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  1. Harsin

    Squid Game

    Between this, Parasite and Kingdom I really do like the genuine sense of anger at the establishment they share.
  2. One day a coked up Netflix exec will look at the manga sales and viewing figures of JoJo and commission a live action adaptation and it will be such a trainwreck that it will make the heavens tremble.
  3. Harsin

    Free Guy

    Enjoyed this. I spent the entire film trying to remember where I knew Mr Haircut from (Stranger Things) and thought it was Jean-Ralphio for a while instead. In fact the vast majority of the thread seem to like it with only a couple of exceptions so I'm not even sure why we're even getting the manchild style lashing out against other opinions posts to start with. Subjectivity, how does it work?
  4. Am I special because I think Force Awakens and Last Jedi were just different shades of mediocre and Rise of Skywalker was actively bad.
  5. It's a Netflix production and not just one they've imported and stuck a splash screen on in markets where they have the right so it'll be all at once.
  6. I’m only on the menu screen and this may already be GotY.
  7. Hardly his fault, you can place that one firmly on the directors/screenwriters.
  8. The cartoon speedlines effect when you sprint keeps making me think people are firing at me.
  9. Harsin

    Squid Game

    Bloody Nora, episode 6 is an emotional wringer.
  10. His last Tweet says his plane had to make an unexpected stopover in North Haverbrook.
  11. I didn't like most of RTD's episodes at the time, but it's all relative isn't it, his stuff now looks like The Sopranos when you compare it to Chibnall's utter dreck. Regardless of my personal feelings about his writing, he was a decent showrunner as in he managed to get multiple series out on time, plus specials and spin-offs and was consistently good at it keeping it hyped in the media. Wonder what he'll do about to the timeless child utter bollocks, can't see him outright retconning it but hopefully he'll just politely ignore it.
  12. I’ve had a quick look at the Eurogamer review of the original (by the same guy) and he wasn’t that fussed on it either and as we all know it was amazing. Majima beat up a 12 year old in 0 and it was ace so I have zero problems with walloping the shit out of virtual school bullies.
  13. It’s a me Mario. Now letta me tella you why abortions and homosexuality are a sin against our Lord God.
  14. Harsin

    Perfect Dark

    Notice they made a conspicuous point of not mentioning their last game.
  15. https://www.redbubble.com/i/throw-pillow/Ono-Michio-by-Roulette/44197986.5X2YF Pair it with this for when you go down the shops.
  16. Allegedly his conditions to be in it in the first place was that they kill him and make another pensioner Indiana Jones film.
  17. Here's my simple rule for weekly rewards? Does it require more than 5 mins effort. | | No Yes | | Go for it Fuck that
  18. £20 for me after cashing in some MS reward points.
  19. Was hoping they’d have a pre-order Judgment punch card.
  20. I always like at the end of a segment how the hard man voice overs try their best to make even the most paltry sentences sound like they've just got sent to the cubes in Mega City One. HE'S LAUGHING ON THE OTHER SIDE OF HIS FACE NOW WITH A £25 FINE!!!
  21. I'd never heard of Aragami before the sequel taking up residence in the coming soon section for weeks. Bloody hell you weren't kidding Darren! The game I played this afternoon looked like it dropped through a time portal from about two generations ago compared to that. Why the hell would they do that.
  22. What did you think about it was complete shit, Goat Simulator is a lolrandom monkey cheese waste of time and does at least resemble your criticism. But Goose Game? Fair enough not liking it but callng it a cynical cash-in and only having a daft selling point doesn’t describe that game whatsoever. It was clearly made with craft and a lot of love from the devs even if you didn’t enjoy it.
  23. Untitled Goose Game is far from ‘complete shit’.
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