loved it, really loved it, so figured the original was worth a shot. The reputation actually put me off a bit- I like to complete games and make progress in them. A brutally punishing game didn't really appeal. But it's not brutally punishing at all! I have constantly and consistently enjoyed my time in Lordran. Don't get me wrong- there have been some issues: the story and mechanics are oblique and unclear, there should be a closer bonfire to Capra, I should be able to pause in offline mode (twice I lost everything to lack of pause and a symbol of avarice), but they are minor. And what I love most about the game: its verticality. This is probably the best game map ever. At the start I was spending 30 minutes walking along, cautiously peering round corridors, edging closer to suspected ambushes and the extremely intelligent enemy placement meant it was always worth it. That initial time in Undead Burg, learning how to get from bonfire to Taurus Demon with no hits, and then taking a massive detour when I realised I'd missed a shop, amazing. But the jaw dropping moment was the bridge after. First the dragon, but then the kicking of the ladder. Since then walking around took even longer because I was a tourist, just taking in the architecture and sights. i'd stop to gaze at distant places and work out if I'd been there or not. I loved seeing Izalith and the Ash lake from the Tomb, for example. And each place was so varied and distinctive. The simple trick of changing the hue when you enter a new area was almost unneeded by how vastly different they were. Even within themselves- blighttown top and bottom, for example. I also became attached to places- whilst Firelink shrine is the obvious home point, I spent more time slumming at Andre's near Sen's. Turning down there after killing that boar was a minor revelation. Something off the beaten path is actually the beaten path- the church just a side mission. But the verticality is so refreshing and gives the locations their great connectedness. Depth always over breadth. It was right to descend Blighttown, and how great the view of the outside- there is sky peaking into these sewers; just as it was right to ascend the archives and the fortress. Love it love it love it. The first thing I did after finishing it was continue again until I killed Capra, but I probably won't again for some time. I'm not paying for Nintendo's online, which whilst I'm sure means I miss out on a lot, I'm not sure it would be the stuff I care about. I got the game on the 23rd October, and put 65 hours into it, but I can remember what each of those hours was like- visiting each new place for the first time (drew my breath at Anor Londo after everything else), and everything still feels fresh and recent, even with that time investment. The only trouble I have is, what to play now?
  8. therearerules

    Dark Souls Remastered

    That was the first boss I killed first time, and I’m still not really sure how. He just keeled at one point and let us get repeated free hits on him. Completed. Amazing. Full thoughts later.
  9. therearerules

    Dark Souls Remastered

    Are they the ones with no floor spacial awareness?
  10. therearerules

    Dark Souls Remastered

    Does everybody else get kicked off the ledge by a crafty skeleton fist time in the Tomb of the Giants?
  11. By who? I thought it had pretty much universal praise in its thread. apart from a slow start which undersells the game it's fantastic. One of a few games where the first thing I did after completing it, was complete it again. And would have done a third time if not for life.
  12. therearerules

    Dark Souls Remastered

    Just did that bit- really tense and enjoyable! I was on the edge of my seat throughout. Did the Hollow, where the camera killed me, and I discovered being cursed is instant death! (after 3 curses). Made a really careful descent, sniping those big mushrooms at the end. Then I saw another hydra! They freak me the hell out, but I killed it despite being cursed. Ash Lake is haunting, really not what I expected at the bottom of the tree. Anyway, I thought ‘whilst cursed, kill ghosts’ so did the entirety of the Londo Ruins cursed. Killed everything, including the drakes (most of them just sit and get sniped, but one on the bridge has no limits and will rush to the wooden hut). I was so ginger it took hours, but what an experience! I wore a sacrificial ring towards the end, with just one Estus left. Then I uncursed myself, rested, went back in, and got killed. I loved peering over a tower and recognising Drakes Valley, it actually brought me comfort.
  13. therearerules

    Dark Souls Remastered

    Or archery
  14. therearerules

    Dark Souls Remastered

    Oh man, I’m towards the end of the Archives, and have only just discovered how weapon stats work! I thought the number on the main screen was damage- turns out I needed to do some maths.
  15. therearerules

    Dark Souls Remastered

    I’m archering about the painting now, arrowing everything that moves- half life monsters, bridge poisoners, the spiky blob. Everyone! Also just noticed I’m level 71, which seems quite high.

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