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  1. therearerules

    Lost - The Full Series Thread

    Season 5 has an almost perfect ending. Season 6 has some amazing scenes, but stuff doesn’t really hang together.
  2. therearerules

    Lost - The Full Series Thread

    Yeah, a load of people misunderstood the final episode.
  3. therearerules

    The Kickstarter Group Thread

    Almost at 700% backed- and a good number of that is RLLMUK I’ve got ideas for more stretch goals, but I’ve got to check myself because for the increase in manufacturing price to be covered by the savings from order quantity increases it would have to be a long stretch!
  4. I wasn’t as big a fan as others, I just bought Pinball fx 3 after and enjoyed it way more. edit- However I’d say it’s worth a try if you enjoyed the demo
  5. Initially I didn’t get on with it at all, but once I realised that it was a metroidvania with hordes, and not just a metroidvania, I began to get into it, and loved it by the end. I was just seeing how big the hordes could get before I died. It suffers from the movement only being pure joy when you’re almost fully upgraded, and you will die annoying deaths a lot, but it’s definitely worth a shot if you like beautiful fluid metroidvanias. Just realise when the horde comes you either run or fight. And they will come.
  6. therearerules

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    I much preferred Sundered to Dead Cells. Got plenty of play out of both, and defeated the final boss in both, just prefer metroidvanias to rogues
  7. The Tywin scenes were amazing, but a lot of that was Charles Dance. The problem with having young actors at the end is they can’t all be Charles Dance.
  8. therearerules

    Game of Thrones Poll thread

    It’s not as good as it was but it’s still great. Like The Wire, Breaking Bad, Lost, BSG, Mad Men etc The Sopranos is the only TV show which didn’t get cancelled and actually stuck the landing.
  9. therearerules

    The Kickstarter Group Thread

    Ahhh, I meant to write that in the FAQ bit. Basically its about giving your neighbour a terrible choice, and I played a lot of chess when I was younger and read about Morton's Fork when trying to come up with a name. A fork = a choice where both options are terrible
  10. therearerules

    The Kickstarter Group Thread

    Yeah, I was being pessimistic, but now I get to have one of those obnoxious “funded in 3 hours” banners!
  11. therearerules

    The Kickstarter Group Thread

    Just in case you haven't read it in the general gaming section, I have a Kickstarter out now, Forks, which is a small quick card game about clever number play rather than take that esque mechanics. Just £10, including UK postage for the first 48 hours. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/radical8games/forks-a-card-game-about-embezzling-investing-and-c?ref=project_build
  12. therearerules

    General chatter - discuss anything here

    We are live! Thank you everyone who said you would back, if you could also share with any other boardgamers you know I'd really appreciate that as well! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/radical8games/forks-a-card-game-about-embezzling-investing-and-c?ref=project_build
  13. therearerules

    This is the end... Good and bad TV endings

    Whilst they dropped the ending ball, this wasn’t the case, and so you shouldn’t feel smug.
  14. therearerules

    This is the end... Good and bad TV endings

    Sopranos- the best. Bar none.

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