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  1. She’s actually 57. Although you’d never guess!
  2. Is it about this guy? I'm as baffled by albino baby superhero as you are so don't ask me for details.
  3. I went back and watched the scene, this is what she says. Does lean more towards it just being some random bloke.
  4. I have to imagine the stuff about myserious underwater earthquakes in Endgame will lead to something.
  5. It probably won't be fine, they made sure they had that scene of Tilda Swinton saying that if a dimension doesn't have its Infinity Gems Stones anymore it's gonna be real bad for it. I imagine that this will tie into whatever the ultimate threat of this new phase of the movies is.
  6. They referenced Marvel's Nexus of All Realities in this week's fake advert and we're told that this ties into Doctor Strange 2 which we already know is all about the multiverse. If casting Evan Peters in this really is just a long gotcha and he's some random schmoe then gotta admit it's an odd creative choice. I read elsewhere that the speedster effect they have for him with wavy blue lines is more akin to the Fox films than the effect they used for Kick Ass in Age of Ultron. Can anyone confirm/deny as all I remember of him in the Fox films is when they did the everybody frozen in
  7. Looks like somebody drank some polyjuice potion.
  8. No, it was the multiverse theory of 'time travel, where actual travelling through time is impossible so they were going to incredibly similar parallel universes that were at a different point in their timeline to the main MCU one. They do explain it in the film, but it’s already quite a packed feature and they don't spend that much time on it so I imagine quite a few people didn't really pick up on what all the technobabble was about.
  9. Yeah I know that, I'm not sure how many of the audience appreciated that though even though they said it straight out in the film, I saw loads of people afterwards just thinking they were time travelling. So I think they're really doing there best to drill home the multiverse is a thing, as it seems to be a big focus of of the next phase, in advance of the films that will go full speed with the concept.
  10. My money is on that just being the establishment that there's an actual multiverse out there. Wanda wanted her brother back but because he's proper dead she couldn't, so yanked Evan Peter's version from the Fox-verse, but he immediately got brain hijacked by Agatha. They already did the basic groundwork to establish what one is with a generic audience with the fake one in Far From Home.
  11. It’s going to be difficult to fit in a mutant origin in the remaining 30 odd minutes with the Reed Richards, Dr. Strange, Skrulls, Hank Pym, Fin Fang Foom, Bananaman, Desperate Dan and Dougal from the Magic Roundabout cameos as well.
  12. I thought after Mortal Engines we were past the whole let's but up the license for any only Young Adult novels in the hope we make Hunger Games money.
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