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  1. You have to remove a cover and even a screw! It's beyond casual users! You must be a god.
  2. Dog shit quality music in that trailer though.
  3. yashiro

    Zool Remake

    It had one level and only 4-5 people had a disc of it, so probably not the thing you saw. Undoubtedly more people will have mocked up some 3D Zool shite.
  4. yashiro

    Zool Remake

    A place I worked at made a pitch demo of Zool in 3D for Playstation 2 (on request of the rights owner) somewhere around 2005. I never understood why, the original was gash.
  5. Yeah but you still have to look at it.
  6. Consider a 1660 if it will only be used for rasterization. It will give you the option of driver supported integer scaling.(Only Turing onwards supports this on Nvidia)
  7. Adding an SSD to an existing model might be much more tricky than people expect. i.e. you might need to dismantle the whole unit. Also, look at it this way. Can Flight Simulator run from a standard spinning disk drive? Yes. So, there's no reason it can't run from a modern SD card. It's never going to run at 60fps on this unit anyway. Not having the ultimate in disk speed will be less important.
  8. I was initially un-hyped over this because it's Valve. I expect their console experience to be super janky. Let's be honest, everything Valve touch eventually 'works' but there's always some weird shit that goes along with it. The more videos I watch though, the more I'm warming to the Steam Deck. I'm not one for pre-ordering the first run of anything by Valve but I'm interested to see it in action and look forward to peoples posts on the forum. I'm especially curious about performance and input latency of the Proton layer on a low power AMD APU. Historically, and from personal experience, AMD GPU's on Linux have been pretty bad. As for the SD card thing: you'll probably be able to move games between storage devices. You wont have to stream problematic games from the SDcard. Given the nature of Steam's DB and filters, it should be possible for users to flag games that are problematic via SD, and label them as such. The OS could then tap into these recommendations and ask you if you want to copy it to internal storage before you play it. At least it's something I'd consider if I was working on it.
  9. The bloody joystick ports under the numpad used to break all the time!
  10. Yes, they stated they would use AI to achieve 'negative latency' via input prediction. They claimed that Stadia response times could be even better than a local console.
  11. Yeah, you'll need to be signed up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate then go to Xbox.com and click the Play link at the top. Or just go to https://www.xbox.com/en-GB/play
  12. "Only on mobile". Top lols. Well done Konami.
  13. Not on UK. :sadface:
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