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    Anyone looking for another time-loop game after this could do worse than check out The Forgotten City on GamePass.
  2. Apparently the prices of cosmetic items is going to be much higher in the new one so I’m kicking myself that I didn’t use them now stuff will cost twice what it used to later today.
  3. I managed to install my PS4 disc and link mine just in time. I had about 4000 credits which I didn't have time to blow before the server went down, I guess they are just lost now. I can't think of the last time a supposed big IP sequel release had so little hype. I think it really speaks to how badly they mismanaged the original and also just how much the the reputation of Blizzard has gone down the toilet in the years since.
  4. There’s this weird slow walk/half-hearted jog thing that actors tend to do in small green screen spaces standing in for large locations that once you see you can’t unsee.
  5. The spaceport on Coruscant was McLaren’s headquarters.
  6. Surely if you already linked whatever version you used to own to your Blizzard account it should just carry over? Mind you it’s Activision Blizzard who are kings of gouging so who knows?
  7. Harsin


    I couldn’t even tell you what most of the Visionaries even looked like until I watched the new ending they added in a recent patch on YouTube (I got one of the other endings in my game rather than what is obviously meant to be the ‘proper' one).
  8. I do wonder how this will do with the general public. As it’s more of a big balance patch (as well as adding in more aggressive monetisation) there’s no blank slate as such and new people will all be going up against the turbo sweats who’ve been playing if for years with every character unlocked.
  9. What is the budget of this compared to Obi-Wan and Boba Fett as they look like the drizzly shits in comparison.
  10. Harsin


    Also, devs if you’re going to insist on putting out a game without regular checkpoints then please don’t make it as crash happy as this one.
  11. Harsin


    I am growing to detest the invasion mechanic in this. Before anyone says it, I've already set the game to single player mode which at least stops you having to go up against 12 year olds carrying the best kit in the game with the reflexes of a mongoose. But the main problem isn’t that they're difficult, she's fairly easy to get rid of, it’s that it’s repetitive (especially then having to hack the antenna each sodding time) and crucially stops you playing the game the way you want and blows your sense of immersion. There have been occasions where I've spent time milling around the level just so I can get rid of her before doing what I want. What’s the point in spending ages taking a sneaky approach if chances are it'll turn into a firefight anyway when she blunders in at a crucial point. I get the impression they want you to mix things up, but frankly I think the shooting is bad with floaty loosey goosey controls (on Xbox) and guns that feel like water pistols. While I am enjoying it, having recently replayed Dishonered 1 and 2 and all DLCs and Prey, this is probably my least favourite of their games. Their next project being a straight up shooter doesn’t fill me with confidence.
  12. I thought CGI Peter Cushing was ghastly and more recently people were gushing that a shitty looking CGI version of a dead actor was a lovely tribute and I found it crass. I think I’m firmly in the minority on this one though. At least in this case James Earl Jones gave his permission while he’s alive. I feel sorry for voice actors though, there was an article out this week about the games industry moving to using AI generated voices. I think the dream for mega studios like Disney is eventually having deepfake actors with AI voices then they can make films with valuable IP characters forever more without worrying about pesky things like them aging out of roles or taking them to court when they stiff them on their contracts.
  13. It would be dumb to violate an NDA for a genuine megaton, but doing for such non-news on a regularly releasing franchise as this is just why bother. Guys, guys, try and keep this on the QT, but my contacts at EA are telling me they plan to release a new Madden game next year.
  14. The signal boosting of these idiots far outweighs their actual impact on sales. They’ve always existed, what you didn’t get was clickbait sites constantly posting YOU’ll NEVER BELIEVE WHAT THIS YOUTUBER THOUGHT OF THIS. The media is busy eating its own tail stoking the fires of the culture war and this is another side-effect of that. Most of these chuds would have channels with tiny viewing figures if big sites weren’t constantly pointing people in their directions. Same here, feels like half the threads in Film & TV now are a couple of posters breathlessly speculating what incels will think of a film/show before it comes out and then rushing to be the first to post videos of said views when they come out and go “See, see!”.
  15. I hope Mike’s appreciates the irony that his *pushes glasses up nose* “Actually your opinions are all wrong and if you watch this YouTube video with a thumbnail of a bearded man in sunglasses it will tell you why” has the most Comic Book Guy tone about it of any post in what was a pretty lighthearted thread.
  16. Can I just post a link to the script of Prometheus, it’ll be quicker than listing them all.
  17. Harsin


    I’m usually a big supporter of releasing series at once and letting people watch at their own pace. But it feels like the Netflix model has destroyed JoJo.
  18. Deathloop was their big September game and now it’s coming out on GamePass the same day. If you’re a multi-console owner it’s becoming increasingly clear this isn’t a Netflix/Disney+ situation where you need to be subscribed to multiple services.
  19. Dragon Age Inquisition. It had glowing reviews and won game of the year awards. But it seemed to get memory holed in double quick time. While it’s not remembered as a bad game per se, its main legacy seems to be oh yeah that’s the one with loads of worthless MMO style fetch quests when people talk about it.
  20. I'm guessing that the Gaiden one is that Ryuij Gouda spin-off that screenshots leaked of a while back. Maybe he's gone back to a life of stealing pants after faking his own death.
  21. I always used to think the plot of Karate Kid III was really outlandish. Not so much now. Let's be honest if it came to light that Elon Musk was devoting his time and fortune on a petty plot to get one over on a teenager and an old man, would any of us be honestly surprised.
  22. I bet the artists were well pleased that all their work ended up on the cutting room floor because Chris Hemsworth was playing Whole Line Is It Anyway.
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