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  1. That's all I needed to hear, cheers.
  2. It's just a shame all those cinema shootings had to happen first
  3. I play FFVII regularly. Love it. The story works, it's crazy and off the wall, yet makes sense. All the characters have arcs (simplistic, but they're there) with appropriate emotional beats, and the central mystery is perfectly done.
  4. I think that's underselling the others. 6 & 7 especially.
  5. I think the story would be better if there was more of it shown. By the end Ashe loves Balthier, but they’ve barely shared 3 sentences. Balthier is Cid’s son, but that’s almost inconsequential. It was very emotionless, no matter how fun the characters were. Additionally, the undead ghosts who ruled everything- shouldn’t we have fought them when breaking the Suncryst? And why did the one undead turn Vaan into a metal god? The story would have made more sense without its weird ‘free will’ appendage.
  6. I did that. I literally sat the switch down and watched all the final battles. Because the final boss didn't have a health bar I browsed on my phone for a bit. But they were still pretty simplistic gambits (white mage had arise, protectga, curaga, echo herbs, charge, esuna etc; black mage cast spells according to weakness or flare if none (got rid of the reflect-attack after getting an ignore reflect ring; and basch just went beserk)I guess I was wanting something more akin to 'Human Resource Machine' gambit system. I think it regarded turn based as backwards, but since then games like Bravely Default and Octopath have taken turn based and ran with it. For miles.
  7. Are the high end hunts are susceptable to status effects like stop and disable?
  8. Just completed this on the Switch, and honestly I found it boring. After I had Penelo setup as a white mage only a few hunts caused me to reasses my gambits or accessories. The dungeons were boring, combat was just waiting for the gambits to kill the enemy 99% of the time, without a guide all the loot equipment was just a crapshoot, and an unnecessary one given the ease of beating everything but elite marks. The story had clearly put abridged and stitched together- it was much more slight than previous games. And my biggest annoyance- all status effects are only worthwhile for bosses, but bosses are immune to them. My Time Battlemage was used just for casting haste by the end. The techniques were all pretty rubbish too- if you weren't a mage character you were just attacking and stealing. If you were a mage you were just healing/buffing, casting spells against a weakness, or charging. With that in mid, the gambit system was perplexing in design. Loads of pointless options for enemies, but no opportunities to change equipment on them, or obvious things like 'if enemy has item'. Meaning I tried never to equip elemental weapons.
  9. I've seen The Long Grass, Wounds and Eli on Netflix. Eli was the best, but jesus the competition was low. Like if this was in cinemas people would just walk out. All of it is just meandering throw whatever scary imagery you can at the screen and hope it inspires dread. At least Eli's ghosts had some spooky movement to them (initally, by the third night I was kinda bored of them), but all of them have bad acting and are mostly boring.
  10. My right joycon has gone cuckoo bananas. It recently started disconnecting when in handheld mode, and then turning the switch on overnight, but now I can't do anything on the switch I've even had to turn on airplane mode and disconnect it to stop it loading random games.
  11. I see the Batman Telltale games are half price, any verdict on them?
  12. I really wanted to play Obra Dinn when I heard about it, but right now I have too... many... games...
  13. Do the buttons click? edit- just seen the prices! never mind edit 2- though I am interested, how much did you pay for it and where from?
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