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  1. Barbatos Lupus HG done. I think my panel lining improved on this one. Invested in a couple of pour type markers and panel lined the white with grey instead of black.






    Poor old Entry Grade Strike now officially has the role of jobber to make my new models look tougher.


    Compared to the Wing this one was a bit of a bitch to pose and even stand sometimes due to the tiny wasp waist and massive sword.


    Next up my first real grade (gulp).

    After that I'm interested in giving painting a whirl, but a bit unsure. I'd like to try doing one by hand as spray cans are so expensive and no way I'm investing in an airbrush when I have no idea how well I can paint or even if I'll enjoy it. For now bought a can of clear matte top coat to see if that makes as big a difference as Reddit says. Ever suffering Strike will probably be the Guinea pig for that.

  2. 9 hours ago, LaveDisco said:

    When the OG made their geriatric movies, they were obviously ridiculous but they knew what the people nostalgic for them wanted. The characters being themselves. 

    What modern audience want to watch that trailer’s show? What nostalgic audience want to watch that? Give them a happy hopeful ride into the sunset you shits. 

    Obviously  I’ll still watch it, but even the trailer is bad. Season 2 was trash, but even that managed a good trailer. 

    There is this trend in so many of these cynical nostalgia bait to make the lives of the characters after their original happy endings as miserable as possible. 

    Seemed like everyone from the original cast in Star Wars had a life worthy of a Ken Loach film straight after they slept off their hangover on Endor.





    Poor old Egon dies a friendless loner estranged from his family.

    Obviously Picard, not even the Rikers dodged a lazy tragedy backstory. Christ knows what horrors thay'll have heaped on the rest of the crew.

    I liked that Top Gun Maverick bucked the trend. Maverick is enjoying his life and doing what he loves. Yeah he's single, but this isn't portrayed as some great tragedy and him getting into a new relationship is treated as something that's nice for him rather than some kind of gaping hole that means he's wasted his life. As opposed to the skin crawling scenes of supposedly burning passion between Patrick Stewart and someone who looks like they should be changing his catheter.

  3. Can anyone recommend any decent Snap YouTubers? It’s a sea of clickbait nonsense out there. I’ve found that too many of them assume you already have every single series 4 and 5 card in the game or high-roll decks that are entirely reliant on almost perfect draw to pull off a busted combo or you might as well retreat on turn 3.


    I've seen people recommend Snapster, but look at this shit.



    Jeff Hoogland is another that gets recommended a lot, but I find his personality like nails on a chalkboard.


    I quite liked TLSG but unfortunately he tends to do a lot of 'Well if you happen to have Darkhawk, Galactus, Thanos and Sentry, this is a good' type decks.

  4. I enjoyed building the Entry Grade so much I bought a HG to keep him company. Had a go at panel lining it as well. It's a bit mucky in some places, but I don’t think it was too bad for a first attempt.





    After finishing I ordered another HG and an RG. :facepalm:

  5. After watching some Gundam decided to give building my very first model kit a go. Coming from Lego I was surprised how cheap some of the sets could be had for.


    it’s only an Entry Grade on, but I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.



  6. If you like point and click adventure games, you can currently get a bundle of 13 (!) Wadjet Eye games on Humble Bundle for the princely sum of £8.34.



    You also get a coupon for 33% off The Excavation of Hobb’s Barrow which is a really good game.


    One of the games included is Unavowed which I played and thought was excellent. As I already own it if someone wants my Steam key for it let me know.

  7. If we’re talking how they seem to have difficulty managing developers there’s also their new studio The Initiative who were making the new Perfect Dark, announced via yet another CGI trailer. Supposedly development of that was such a clusterfuck that it’s basically being made by Crystal Dynamics now.

  8. 1 hour ago, Uncle Mike said:

    I do seem to have this mindset for big CGI fests where I just don't care about them.


    Like, I get it's a visual extravaganza, but I just don't feel anything for it. It's the same when it's the typical Marvel smash-up climax at the end of the film, or anything really. Ooh, look how much money we spent on graphics just doesn't do anything for me.


    I used to think it was maybe because I'm a gamer and so I see impressive graphics all the time, but I think that's probably bollocks. I think it's because it's not exciting to me. There's something different about people having gone to a location and actually filmed something, I think. When it's Avatar and all the people are graphics too, well. And then it's not even as if it's a great and compelling story? Fuck that.



    I find myself switching off in the third-act of so many of these films as well. I think part of the problem is you have to be emotionally invested in the characters and what’s happening to them and here they’re all wafer-thin.


    I think it’s telling that even the posts praising the film are all ‘But the graphics tho’ and nary a mention of the characters or story. Personally I need more than flashy visuals. If all I want to do is look at nice scenery I’d watch a David Attenborough documentary.

  9. The visuals are nice, but apart from that I thought it was distinctly average. Felt like a retread of the first film (not helped by it having the same villain) and the story of that was pretty cookie cutter to start with. Cameron can still do well shot action in his sleep so there's that at least. After all the talk of waiting for technology to catch up and exploring an alien ecosystem I was hoping for something a bit more adventurous and strange than not-whales in not-Polynesia.


    Sample script page:



  10. Is the Metro that short of content they now have to resort to publishing random fanboy ramblings from readers?


    ’Disturbing conspiracy’

    If only Fox Mulder had realised that the real truth that was out there wasn’t hiding aliens but keeping down Nintendo for REASONS.


    There probably is a decent article to be written about gameplay/performance and where the focus of tech sites lies, but this paranoid nonsense certainly isn’t it.

  11. Quote

    Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg tweeted to reassure fans that 2023 would be "incredibly exciting" for the platform and that fans wouldn't have to wait long for news.

    “We have a lot planned to show and share about an incredibly exciting year ahead for 2023,” he wrote. “Appreciate folks are eager to learn and see more. Timing is always key, but don’t worry you will not have to wait too long for what’s next from us.”


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