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  1. What a brilliant aesthetic. I think that looks a lot nicer than slightly later games on the PS1 and Saturn that tried to implement lots of low res textured polygons but became a bit of a blurry mess. The fact that most of the polygons are flat-shaded gives it a much cleaner look that fits more in the SNES SuperFX era (Starfox etc.). I'm really impressed with that.
  2. Just wanted to pipe in and say that this is a wonderful post. Oh, and also that It bears repeating that @strider does great work for RetroGamer each month.
  3. Does anyone know where someone might be able to download a pre compiled EXE of the latest version of this? PM me please (or delete this if it's not okay mods). Thanks
  4. My impression from what I've been reading is that the extra RAM won't actually be needed for either core. I wouldn't be surprised if the extra RAM might even end up not being needed at all after a few revisions/tweaks of the initial release. I know MiSTer is all about hardware accuracy though so perhaps I'm wrong and perhaps it will be needed to get as close to 100% as possible?
  5. I've translated the site and then clicked the link to email them about my interest. (I also used Google Translate to translate my answer to Japanese and pasted that too). It'll probably never come to the UK but I'd be keen to import one for MiSTer use if nothing else.
  6. That's a nice video @MLH75. You seemed really impressed with the machine and it's arcade ports. I think a lot of people outside the US are surprised by the console as it doesn't appear to have hit the public perception like it did in the US. I've been playing some of the 'extra' games on my new MiSTer setup and am currently taking a look at all of the Pixelboy releases. Some are really cool.
  7. I'm someone who likes to dabble in all things retro. I've built Raspberry Pi devices, own pretty much all the original consoles (and a fair few computers too), have multicarts for most of them, bought a Framemeister to optimally configure the HDMI outputs for each along with investing in a £250 scart switcher for an easy RGB scart output to a CRT. I have spent thousands on tinkering and experimenting with all sorts of hardware and software. Not necessarily always looking for the best/optimum way to play classic games (though that's a part of it) but also cos it's fun and I like learning new things. So, late last year I bought a DE-10 nano in preparation for the MiSTer MultiSystem from RMC. I took the easy way somewhat as it's pretty plug an play and has everything I needed 'out of the box'. I built it in late December and have been configuring/optimising it since then. It's incredible. Not necessarily for the reason that is mentioned the most: minimal lag (though that's definitely a thing and you can tell when you first give it a try). There is that and it's great seeing an arcade machine on a CRT (almost as though you've plugged the original motherboard into a Jamma -> CRT adapter) but it's the convenience too. It's so easy to get things up and running from a software point of view too. I've always wanted to try out a Sharp X68000 and now I can. Likewise with the MSX and MSX2. Knowing it's exactly (mostly) the same as the original hardware but with the convenience of a quick, simple menu system just beats any Raspberry Pi or 'traditional' emulation set up. It's such a neat bit of kit. I love it so far. Do I need it? Not at all. Is it fun to find another (excellent) thing to tinker with? Definitely. Is it worth it considering it all set me back over £350? I'd say that depends on where you find yourself on the 'Retrogaming Perfectionometer' (that I just totally made up): RGB? Wassat? Raspberry Pi Rocks 60Hz, Tate, RGB, PVM 4evar! |------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------| 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 If you're someone who can tell the difference between a vsync'ed 50Hz display over a game running at 50Hz on a 60Hz screen (with the related jitter) then you're around a 7. If you also need to make sure that your consoles are being output at the right aspect ratio then you're an 8. If you also want to make sure that you're getting the best quality image over RGB and have modded all of your consoles to support RGB then you're a 9... and so on. Other people just want to play games. I know people who are happy playing retro games over composite into a modern TV (with loads of lag) at 16:9 using a plug and play Atari 2600 joystick. They'd be a 1 or a 2 on the 'Retrogaming Perfectionometer'. So, all in all, if you find yourself being bothered by the smallest things but still want a simple, quick and easy way to play your games while also knowing it's running as close to the original hardware as possible and having the best quality visual output (an 8+ on the scale above) then go for a MiSTer. If you're happy playing on a Raspberry Pi on a big TV but still want a really accurate set of emulators with all the right aspect ratios etc. (a 6 on the scale above) then you probably don't need a MiSTer at all but might enjoy tinkering with one. If you're happy just playing any game on any screen via any form of emulation then definitely don't get a MiSTer unless you want to spend lots for the fun of it. Not scientific at all but perhaps it'll help visualise whether you need to get into the MiSTer or not. I'm a definite 9+ on the scale so I'm REALLY impressed with it so far.
