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  1. We don't talk about Lego
  2. I don’t know why We Don’t Talk About Bruno is the breakout hit when Surface Pressure is right there.
  3. They fucked up spectacularly when it came to the transition of music to MP3. Steve Jobs was frightened that Sony would just utterly destroy the fledgling iPod, then watched in delight as they managed to make the absolute worst possible decision at pretty much every juncture. LG and Samsung have completely eaten their lunch in the TV market as well.
  4. There's a sex scene in Deadpool where the lady takes her top off.
  5. I'm not sure it will. There's a weird thing out there I've seen with lots of people where they're put off going to the cinema if a film is too short, presumably they don't think they're getting value for money or something. I think us folks who pine for the days of lean tightly edited 90-120 minute films are actually in the minority nowadays, which is why there are so many of these bloated blockbusters.
  6. Not likely since Timothy Olyphant got it off the jawas didn't he?
  7. After all the people saying that Death's Door is hard I went for Nobody and thoroughly enjoying it so far.
  8. Can we say that EA won this competition with BF2042? Battlefront 2, Battlefield V, Anthem, Battlefield 2042… EA have real streak of big Christmas bombs going don’t they.
  9. We need to retrieve my Firespray gunship! What’s it called? Sla… it’s not important. Why do you have a photo in your wallet of you shaking hands with Darth Vader? Also not important.
  10. Downloaded both Death's Door and Nobody Saves the World, now doing this IRL trying decide which to play first.
  11. In that scenario, players would have a choice of paying £60/70 quid to play the game on PlayStation or playing it on PlayStation anyway with whatever they're already paying for GamePass, not to mention all the other third-party games and indie stuff people would no longer bother buying off their store as they can just boot up the PS GamePass App and play it there instead. Yeah, that sounds like the kind of deal some stranger offers you when you're on the way to market with your best milking cow, I can't see Sony going for that. Not to mention they already have their own GamePass competitor (admittedly half-arsed right now) which they're about to relaunch. (although it’s hard to see how it can meaningfully compete with GP unless they put their exclusives on there day one).
  12. I highly doubt the purchase had anything to do with wanting to save the poor employees. The Activision-Blizzard stuff going public put the company in a position where they became a viable purchase because their share price plummeted and they started actively looking for buyers. Reports say that Kotick initially didn’t want to sell but the board overruled him. Before MS stepped in, they were actively trying to convince Facebook/Meta to buy them. As for the argumentit was either buy them or stop working with them full stop because giant megacorps are just that principled. MS just announced a new deal with Ubisoft who are just as bad as Activision. I fully expect Quantic Dream's Star Wars game to appear on Xbox and not be blocked by them. I think Riot have stuff on the Xbox store don't they? Nadya Satella put out a gushing statement about what a great guy Bobby 'threatened to have a female employee murdered' Kotick is. I think Kotick will go when the deal is done and have no doubt that MS buying Activision will be a positive in terms of fixing the horrific culture there, but it’s a byproduct. I'd say MS is probably about one of the best of these megacorps at the moment, they've improved their own awful internal culture a lot, especially when they're up against the likes of Google, Amazon and the cartoonishly evil Facebook. But none of these companies are these nice cuddly good guys that some people seem to portray them as in the tribal world of video games.
  13. There's toys announced that seem to indicate that we're going to get a sequence of him fighting crime in a face bandana and black clothes prior to getting a proper suit, much like Begins so were probably getting a retread of that plot beat at least. Fair play to Batman 89, you get some awesome credit music then about 3 minutes in and BLAM you have fully realised Batman doing his thing on screen and beating up Moxie from Auf Wiedersen Pet and audiences weren't scratching their head in confusion about how and why this man was dressed up as a bat doing vigilante stuff.
  14. Big Team Battle which is a core mode (please note my post said 'a' core mode not 'the') of an already fairly barebones MP side (which I did specify in my post) has been broken - as in most people can't even access a game of it - for longer than it actually worked. It worked from release on 15th November to 7th December (22 days), it broke on 8th December, so has now been broken for 44 days and counting. They released a patch to fix it on Tuesday and to their surprise it did squat and their communications indicate they have no idea why. Meanwhile, they don't even do simple short-term fixes like just switching off big team battle challenges which people can't use. Which, given that they're actively selling challenge swaps for real money feels pretty slimy.
  15. Wonder how 343 Industries feel. Between this purchase and Bethesda, MS will be absolutely overwashed with experienced quality FPS dev teams. They were a flagship studio, but now they're the team who took 6 years to get 1/3 of a game out with no meaningful new content to arrive until May at the earliest and an MP game where a core mode has been broken four for two months now and they seemingly have no idea how to fix it. Not saying anything silly like MS are going to dump Halo or shutter the studio. But they're an absolutely massive studio, with a questionable ROI on their size and budget and a spotty, at best track, record, now paddling in a sea of teams brutally efficient at pumping out high selling games with regular content updates on a regular basis. You have to imagine that some staff there have to be nervous.
  16. It'll probably be decent, but I'm also finding it hard to muster much enthusiasm for it. We've just had so much Batman at this point and this just looks like Batman Begins redux to me rather than a genuinely fresh new take on film.
  17. So far it seems more interested in being it’s own story and not an extended advert for other upcoming films /shows with a meta game of who will the next cameo be, so I'm gonna say yes so far.
  18. You can make an excellent protagonist who's supposed to be a bigwig in the criminal community who never commits crimes. If this had just been 8 episodes of Boba Fett walking around town, saving stray womp-rats, playing arcade games and getting accosted by street thoughs then twatting them with a speeder bike after which they apologise and promise to change their ways, this would have been the series of 2022.
  19. Fucking hell. They also tweeted that they're only now considering temporarily removing BTB challenges. How fucking long has this been a problem!
  20. Also they've already renewed Strange New Worlds, so no matter how shite it is there'll be two servings of it minimum.
  21. Leaving transactional currency on top of some kind of flat topped piece of furniture if you will?
  22. Sony own the rights to Spider-man on film. They bought the rights to make A series of Spider-man games, not a blanket ownership of the character. Same as Disney switched to a Warhammer model where they're letting lots of studios make competing Star Wars games instead of one publisher having exclusive rights. It's the same with Marvel. It's not like Square own the rights to Marvel properties in perpetuity either.
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