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  1. I’m currently playing through Octopath. It’s not amazing. If I hadn’t bought it digitally I’d have stopped by now
  2. Yes. It’s only second to Witness in puzzling stakes, and just as astonishingly clever. A true joy.
  3. Really nice PW mechanic in the cross over which unfortunately never made it to the main line games. The usual genuinely terrible Layton storyline though.
  4. Just played Quacks for the last time. Waaaaay too luck based, often there’s no actual luck pushing involved.
  5. therearerules


    Anyone else catch the blind Kaizo mario race? Incredible stuff, and an amazing atmosphere.
  6. We actually stopped at 2x5 and haven’t gone any further
  7. It’s a fantastic game where the cost is absolutely justified in gameplay terms- it couldn’t cost less and still exist. It’s extremely different to most expensive KSs in that regard.
  8. Limit break I'm 80% sure. Either way the map is needed for the sense of scale, and for weapon fighting, to make getting vehicles so powerful. I don't see what would be wrong with abstracting the map.
  9. And now we’re a Kickstarter project they love and are on Jamey Stegmaier’s blog. All of which is far too late to do anything with (I’m in bed), but it’s nice to have:)
  10. therearerules


    Say it quietly, but I’m finding Celeste a chore. I’m through to the final summit and I’m not sure I can be arsed to even complete it.
  11. I was interested in bank robbery, but was unsold it by the explainer where the conversation went: Him:”It’s like Colt Express” Me:”I like Colt Express” ”Then you’ll like this!” ”But I already own and play Colt Express” ”Oh” If you’re going to start an explanation by comparing it to a popular game (bad idea imo) at least have a reason why it’s better.
  12. Ibis styles is nice. Had a wonderful time, only played a handful of games- but one was Blood on the Clocktower 4 times (genuinely felt like our crazier forum Mafia scum games brought to life. Naturally I loved it, and my qualms about GMing it went away as I love GMing that shit. Gonna get a late backing and I’ve been invited to the secret GMing group. If I wasn’t going to get my own stand next year I’d love to just help out SUASD during the day and run Blood... in the evening). And Forks over a leisurely 2 hour lunch at Las Iguanas with the SUASD crew! Lovely to see some of you, and I laughed when David, another helper, said “somebody came and asked for therearerules. Is that you?” So next year, no matter what, we’re doing Rllmuk on the Clocktower.
  13. Had to restrain myself from some games- trying to cut down on the Escape room habit, or at least being the sucker who buys them all
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