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  1. Wool is a cracking series of novels by Hugh Howey that seemed to go criminally under the radar when you look at all the godawful sci-fi and fantasy hack work that shoots up the charts. I started a thread about the books all the way back in 2013 (God I feel old). Well, bugger me seems Tim Apple has only made a series of it. I only found out when I just read the Apple TV thread and its only a few months away. https://www.theverge.com/23627122/silo-dystopian-series-apple-tv-plus-trailer-date This has the potential to be excellent. The creator of Justified is bringing it the screen and it has a stacked cast. Imagine if a show like Lost actually had satisfying answers to its mysteries. As one of the joys of the books was the great reveals I'd say you should try and go into this one as spoiler free as possible. So I'll just post the official trailer and Apple's synopsis. If you have read the novels, please be kind and make use of spoiler tags.
  2. Harsin

    Apple TV +

    I was reading that post thinking that sound like a rip off of Wool. Bloody hell, I didn't even know they were adapting Wool. PS. The novels are great.
  3. Wouldn’t it have made more sense for Raffi, who was last seen as a bridge officer, to be the commander who is loyal to Picard on the Titan, especially given their history. While Seven of Nine, who was some kind of space vigilante was the one investigating on increasingly cheap looking Blade Runner planets, instead of apparently joining the academy and progressing to second in command of the newest Starship within a year.
  4. Bit daunting posting after that! Finished the other two space marines that came in the starter box.
  5. It seems ability to fall for the most obvious of cons is an hereditary trait. I’m pretty sure Kiryu’s ancestor is getting grifted by a cat on the part I’ve reached.
  6. Looking back on it, it seems that the main reason they gave Klingons full on monster masks in season 1 of Discovery was to safeguard their shitty Clem Fandango twist.
  7. I think my favourite bit of writing was Raffi’s husband. 'Tut tut you’re an ex-junkie and I disapprove now off I go to my drug den bar on a grimy Blade Runner planet that a drug dealing kingpin works out of. But it’s okay because it’s for my art or something I dunno.’
  8. It’s the same issue the Avngers jaws when they went the let’s make a Destiny and this time next year we’ll be billionaires Rodney. The GaaS/co-op design compromised instantly strip away the things I’d actually want in a game based on this property. In a Suicide Swuad game I’d actually want to play perhaps one level would be a crazy brawler with King Shark, another might be like Hitman: Sniper with Deadshot. How about a reverse Arkham Asylum level, a bit like the MP in the old Splinter Cells, where you’re the nook on the ground knowing that Batman is up in the rafters hunting you as you try and get from A to B. But you can’t do any of that with yet another looter shooter:beat em' up because the characters have to be on about the same level of power and all fit into the same style of gamer. It’s how you end up with the Hull being in the same level in a fist fight as Black Widow and why Red Hood can suddenly bounce around on invisible trampolines because everyone else has a traversal mode so he has to as well. So about the only unique thing about the characters is the aniMarion you get on their 5 minute cool-down powers.
  9. What, you're not tempted to plunk down cash on something that looks as good as this?
  10. Have Sony got any exclusivity deals on this? Because lol you’d think they’d have learned their lesson after paying through the nose for exclusive Avengers DLC.
  11. Shoot the giant enemy crab tank in its purple weak point for massive damage. Now do it 10,000000000 more times as we expect people to want to play this gameplay loop for years.
  12. Every time some focus grouped to death jumping on the bandwagon GaaS is announced/shown you get some quotes about this is the game that we passionately wanted to make and it’s just a coincidence that it happens to align exactly with the jumping on the bandwagon nickel and diming model that our publisher's management wants. I was surprised just how much it looked like the gameplay videos of Gotham Knights. Even if you're Warmer Bros with dollar signs in your eyes I'm not sure of the sense of putting out two similar games so close to each other. Also they have to be a bit nervous given that game seemed to crater (and Avengers before it). I wonder how many other promising superhero properties will get thrown into this meat grinder.
  13. He’s starting a new company called Fanta Hobbytasks.
  14. I knew things would be different in the past, but I didn’t realise the stakes would be quite this high.
  15. Yes Lead Belcher. I asked for nice silvery paint in the shop and that’s what they gave me 😕
  16. I had a go at painting my first ever miniature. Obviously not a patch on what’s usually posted here. But I don’t think it came out too badly for a first attempt as I haven’t picked up a paint brush since school.
  17. Thanks man, that's kind of you to say.
  18. Real Grade God Gundam done. Phenomenal kit which was great fun to build and I can't recommend it enough as it can be had for around £35. Posability on this one is some next level stuff. Bonus point for the wing unit, which is actually a spaceship with a tiny modelled cockpit complete with a canopy that opens.
  19. Maybe his previous account cared about Harry Potter?
  20. Gunman style in this is hilarious. I adore the fact that despite Kiryu being a full blown Samurai in this and slicing dudes with geysers of blood flying out, they still just clutch their sides and give you a plate after leaning the error of their ways. Never change Yakuza Like A Dragon.
  21. I don’t know why they even built in all that unnecessarily convoluted the multiverse can ONLY be accessed in this way NO EXCEPTIONS bollocks in Dr Strange when they’d already had two properties accessing it in completely different ways (3 if you count Venom as well).
  22. I've been thinking about why post-Endgame Marvel has left me so cold, when I mostly really enjoyed everything leading up to that. The common thing you see cited is lack of a strong overarching narrative. But I'm not sure that's it. The Infinity Stones/Thanos were mostly just background and teasers for the most part until the final sprint. A lot of the previous films balanced telling a satisfying standalone stories with the larger stuff. Of course there were obvious exceptions (*cough* Iron Man 2). I think the newer films feel so lacklustre because they're unsatisfying as stand-alone stories because the COMING SOON and Easter Eggs stuff is ramped up to 11 while the stuff it’s actually building towards is so scattershot and not particularly interesting. Personally I feel they've done a pretty bad job so far of providing any reason for the audience to give a stuff about the multiverse beyond it being a cheap excuse for cameos.
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