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  1. Harsin

    The Division 2

    Nope you just get more of the same rewards. So the question is do you want to go through that for a few more pairs of 495 gloves. I think they’re making a big mistake trying to force people into the Dark Zones, they did that with the first game and it’s partially what led to the massive exodus of players. I suspect it’s an order from up above as some exec is disappointed with streaming numbers and we all know that Twitch viewers is seen to be the ultimate arbiter of a game’s success for some reason.
  2. Game are so desperate to cling to life they’ve resorted to selling cans of pop for £1.50. I really don’t think they’re in a position to act billy big bollocks about what consoles they will and won’t stock.
  3. 8K. Christ, how big would your telly need to be to get an appreciable difference from that?
  4. Harsin

    Star Trek Discovery

    How may times do we reckon Burnham will cry this week? I'm gonna say 8 minimum.
  5. Jon stands over the body of the Night King and finally works up the courage to tell the assembled legions that he's in love with Sam while the music swells. Lynched from the Weirwood tree by the Alliance of Bluff Northerners 5 minutes later.
  6. My main takeaway from the dragon flying scene, is that someone really ought to introduce the chosen ones to the concept of saddles.
  7. Yeah and Uncle George said he had a singular vision for 12 films planned from the very start... The director of the last film chucked out a bunch of stuff JJ set up because he thought it was crap and she would have had final sign off on all those decisions. Episode IX - The Rise of Backpedalling
  8. He might. But Jaime’s Reaction at the end should have been why is that middle-aged woman giving me the stink eye?
  9. One thing about living in Westeros I never could stomach, all the damn white walkers.

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