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  1. I am so bad at this game. I still cant get passed one of the first "bosses". Two birds that kicks my ass thorougly.
  2. M60 This is my new go to gun. I even made an AUG user on PC rage. Whopped their ass with a 4.7 K/D. Not a thing that happens often, but they don't know that.
  3. Thanks I will try that. I didnt think there was a personal inventory bar the equipable items. Have transfered a lot of those but never tried it with potions.
  4. Yes that was my last save, at a church. I find it annoying that you cant use items once in combat. With zero mana I have no chance of surviving, and no way of getting out. Also annoying that the enemies dont have a healthbar, not much strategy involved when you have no knowledge about the state of the enemy.
  5. Yesterday I got reminded of why I stopped playing singlerplayer games. After trekking through a small castle to its basement I was suddenly put into a boss fight with no chance of avoiding it. With no mana and thus no way to heal both characters were soon dead and I was back at the starting village having lost about 1h of playtime. Who in this time and age has time for that?
  6. Started playing this today. Have not touched a single player game since Halo 5 and not a JRPG since Grandia II on Dreamcast. So far very enjoyable and a real treat to look at.
  7. I starten getting UI errors yesterday. Popped up a message on screen every 2 minutes or so. Seemed to always appear when I died. Super annoying and I have never seen that before. This and the low fps bugg.. Never had a CoD this buggy on a console before.
  8. Just bought a LG CX 48" for my XSX. Not a bad match, now I just need to find some games with HDR that makes the screen pop.
  9. Don't bother with the LMGs in this would be my suggestion. You will be so slow and outgunned in every situation and at every range. Did some games yesterday using the M60 but the recoil compared to a Assault rifle or an SMG is just bonkers. The ADS speed is also like 3 times any gun in those classes. Weapon balance, lack of maps and the spawns are probably my top three issues right now. The gunplay is good, but unless you run like one of three guns you are putting yourself in such a disadvantaged that the game just becomes frustrating. In most other CoDs I could get most guns to wo
  10. I don't think 1.4 is the issue. I use a 1080p 144hz monitor with a 1.4 HDMI and have no problems getting my series X to output 120hz.
  11. Was not supposed to buy this but man 120 fps CoD.
  12. What? Are you sure? Felt much smoother than it did on PS4, but it was a long time since I played it but I remember finding it so hard to aim compared for example with a CoD game. But if it gets even better on December 9 then great! It really does need a FOV slider.
  13. Must say that Destiny 2 looked really nice and played really well in 60fps, even on a standard 1080p monitor which is what I use to play my consoles on.
  14. Can not log into Live at all now. Not on any of my accounts / consoles.
  15. Bought one this morning, was not supposed to but managed to grab the last one they had on the pallet so thought what the heck. Not sure what to play, downloaded No Mans Sky as I saw that was optimized for Series X. Have that on PS4 so something to compare with.
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