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  1. http://www.castleteletext.com/pages/Page 149.htm
  2. yashiro


    Capwn bunged him some maple syrup to trash the thread.
  3. What do you mean by 'meaty game'?
  4. If I recall it's the game with the woman in space talking to the ships computer most of the time while trying not to die from heat/cold/suffocation/alien object. Probably not one for little kids.
  5. 30 more frames per second.
  6. I think I would have re-made the Gran Turismo 1 Intro in engine instead of that GT7 trailer.
  7. I think the white shell is pretty off-putting and it's unstackable/unhidable nature is also a bit of a minus. Probably looked cool in Sketchup when the buffoons thought it up.
  8. Well, if it's a big scoop it's not going to be 'a game is coming out'. So it's not going to be a new Outrun, Virtua Fighter or Shinobi. (*cries in Sega*) It could be that all of Sega's back catalogue will be available on PS5 or Xbox. It did appear on Nintendo Life though so perhaps it's for Switch. Not sure how big of a scoop that is. Most people wouldn't give a shit. His twitter is full of fighting game and PC related news.
  9. Hey, it's the font from Shadowman!
  10. What are you wiping to?
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