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  1. If anyone is interested in getting their Ahead of the Curve (Heroic raiding cheev) give me shout. My guild on Earthen Ring is close to killing N'Zoth but we don't always field 20 players so any experienced raiders would be welcome.
  2. Probably the top AltaVista search of 1991.
  3. It's gleaned not gleamed. *Crushes skull in Kemper*
  4. Assuming it's not faulty, it's more likely to be an issue with radio interference than battery level. Turn off your home wifi and your mobile phone and test. Also, try moving the console into a more open area just to eliminate that as an issue.
  5. On PC, for a Bethesda game, it was actually pretty good.
  6. Trailer/preview had some schoolboy level dialogue. Will see how the real film fares.
  7. Today I’m delighted to launch our new platform, Quim.
  8. The whole series is just based around a simmering level of mid tier danger punctuated by some music. This season is worse than the first and there's no character or interesting story progression. Disappointed with it.
  9. No man, you're being too polite. It's pure garbage. Let's make it like Aliens, in the snow, with a load of b list Norwegian actors and make sure there's fuck all tension because there's twice as many people on screen at all times versus the original.
  10. Denuvo DRM has apparently just been removed from the Steam build. I think they updated the demo too.
  11. I thought I'd just post some actual numbers from current products. We wont really know about Xbox and it's special sauce until someone leaks the specs though. - The Bone X is about 175W on load at the wall. The target for the APU is about 150W. The new console will probably need to be about the same. - A desktop 3700 is at least 65W. An RX 5700 is at least 200W at full load. The 5700 wont be the same chip design but it will be the same fab technology. - Clock-wise Bone X is 2.3Ghz/1170Mhz. - For Series X you're probably looking at half speed Ryzen and RDNA GPU cores compared to PC (~2Ghz/900Mhz) as a starting point. This does not account for any DXR extras that may have been added. - The AMD Ryzen™ 7 3780U Microsoft Surface Edition runs at 2.3Ghz/1400Mhz (r7/vega11) at a more constrained TDP. From an engineering and marketing perspective they probably want higher clocks than the Bone X. It could reasonably be over/around 3Ghz/1600Mhz. Dev's will still need to employ rendering tricks to do 4k/60 but it's on the table for sure. The price of this and PS5 is gonna be a stinger. Being a one console home might be the financially responsible choice.
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