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  1. Harsin

    Snow Crash

    Next someone’s going to have to break the news to K that Airplane wasn’t meant to be the tense tragic tale of an aviation disaster.
  2. Kerraig lies on a bed, the machines keeping him alive beeping and whirring softly in the background. Even these stalwart electronic nurses are finally beginning to struggle with monumental task of keeping his elderly frame alive. But something beyond the ken of the best medical minds just keeps him going. His rheumy eyes squint at the live holofeed projected on the ceiling above him. Suddenly his fingers start feverishly typing. There’s no keyboard, of course, and Rllmuk disappeared decades ago, when the sheer amount of RB and Blunkett alts reached critical mass and created a dangerous AI that was immediately quarantined by the Singularity Surveillance Service. He doesn’t know this, nor care. Satisfied, a smile creeps across the papery skin of his face and he breathes his last breath. Doctors run in as the machines, freed at last from their arduous task, shriek alarms. They look around in puzzlement, before finally glancing up and seeing the words ‘Star Wars Episode XVIII: The Return of Salacious Crumb not getting a physical release’ emblazoned above them.
  3. Much better than our current parliamentary system.
  4. If Hollywood wants to replace the trend of shitty slow whiny coffee shop versions of pop standards in trailers with slappin' epic synth/orchestral mix-ups then I am totally behind that,
  5. I met Goody when I went to Disney World. Who wants to touch me? Gonna live with my mistake.
  6. You vs the guy she tells you not to be worried about.
  7. He’s not doing that from what I can see. Just trying to explain what doesn’t work for him in a pretty polite and reasonable manner. Disagree with what he says fine. Having a different opinion to you doesn’t automatically make him a 'right plonker'. And you, of all people, complaining about someone having a negative reaction to something and posting about it on the internet is pretty hilarious.
  8. Now? Bill Hader and Andy Samburg. After that I’m not so sure.
  9. EXTERIOR. Overhead shot of a city at night. Voiceover: This city used to be safe. Warner Bros logo Shot of masked men running smashing a shop window. Voiceover: The law used to mean something in this city. Legendary Pictures logo Chris Pine walking through the debris of the shop in the daytime, turns to a person unsee. Chris Pine: 'It can again'. EXTERIOR: Moodily lit abandoned building. An out of focus figure walks through the dilapidated rooms. They run a gloved hand over a dust covered goldfish bowl. A panning shot of a rusted gun case, the letters TACKLEB... just visible. Chris Pine: You in? Sorrowful sounding piano refrain of DAH DAH DAH DAH DUH DAH. Reveal that the person Chris Pine was talking to was an elderly Michael Winslow. Michael Winslow: /makes a noise like helicopter and then an old modem. P O L I C E A C A D E M Y Brief shot of Chris Pine and Michael Winslow looking up at a dim neon sign, that lights up to say THE BLUE OYSTER. Fall 2021
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