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  1. I think in general people are more ready to forgive the rough edges of a low budget scrappy labour of love project like Deadly Premonition, to Shootmans XVII that cost the GDP of a small country and then that again in marketing from GlobalSuperMegacorp.
  2. Harsin

    Anthem - February 22nd

    It was a joke because I found df0's post in the the thread funny so thought I'd repost it. You (EDIT: Ben not Gorf) must have liked it because you possed it last night when it was used against a different thumbnail following the same format.
  3. Have you actually watched his video on RDR2? He talks quite a lot about stuff he doesn’t like about the game as well as the stuff he liked, most notably, from memory, how the long extravagant animations for common tasks get old real quick.
  4. Weekly. So it's even faster than that. Although Epic do have the advantage of making more money than God at the moment,
  5. Christ don't mention Skill Up in the Anthem thread, I'm not that familiar with his stuff, but someone posted a video from him in there and apparently he's a combination of Pol Pot, Emperor Palpatine and James Corden.
  6. It's interesting watching the sheer hostility to reviewers following the release of Crackdown and Anthem. For years people moaned about every big hyped release automatically getting 9+ scores. Then when a big hyped releases actually get lower scores (keep in mind we're talking 6s and 7s, not 1/10, a lot of the time here) it results in massive vitriol. A lot of people don’t even seem to understand what the point of review is. It's just an opinion from a professional writer. I disagreed with a lot of Roger Ebert's actual views on films, but I loved reading his writing. If you're treating reviews as an actual buying guide, then just try and find one who broadly aligns with your tastes (rarely will you find one that aligns a 100%). The peak of this was when we had someone on here scream blue murder about God of War 'only' getting an 8 from a publication, before they'd even played it. When they actually played it they didn’t even like it and continued to moan in the game's thread at anyone who was enjoying it more than them. I bet the big publishers are loving consumers acting like this, we've already had a Microsoft executive slagging off professional reviewers and suggesting that people should watch streamers (aka paid 'Influencers' running sponsored streams) instead and people online are agreeing with him! Just today EA blacklisted someone from their 'Game Changer' program because they weren’t nice enough about Anthem. https://www.ea.com/game-changers
  7. Harsin

    Anthem - February 22nd

    I think it'll be interesting to read some behind the scenes post-mortems of this game in the future as everything about it screams a project that made Destiny’s troubled development look like plain sailing. As with the post-mortems of every other EA game this gen I suspect it'll consist of lots of devs complaining about being made to use Frostbite. There's no way they set out to make Loading Screen Simulator 2019, likewise I find it hard to believe that the current bonkers loot collecting/equipping system was something they intended, more so now you've reminded of how it was originally presented at E3.
  8. Harsin

    Fils-Aime to retire, Bowser new president

    Do you reckon they saw the name Doug Bowser on the application form and were like guess we've got no choice but to hire this guy. I can imagine some really talented candidate sat waiting for an interview and realising he's fucked when he learns Doug Bowser is next, like this bit from 30 Rock.
  9. So Robb Stark is John Reid in this one? They should have got Aidan Gillen back to basically be the Nick Fury of these films.
  10. Harsin

    Chris Hemsworth is... Hulk Hogan!?!

    How about that guy that played Bonesaw McGraw in Spider-Man?
  11. Harsin

    Robocop (1987)

    Poor old RoboCop’s fallen on hard times.
  12. Harsin

    Chris Hemsworth is... Hulk Hogan!?!

    Maybe it'll finally explain why there was a bloke throwing a dog in the sea in the background of this shot.
  13. Harsin

    Anthem - February 22nd

    Every other dialogue screen I've seen from the game has also been two choices essentially saying the same thing. It’s very Fallout 4.
  14. Harsin

    Anthem - February 22nd

    Dig those meaningful dialogue choices.

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