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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5d5Mo-Gw_U @The Eagle Lord
  2. yashiro

    Nintendo Switch

    I was wondering how you bought a fake official product then you wrote the word eBay.
  3. Lots of dead space on the back of the sleeve. Perhaps an intentional gag. Curious to see PC performance of this update since it will have took some effort to get it onto the Xbox.
  4. Is this still sub 30fps on Switch?
  5. yashiro

    Anime recommendations

    Psycho Pass. (Season 1).
  6. yashiro

    GamesCentre Scotland Goes Bust

    That sounds like nonsense.
  7. yashiro

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Media people of any nationality are just as dumb. Americans just stand out more because they don't know when to shut up.
  8. yashiro

    Monster Hunter: World

    50 quid? Top kek.
  9. yashiro

    Finally setup a PS2 HDD /FHDB

    The only controller whose layout and colour coding I never forget is Playstation.
  10. yashiro

    Shenmue 1 and 2 coming to PS4,XB,PC

    In case anyone missed it. The game is 30fps on all platforms and by the same guys that did the Megadrive Classics Collection. The originals combined were about 6Gb. Steam says the PC version is 30. As for the transparencies, there were probably issues going from the Dreamcast's hardware pixel fragment sorting to the traditional DirectX method. Overlapping transparencies are hard for PC's.
  11. yashiro

    Nintendo Switch

    What about when people call you PAL?
  12. yashiro

    Amiibo by Nintendo

    If you have Botw then probably some of the Links. Wolf Link primarily, as it's more of a fun feature than a direct power gain. Kids will think it's proper magic too if they've not used any skylanders/amiibo nonsense before.
  13. yashiro

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    DNS has no effect on end to end speed. How did that even work? Usually the speed boost on s PS4 occurs because you full reboot the machine and no apps are running; as mentioned in the prior post.
  14. yashiro

    Speedruns - SGDQ 2018: June 24th - July 1st

    The inane babbling over the top of the games really spoils it.

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