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  1. therearerules

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Yes. It’s a proper RPG. A bit easy, but that might have been my class. Added Nefarious to my list, not my last e-shop game I’ve got, but the last I gave up on. A lot of them do make me wonder why I didn’t just restart Mario Hats. Finally, maybe I should have started a new thread if others want to add/argue? Dunno
  2. therearerules

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Some quick reviews of e-shop only guff I've bought and either completed or given up on, with a patented get/maybe get/avoid rating: Oxenfree: Brilliant ghost story game with the nods to 'gameplay' (collecting hidden letters) possiobly the only thing letting it down. Get. Axiom Verge: Metroid clone. Get. Pan-Pan: Oddly boring puzzle game which feels as cheap as it is. Just a bit pointless. Avoid. Hollow Knight: You know this one. Get. Yoku's Island Express: I had fun in all the pinball parts, but the platforming bits were boggy. Maybe get. Gorogoa: Beautiful puzzle game, although the puzzles are very simplistic. Feels like the iOS port it is, and therefore slightly overpriced. Maybe get. Alteric: A cheap platfomer I downloaded because I enjoyed the platforming in Hollow Knight so much, but was too cheap to buy a proper 2D platformer. Deleted after a few levels because it was utterly tedious and devoid of charm. Avoid. Plague Road: Too expensive at 60p or whatever I played of it. A procedurally generated SRPG, ugly as sin, and completely repetetive. After an hour I'd fought the same boring battles against the same boring monsters enough times to make me scream. Avoid, and then avoid again. Subsurface Circular: You're a robot talking to other robots, trying to solve a robot murder and occasionally give directions. There's one puzzle. Then the game ends. You never move. Avoid. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes: The same bomb defusing fun as on the PC except I can play it at my local boardgaming club and look like a wizard when I detatch the joycons and kickstand the switch. Get, unless you have nobody local to play with Undertale: When Neg recommends a game you assume it'll be terrible, but actually I fell in love with this along with the rest of the gaming population. No more to add. Get. VVVVVV: Loved it on the DS and love it here. 2D platforming with a proper retro feel (spectrum/c64 rather than NES). Instad of jump you invert gravity. That's the gimmick, and it's milked for everything it's worth. Incredibly good, and with a lot of bonus content. Get. Bulboy: I think everyone bought this cheap in the Halloween sales, which is appropriate. A spooky point and click in which you, a disgusting boy, kill disgusting monsters in a disgusting house. Not puzzly enough for me for a P&C, but not terrible. Try. Pinball FX3: Recommended by good folk here in the forum as the best pinballer. One table free, but I eventually bought almost all the others. Brilliant, and it's why I want (need) a FlipGrip. Get. Inside: It's like Limbo (run from left to right learning how not to die a gorgeous death by dieing repeatedly). Not much there to go back to, but I got it for cheap and now the price won't show on my Switch. Get (probably, definitely if in a sale). The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle: Point and click in victorian London. Instead of jokes the Characters say things like 'photomograph' in a silly voice. Unfinished story, which actually was the only thing keeping me going. Avoid. Kamiko: 2D top down hack and slash I thought would be like Zelda, but actually it's like the start of Zelda where you only have a sword and nothing interesting happens. There's a combo mechanic, but its easy to hit your limit, rendering it pointless. Avoid. Slime-San: Yet another 2D platformer with a retro aesthetic. Timed levels and some abilities to differentiate it, but it's not realy that differentiated. Alright, but it's no VVVVVV. Maybe get. Minit: You've got 1 minute to complete Zelda! That's the gimmick, and it works. I really enjoyed this, got a bit stuck at the end where I didn't realise I could damage something I thought was just scenery, but otherwise some good puzzles and unique gameplay. Fun. Get. West of Loathing: My pick of all my e-shop games! After a number of shallow games, what I initially thought to be a shallow RPG parody blossomed into a full fat western. Genuinely hilarious, big (but not overbearing) with multiple storylines and spittoons, and very, very clever. Exceptionally good. The first thing I wanted to do upon completion was go back to it. Get, and then get it again. Human Resource Machine: My second suprise hit. Programme a little man to do maths using a limited number of inputs. This game succeeded in making me feel very clever, even if my prime factor decomposition machine wasn't the most efficient, the fact it was mine made it special. The only downside is its brevity: logic graduates and maths teachers can finish this in 5 hours, apparently. Similar to other logistics games, I have no urge to make things more efficient, which would extend it for me. Superb. Definite Get. The Long Reach: Another mediocre point and click. This is meant to be a horror one, but the pixel art and constant wisecracking from the lead detract completely from that. Similiary, halfway through it appears to be going somewhere interesting with an unreliable narrator and time jumps. Spoiler: nothing of interest happens, it quickly settles into boring horror tropes and the story forgets interesting things occured. Avoid. The Count Lucanor: You are a small snot nosed brat (good), and want money. Why not enter a horrific Grimm fairy tale to get it? Because you'll end up waiting for 5 minutes for a demon to walk away from a candle so you can move. If it weren't for the 'stealth' sections I'd love this, pixel art be damned, for it's unique feeling. It feels like you are playing a horrible fairy tale. But I found the stealth detracts too much. Maybe get. Don't Die Mr Robot: You move a robot around avoiding lasers and picking up fruit. It's cheap so you could get it, but I don't really see why. The best moving things around avoiding things picking up fruit until Pacman is on Switch I suppose. Maybe get. Into the Breach: If this wasn't procedurally generated I'd love it. As it is, I'm left a little cold. Ill give it more time due to its reputation here. Maybe get. Prison Architect: Enjoy this on PC, picked it up on Switch to see if it's the same. It is. Build a prison and build everything because you can,even if it means being both full of rehabilitaion and arming guards. Get. Dead Cells: I really enjoy the movement and early combat in this, but bounce of the later difficulties. A lot of that is because it's a procedurally generated rogue-like, in which the lack of progress starts to stick after a certain point. However, I still enjoy running through earlier levels, which got me through over 10 hours, so Get. Nefarious: Play as the bad guy in a 16 bit platformer. Intriguing concept, but the main game is a run and gun game with terrible enemy placement. Controls are uniformly horrible. 2 of the levels look stylish, but the rest is horrible. Avoid.
  3. therearerules

