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  1. The guy in the video isn't the guy from Teesside Uni. I worked with him on Shadowman and I don't recognise the video guy at all.
  2. re: the tech aspect - it's the Legion graphics engine using the Vanilla model data. There's a classic preset in the video options to make it look more like it was. i.e. shit water and blob shadows etc. (https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/243159) Classic runs faster than vanilla, has much more doodad/grass density and lighting is a bit different. They've used the vanilla textures for almost everything. Most large textured areas look like ass just as they were back in the day. Things probably look even worse now since everyone has moved on from 1024x768.
  3. Seems crazy not to charge for the VR development work they must have had to put in.
  4. Fast instructions. Go to Amazon. Connect your Amazon to Twitch Prime. Go here https://twitch.amazon.com/tp/loot Scroll down for full games.
  5. Doesn't work in text. Make a video. And don't forget the comedy wig.
  6. yashiro

    Nintendo Switch

    With a third party charge stand that you buy from Amazon/Argos.
  7. yashiro

    Nintendo Switch

    Subbed version.
  8. yashiro

    Nintendo Switch

    I missed the cunts bit. My Japanese isn't very good though. No red version is a bit wtf.
  9. I doubt anything stored on their servers is ever really deletable by users.
  10. It's not as easy as 'it's been one week'. People who are flying have been playing non-stop, doing every available bit of shit content like pet battles while consulting wowhead at every turn. Flying should not have been gated by rep like this in the first place.
  11. I remember always using inverted Y axis as a kid. This was mostly due to playing lots of flight and space sim games. I continued to play like this for 30 years. I used to play inverted for Q2 & 3 in my teens and twenties. I must admit that during the Quake days I occasionally had to second guess myself during a game. Target is top right? Better put the mouse bottom right kinda thing. This disconnect manifested more and more as I spent more time using a mouse for desktop work. However, when I played any FPS on a controller I continued to invert Y. Then something weird happened. I stopped playing FPS games for a year or two. When I came back, inverted made zero sense to my brain. I've got no issue using inverted for vehicles and such but once a targetting reticle gets involved I can't invert. It throws me for a loop.
  12. There's no way they were ever going to launch a standard and pro version at the same time.
  13. Why did you buy this thing anyway?
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