  8. I've just been building my MiSTer Multisystem and so far so good. Great bit of kit (both the MiSTer and the Multisystem). I do have one question for you guys though. I'm lucky enough to have a way to output the MiSTer to both an old CRT over RGB scart and a modern TV over HDMI. Some games though show in 'tate' format on the CRT. So my question is this: is there a way of turning on a framebuffer on the CRT side of things too so I can then rotate the image on the CRT? I know it'll introduce a little lag but it would mean that a fair few of the arcade games would be playable on the CRT. It's not a big deal - I was just wondering.
  9. Have you tried the new remastered versions on PC @Droo? They look ace and play as well (if not better due to some modern QoL changes) as ever.
  10. I spent so many hours playing Doom and Doom 2 it's a wonder I passed my degree at the time. I also enjoyed the Dungeon Keeper games too. Another massive time sink was Monkey Island 2 and it was this game that made me upgrade from my Amiga 500 to something with a hard drive! Does Carmageddon qualify (pre 3DFX version) cos that was something I played for hundreds of hours. I even played the demo for about 30 hours I think. Finally, as @Droo says, the C&C, Dune 2 and Total Annihilation games were faves for a while too.
  11. Thanks @Vimster. It's hard to get the right balance as a mod I'm sure. I think we've tried to explain things to @Old Nerd though and all we're asking for is a bit less spam and a bit more engagement. You'd get banned instantly from other, less friendly, forums for doing this. Let's hope that @Old Nerd listens and gives us a bit more to go on when he next posts.
  12. Not talking on your videos is a different thing than not making some comments while dropping a video into the forum. At the risk of sounding overly fussy about these things, there's an accepted decorum in online discussion forums such as this and by ignoring that and just pasting a link to your video, it comes across as VERY spammy. Why not just add a sentence or two to say something like: That way at least, you're starting a conversation or discussion off and are giving us something to talk about. It doesn't take long and it shows a willingness to get involved in the forum rather than just trying to use it to grow your subscriber account.
  13. From what I'm reading, I'm getting the impression that all new conversions and homebrew require an SGM. I might be wrong on this and there might be exceptions but that's how it reads from someone just starting to get into the Colecovision (finally!). I might try and collect/find all the games that are available and then give them a go on the original console, an emulator and a MiSTer Multisystem when it arrives (hopefully later this month).
  14. Erm... I was but now I'm not. I misunderstood your earlier post. Question is: how do I get an SGM in the UK (although a bit of googling suggests an SGM2 might be on the way).
  15. I've just done a search and can't find an official Colecovision thread so I renamed this one. Hope that's okay with everyone. I'm going to spend some time trying some Adam games and then report back.
  16. Is it just a case of putting the Adam games onto the same SD card in the Atarimax multi cart? If so, I'll definitely check them out. Also, is it possible to get an SGM in the UK easily? Most things Colecovision are really hard to find here. P.S. "Apeshit" - I like what you did there.
  17. Thanks everyone. The splitter / joypad double works perfectly. At last, I can finally play my Colecovision with a decent joypad and without any messing or fussing with plugging and unplugging controllers. It's a really good system considering its age. I think, considering it was released in 82/83, that it does a great job of the arcade conversions of that era. I was playing Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr, Buck Rogers, Tapper and Burger Time last night and they are all really decent conversions. I need to weigh up whether to buy a Super Game Module from Opcode Games or not now though. Lots of new games and an upgrade to the power of the console but... not as authentic and probably tricky to get hold of in the UK. Tempted though...