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    Is that enough for the lantern? If so get that. It also means you can leave the Soul Master for now
  4. therearerules

    Do you cheat on games?

    Rogue Legacy- I was enjoying it, but it started to feel like a grind, so I multiplied the money gained by 50 or something, and it was really fun again!
  5. therearerules

    What is Metroidvania?

    Dead cells isn’t a metroidvania, or even close.
  6. therearerules

    Speedruns - AGDQ2019 Jan 6th-13th

    I like the longer Zelda and FF runs. Does anybody know how to donate an Amazon Prime Twitch thing to this?
  7. I enjoy some of this- running around the early levels with whatever I can find, but I’m really bouncing off the rest. Can’t be arsed grinding out 1000s of Souls for stuff, and some of the later monsters are just frustrating (robot that spits out dozens of bats and bombs). I also feel it’s been designed to play with a walkthrough, which I can’t be arsed to do.
  8. therearerules

    Games designed around addiction, not gameplay

    Don’t apologise for calling a Skinner box a Skinner box.
  9. therearerules

    Games designed around addiction, not gameplay

    Reminds me of Tiny Towers, my first and last foray into freemium iOS games. Horribly exploitative things. edit - here’s the (barely literate) thread I made, 6 years ago now!
  10. therearerules

    Speedruns - AGDQ2019 Jan 6th-13th

    Starting with Hollow Knight, which should be worth a watch.
  11. therearerules

    Why are Nintendo fans so annoying?

    I’m genuinely surprised someone posting on this forum reads amazon console reviews for advice.
  12. therearerules

    Why are Nintendo fans so annoying?

    Not only do Nintendo fans enjoy being charged more, but they also grumble about the Nintendo tax and exploit region switching to pay less! Those crazy Nintendo fans!
  13. therearerules

    Bits in Games that genuinely shocked you (spoilers ahead)

    Zero Escape series of games. All of them piling shocking twists upon already shocking endings. It’s not called ‘The KERBLAMMO! Series’ without good reason!
  14. therearerules

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Into the Breach is sub £4 and Dead Cells sub £15 on the South African shop
  15. therearerules

    Nintendo Switch

    Me neither- that nor Octopatg

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