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  1. Struggling to find games with randoms beyond anything past the first two parts of act one so I can actually make some progress, doesn’t bode well for the playerbase.
  2. I thought it was pretty bad that the mods weren’t getting a penny of this. Actually I still do, But have to admit it’s pretty funny that power mad sycophants are getting screwed over the very platform they worship, treating it like they’ve been appointed to the Supreme Court. And people complain about the moderation here!
  3. It's like one of those DVDs you see in supermarkets that they hope confused grandparents will buy for kids at Christmas. I said this is another thread, I forget which, they're the Kier Starmer of developers, they're doing their best to alienate their existing customer base all in the hope that enough people from another game will dump that and move to them - which is very unlikely to happen. Not least because they're hoping to tempt people away from a stable and well supported F2P game to a product that costs £70 and will probably be held together with sellotape at launch.
  4. I got a weird email after the Edge forums closed.
  5. We have about 2-5 posters who go into hysterics whenever there's a big hyped release and then some outlet gives a horrifyingly low score like it an 8 out of 10. But we all know who they are and mock them. At Resetera there's hundreds of the buggers and its the entire thread.
  6. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________/
  7. Is he the one who worked on that godawful Xbox 360 Turok reboot and would ban anyone who would speak ill of it?
  8. Edge told us it was just popping down the shops for a pack of cigarettes, it'll be back any moment now.
  9. Remember that period after Windows 8 came out when companies started briefly aping it before deciding it was a bit shit. At least the text was readable though!
  10. Harsin

    Squid Game

    I'm trying to find shots of that overliteral 'more accurate' fan translation some weeb did of Attack on Titan that read like when Joey from Friends discovered the thesaurus in Microsoft Word.
  11. If there was any kind of planning we wouldn't all be stuck in a place that has name that you'd expect to find scrawled into a school desk with a compass next to a love heart.
  12. I don't think you can class Edge closing the place suddenly and everyone having to find a new place to go at short notice as leaving in a huff.
  13. The best way to get people to not realise a thread exists is to pin it.
  14. They have got some real weird fucked-up priorities over there. Starting new threads/discussion about CD Projeckt/Cyberpunk 2077 is formally banned but it's a-okay for guerilla marketers 'passionate fans' to start threads with ludicrously long first posts that are just pure PR for games* from connoisseurs of sexual assault Ubisoft and Activision-Blizzard. * Example: https://www.resetera.com/threads/assassins-creed-valhalla-ot-by-odins-beard.321352/ Thank you for all those press kit videos and your detailed analysis of the valuable extras I can get if I buy a more expensive edition as well as the benefits of purchasing a season pass 100% genuine poster.
  15. A lot of AAA designers seem to model their UI on flashy futuristic screens you in movies/TV. So you end up with lots of hologram emulating eye unfriendly glowing neon writing, either information overload with info spunked everywhere willy nilly or acres of wasted space (seemingly there's no happy medium for a lot of devs), distracting moving elements and just a general level of incomprehensibility until you've spent ages with the game and learned to put up with it. Ubisoft are a prime offender in this area. Thing is stuff like this is only there to make the audience go 'Ooh look how futuristic and flashy that is and the character must be smart to understand all that!' It's not like it’s been designed for anyone to ever actually use it. Imagine sitting at your desk in front of that top eyesore all day. If Robert Downey Jnr had an actual Iron Man suit he had to use day in day out, I guarantee the UI wouldn't end up looking like that. This isn't an AAA game, but look at the state of this.
  16. Whatever happened there? I love a bit of internet forum drama.
  17. I still lol that we had a member loudly announce they were going to leave here forever to escape the iron fist of our mods to go over to Resetera where they permaban you for looking them askance.
  18. You're not wrong, starting that game I found it incredibly confusing. It also sent you to the markeplace as your first port of call when I booted it up after downloading *sigh*. As it's a Destiny/Division-alioke you're constantly picking up loot, 99% of which will be crap. So you're going to be wanting to dismantle it regularly so your inventory isn't filled with trash. To do this you have to. Open the menu (duh) Move the circular pointer Garwoofoo metioned over a piece of gear and press A. This takes you to a separate screen where you can change out pieces of gear, but you can't scrap it directly from here. Press X to take you to the 'Manage Gear' screen. Each gear type (ie. Head, Chest...etc) has a separate tab on this screen. You have to go into each tab and hover the pointer over a piece of gear and press LT quickly to mark it. Once you've done that, you can then hold down LT to delete it all.
  19. Dice have never been good at UIs byt Battlefield 2042's UI is a special kind of awful across the board. It feels like it was designed by a sadist as some form of psychological experiment. Look at the state of this shit (bottom image, top is a previous title). The wasted space, the colour choices. I'm assumung that the eye searing teal means that an option is selected, but I couldn't swear to that and it might just as easily be if it's theother way around. It's even worse when you're in game. The only way to tell friend from foe is a tiny dor above the heads of the players (most of whom may be bots but you have no way of knowing) - goodies get a teal one, baddies get an orange dot. This is a major problem as there are about 5 player models and everyone in the beta was just using the guy who gets a grappling hook so it looked like Attack of the Clones and you'd regularly see people shooting their teammates because they were confused. This is the UI for modding your gun lol.
  20. I didn't realise they offered paid subscriptions like here until I read it in the press release included as one of the things they think is going to make them cash, in addition to rubbing their hand together going look how much we can bilk these fools for if we up various streams of ad revenue to the Nth dgree. https://www.resetera.com/pages/membership/ Looking at it the main 'benefit' is removing ads. But since it takes about 30 seconds to download a free ad blocker that strips the site of them anyway, I'd imagine the vast majority of people paying that are doing it because of the second point they list, like here. Wonder how mamy of them will continue doing that to increase the dividends for MOBA Network PLC shareholders. I suspect subscribers/donors here would plummet if the committee flogged off the forum to TalkTalk or someone.
  21. Just popped onto Resetera and they don't even appear to have any threads about what you'd assume would be quite the topic of interest to their members. Assume they're all getting memory holed as quick as they go up?
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