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  1. therearerules

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Bought Thimbleweed, what’s the final verdict on Night in the Woods now the dust has settled?
  2. therearerules

    Baba Is You (PC, Switch) - 13th March - Baba Is Not Sekiro

    I was on a roll last night, storming through levels like a knife through hot butter, even completing old levels without a hitch. Then I hit the level where SKULL IS MOVE AND SWAP, and crashed completely
  3. therearerules

    Baba Is You (PC, Switch) - 13th March - Baba Is Not Sekiro

    Just did Broken Playground. I’m not sure if the proper way to do it, because my solution was one of the craziest things.
  4. therearerules

    Switch - Too many ports?? (Ports Die Twice)

    All I want, all I’ve ever wanted, is Skies of Arcadia.
  5. therearerules

    Baba Is You (PC, Switch) - 13th March - Baba Is Not Sekiro

    Just did Ghost Friend.
  6. therearerules

    What are you playing?

    Played a 6 and 7 player game of Quacks yesterday (amongst other stuff, also caned a load of games on Friday). Works suprisingly well with that many players!
  7. therearerules

    Airecon muk meet?

    I had an AMAZING time! First time getting Forks really out there amongst the public, and it went really well. Almost universal praise (1 person didn't like the fact they couldn't maths it out completely, and the pastel colours), but otherwise I was on fire all weekend. From the Sidereal Confluence on the Friday, through to all the shepherding. Scott, I'm gutted I didnt get to see you (my first word to Mortis was "Scott?") , but otherwise I'm not sure what more I could have wanted to achieve. The issue is now that I'm permanantly tired and I'm going to mess up soon as a result.
  8. therearerules

    The Kickstarter Group Thread

    Brexit is an arse. I mean, it's genuinely shit and terrible anyway, but I'm looking at distribution for Forks, and I just can't. Not until I know what's happening. Also these days I only back Kickstarters which are interesting and unique, or to support local designers/publishers. I've got Flickfleet on the way even though I don't like dexterity games because I like Jackson Pope.
  9. therearerules

    Settlers of Catan

    I got traders and barbarians for £8 from Airecon, not sure if that's a bargain- it was a gift for some friends
  10. therearerules

    Airecon muk meet?

    It was great to see you @jonnyalpha and @Mortis need to sleep now, but I’ll post something about it eventually!
  11. therearerules

    Nintendo Switch

    Absolutely. I’m tempted, and I already own it on card
  12. therearerules

    Airecon muk meet?

    Thanks! The changes have been numerous compared to the one I sent you, it's much more streamlined now, and straightforward. I've moved the twists off to the side.
  13. therearerules

    Bravely Default - The best FF since XII acc. to Edge

    Also fighting the bosses in these games were some of the best jrpg puzzles around. How to setup your party to beat some of them was akin to setting up logistical puzzles in spacechem.
  14. therearerules

    Bravely Default - The best FF since XII acc. to Edge

    I think the issue is thinking that the second half is filler and the story premise flimsy. Actually that's the main part of the game, the only thing that sets it apart from being a cookie cutter rpg (with excellent combat). I loved what they did with that, because I was genuinely suprised by a jrpg. Again and again, almost to the point of parody. It reminds me of a bit in Zero Escape 3 where . A developer less committed to their story would have removed that part for obvious reasons, but I love that they kept it in.

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