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  1. One word why you should never do that - Mahjong
  2. Can someone explain to me how you're supposed to do those sliding tile puzzles. I've been brute forcing them so far, but now have one I can't solve no matter how much I move them about.
  3. LBC presenter Steve Allen called a 19 year old female Strictly contestant a 'chubby little thing'. Let's check out the Adonis that is Steve Allen.
  4. Yes, you'll need to download Steam VR on your PC.
  5. Apart from American Nightmare that's some pretty slim pickings.
  6. I ganked some guy who looked like The Penguin, I think it might have been this Michael Myers guy all the kids are talking about, so I'm gonna say yes.
  7. Should do, I bought that exact one off Amazon (3 metre version) as it happens and it seems to work fine.
  8. You can either link it by a USB cable (Occulus sell a ridiculously expensive link cable but I wouldn't bother) or try out Airlink where your Quest can connect to your PC over wifi, but results can sometimes be spotty. I find long sessions on VR a bit uncomfortable so default battery life is okay for me, but if you were planning to stay under so long it's not enough on a regular basis I'd buy the elite strap with the extended battery attachment personally.
  9. The level The Body Dump is about as much fun as a colonoscopy.
  10. Harrison Ford by the time the film actually comes out.
  11. No I think that's fair comment for when you first read it. Paul is a pastiche of Lawrence of Arabia on the surface. But hopefully most readers go on to realise that it's a critique/suversion of those tropes as times go on (they certainly will if they read the sequels as it really hammers home the point - is it Messiah where Paul is explicitly compared to Hitler and they basically say he was a scrub in the genocide stakes in comparison to muad-dib). It's bit like Watchmen where first time a lot of people read it they're young and just see wow superrheroes with sex and swears and stuff (which was pretty rare at the time) and this Rorscharch guy is a badass, but go on to realise the depths that Alan Moore was going for. Now we know who to blame!
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