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  1. I initially liked Mad Max, played about 6 hours of it, realised that I'd seen absolutely everything it had to offer and it would just be hours and hours of the same identikit activities with diminishing enjoyment returns. Then I played Rage 2 by the same team and had exactly the same experience. To quote Tolkien the game can be summed up as 'thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread'.
  2. She's not particularly convincing as a child either. Like a female Baby Herman from Roger Rabbit.
  3. Unsure why Ming-Na Wn is relegated to guest actor status, she had roughly as much screen time as Carano last season, plus she has the advantage of not being a garbage person for PR purposes.
  4. Disney pushing for an Emmy for noted transphobic and antisemetic MAGA chud Gina Carano after firing her.
  5. I was all in for the first minute of the trailer where it was a slice of life film with an avuncular Venom and an exasperated Brock sharing an apartment. Then it turned back into CGI monster men roaring and leaping in dim considtions to help hide the budget and I zoned out.
  6. Mega spoilers for Danganronpa v3.
  7. Sounds like Assassin's Creed 2.
  8. Resident Evil 8. Quasi-4th wall breaking. Don't click if you intend to play as spoilers for a boss.
  9. I'm getting shades of those people who think anything less than a 3 hour film isn't worth the price of a cinema ticket.
  10. What are you favourite examples of times when games have broken the fourth wall. Let's get the most obvious one out of the way. I recently completed Nier: Automata on GamePass after bouncing off it at release. The end of that goes impressively off the rails.
  11. Didn't DeKnight leave fairly quickly and he only really had any involvement in the pilot and finale?
  12. I just struggle to understand why people are so vehemently opposed to an OPTION that they’d never have to use and would have no impact whatsoever on their experience. The only counterpoint seems to be that they wouldn’t feel as special if all the plebs could see the same stuff they did.
  13. Ethan feels like Tommy Wiseau wandered into a Hammer Horror film.
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