  18. Hi @filecore. Sorry in advance for my long tale of woe... About 2 years ago I started to see some random glitches visually when playing most games. I contacted the wonderful Ian Gledhill (ian@mutant-caterpillar.co.uk) at Mutant Caterpillar and he fixed the problem for me. I'd also asked him to add a composite mod if he could. He was a bit stuck for a few months because he was so busy and because he couldn't find any online notes on how to do a PAL composite mod but he eventually worked it out and sent it back. It worked for about an hour(!) before my power supply just died on me. I was gutted as I'd been waiting for about 6+ months for him to sort it. I then tried to find a replacement power supply. Easy enough in the US but really hard in the UK. I eventually found one on eBay, went through the auction and won it at £50ish. It was sold as working but when I plugged it in, it was dead. Only then did the seller say that he'd assumed it was working as it was fine when he tried it last (ages ago). I got a refund but still had no power supply and no working Colecovision. A few months later, with no original power supplies coming up for sale, I gave up and bought a super-duper-mega power supply from the US. It took ages to arrive and cost me around £90 including delivery etc. You can find it here. When it did arrive though, it showed lots of interference on screen. It was just pretty much unusable for me (maybe because of the composite mod?). Then, after a few hours of use, I also started seeing those visual glitches again leading me to wonder if the new power supply had caused it or not. I was gutted, no (decent) power supply and a re-broken Colecovision. I bought another new power supply on eBay a month or two later and this one didn't work either although the seller did kindly send me a replacement that did then work (finally!). In the meantime, I'd received news that a new batch of ColUSB's had been made at dragonbox.de and I manged to buy one of those too. I then contacted Ian Gledhill again and he was so helpful - offering to fix the new graphics glitches even though I was technically out of warranty. He turned the machine round really quickly this time and finally, about a month ago, I had a working Colecovision and two working power supplies. I settled on the ColUSB seeing as it's newer, smaller and less prone to fail than a 40 year old original power supply. I'm just keen, after two years and lots of grief, to get the joypad splitter cable so I can easily play any of the games via my Atarimax Ultimate SD Multicart. P.S. Lots of people did suggest that my on/off switch could be the culprit behind the second set of graphical glitches but that turned out not to be the case - it was just more failing RAM chips.
  19. Thanks for that - looks perfect. I've just bought it. I was searching for "DB9 Y splitter" or "Atari joypad splitter" etc. and didn't think of the old Amiga mouse/joystick problem. Thanks for taking the time. Much appreciated.
  20. Thanks muchly for the link. I had seen that one but it comes out at just under £36 when you take into account delivery to the UK and tax. That feels like quite a lot for what it is but I suppose that might be my best bet. Still, I appreciate you looking - nice one
  21. Hi folks. I've finally got my Colecovision working after two years of problems. I'm keen to play some through some of the classics but I'm struggling with the standard joystick a fair bit. I know you can plug any (most?) Atari style joypads in and that does work nicely (I'm using an Atari 7800 pad) but... it's a bit of pain to have to keep swapping the controller to the original one in order to press #1 to start a game. Some games will let you press #1 on the player two joypad but some won't. New, snazzy joypads/joysticks are really only available in the US where the Colecovision did well and are REALLY expensive as a result. One option is to buy a Y splitter cable for player one so that I can leave the original pad in and use the Atari 7800 pad at the same time. Thing is, I cannot find one in the UK for love nor money. Does anyone have one spare? Does anyone know where I can buy one from? Or, are there other alternatives that I'm missing? Thanks.
  22. Maybe things have improved then Dudley? I was there on Saturday and there were about 3 cabs that had the "I'm not feeling well" printout on them. Lucky and Wild (a classic driving/shooter) had a problem where the 2nd player's gun wouldn't register on the bottom third of the screen. I think that was about it though. Saying that, I didn't exhaustively play all the games so I may have been lucky and missed some problems. It certainly shouldn't put anyone off in my opinion though.
  23. It's the background sounds, the smell of ozone, the bright lights of a hundred CRTs flickering around you. It's the glowing marquees atop every machine, the original controls and the panels around the controls explaining how to play the game. It's the huge retro inspired decals adorning the walls above the machines along with various old computer and console boxes. It's a thing out of time, a perfect hit of nostalgia and a physicality that can't be reproduced at home. It's awesome.
  24. Nope, not from what I saw. They do have loads more machines that they swap in and swap out every month apparently to keep things fresh. I'll be going back to see what they have next time for sure.
  25. I went on Saturday night and had a great time. Can't recommend it enough. It was easy to get to, easy to park and walk right in. Wasn't too busy so loads of machines available at any one time. Then, at about 9pm it was empty other than me and my family. We had the entire place to ourselves and it was incredible. I'll be going back every month at the least! P.S. The Star Wars sit down cab is amazing isn't it?
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