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  1. And space rohypnol if you happened to be in a bar with Rape Monkey.
  2. I'd describe DS9 as going for 'mature' and having 'dark' elements with a small d. It was genuinely interested in exploring questions like how well can the citizens of a post-scarcity utopian civilisation continue to uphold their ideals when put against the realities of inescapable adverse scenarios. It didn't always succeed and had its fair share of goofy stinkers (putting that in before someone posts an animated gif of Move Along Home), but the showrunner had the genuine desire to try and explore various ethical and moral quandaries through the prism of sci-fi and had to fight their corner against Rick Berman who usually gave orders like more babes and stop this continuity and character growth business at once. Kurtzman Trek on the other hand seems to go edgelord grimdark. After what looked like a promising start for Picard, for all their talk about exploring political issues, it quickly degenerated to an extremely thin veneer that basically amount to 'What if the Federation were the bad guys, did I just blow your mind!' (not surprising from someone who spent many years as the writing partner of a 9/11 truther). Who needs subtle body horror and existential threats when we can have torture porn eyeballs ripped out in loving close up, sexy space incest, mystery boxes, Hanzo steel decpitations and dual wielding assault rifles. Yeah booooiiiiiii!
  3. This is him talking about Anthony Rapp (Stammets on Discovery) after the Kevin Spacey stuff came out. Gee whiz, I wonder why they didn’t want him back?
  4. Says the bloke who's made 7 nigh identical stop being mean about the thing I like posts on just this page alone. It's like raaaaaaaaaaain on your (Betazoid) wedding day...
  5. When did all this ‘Skywalker Saga’ marketing bollocks stuff start? I only recall hearing the term in the lead up to this film. I assumed it was Disney reacting to the mixed reaction to TLJ. Or were they using it since TFA and it passed me by.
  6. The TNG way is to be polite and respectful to your colleagues in person and then pop down to the holodeck when your shift ends and smash a digital simulacrum of them 8 ways from Sunday,
  7. I'll post the exchange and if people think I'm misrepresenting you and being toxic, then fair enough. I'll happily eat a ban if you want to report it and the mods agree. I think the below may have been addition to the 'sperg' comment you referenced yourself, as I didn't see the term in these posts? Worth noting there were quite a few posters (not just me) asking you to try and restrain yourself and attempting to explain to you why your posting was causing offence across a bunch of pages. I think this is the 'apology' you mentioned, after Smitty took offence to your posting? I’ll apologise for using the term 'ableist', I don’t know you in real life and can only judge the online persona you present on here, so can’t really make that call. 'User of ableist language' would have been a better description.
  8. My main argument in that thread was that it’s fine to disagree with people's views on the films and explain why, but please, please, stop attacking the posters themselves. On the other hand you were the ableist, who claimed people who didn’t like a blockbuster as much as you were autistic. You weren't getting negged by loads of people because you liked the movie, it was because of your constant stream of vitriol and character assassinations aimed at anyone who had a different view about a film than you.
  9. You were one of the main causes of that toxicity though.
  10. No, it was the same hyper frenetic oh god the audience will get bored if we don’t change shit every 10 nanoseconds bollocks as Discovery, you can’t even get a good look at the design of the ships.
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