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  1. To me that's because 'Adventure Game' describes nothing. Tomb Raider is an adventure game because you go on an adventure. Visual Novel describes a game with lots of reading, a storyline focus, and less 'traditional' gameplay mechanics. It's easy to jump from the term to the expectation.
  2. I saw that debate, from one database removing 13 Sentinels because the writing is just dialogue, as opposed to describing the scene. Seems ridiculously pedantic and gatekeeping to me tbh.
  3. I must have got it for 75% off. Not sure I'd pay more than that. Be aware there are some ridiculous nudity shots, the kind that blight these things and make it embarassing to play with anybody able to see what you're doing.
  4. I *heart* the Bravely games. They're a combination of perfected jrpg battle mechanics, and amazing meta-storylines which puts off so many people. Polarising, but I've always preferred games which do what they want, common sense be damned.
  5. Yes, although you don't need to id them as soon as they become unblurred.
  6. I've just tried installing a game, and have been hit with error CE-30005-8 A quick google search isn't that helpful, it might be a dodgy disc, or the machine could be borked. Unfortunately this is the only disc I have and wasn't going to buy another, it looks clean, but then I've downloaded games of the store and they run fine, so I'm not sure what it is. Any advice for clearing this issue (both the disc and console are seond hand from here, so it's not as simple as getting a replacement from a shop)?
  7. And yet they still fall foul of the "Stealth sections in non-stealth games are terrible" law. The stealth section in BotW was terrible, probably the only bit of the game I'd cut.
  8. Nintendo are just abysmal at this. Considering their IP they should have a back catalogue which keeps you locked into their system, not just their IP actually, but all their exclusive games. They had some of the greatest JRPGs of all time on the Switch and Gamecube, which don't need to be remade or remastered in any significant way.
  9. I'm not sure people who have made the lifestyle choice of a sony console are onside to begin with though! I just bought a sony console for the exclusives, I signed up to D+ for the exclusives. The difference is, even if this is playable on every set-top box and media player, I can't see gamepass on a Playstation.
  10. "The only way to play Elder Scrolls VI is on XBox" is worth much more money than whatever cut of sales they'd get on Playstation.
  11. It still costs money, but it would be significantly less than buying the company. At this point I think unless already announced, any Bethesda games that go on PS or Switch should be considered a suprise, rather than the other way around. Xbox exclusives are a massive weak spot for MS, I can't imagine they purchased Bethesda to not plug that gap. As for GP being on everything, I can see game streaming being on media players, but couldn't imagine a situation where Sony allowed gamepass onto their system.
  12. Just finished, this was an excellent suggestion and absolutely my sort of thing. Thanks to everyone who suggested it.
  13. And completed. I had to spend a good number of hours after completing the game to work out what had happened, but really enjoyed it. It could have been clearer though- rug pulls are only really effective when you're comfortably standing on the rug, in many ways this made Lost look restrained. Some mega spoiler thoughts: Not as good as VLR, but that's the GOAT VN so not really a fair comparison. Just an excellent effort instead.
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