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  1. Ironsight - get your CoD fix for free (PC)

    The servers have been all messed up the last couple of days. I thought cheat mode had been turned on just by the shear amount of wierd deaths. Died across the map, behind walls and before I even had a chance to see the enemy. Hope they sort it out, because right now it is quite a mess ruining a good game.
  2. Ironsight - get your CoD fix for free (PC)

    Only managed to play two games yesterday, might have been a good thing since I couldn't kill anything. Running with the Scar-H but I think I might need to go for something with a faster fire rate.
  3. Ironsight - get your CoD fix for free (PC)

    WTF! I don't think I have ever managed more than 22 kills in a single game, usually end up around 15. Yes it is more a less a clone of CoD when it was more boots on the ground, but judging by your score you have clearly played too many FPS and need to play something else until BLOPS 4.
  4. Anyone else playing Ironsight? A free to play FPS currently in open beta. https://ironsight.aeriagames.com/ Downloaded it a couple of weeks ago and it is actually really good. Like an old school CoD but with slower health regeneration meaning it is much harder to go on crazy kill streaks. Well worth a try if you are tired of the Battleroyale flavor of the month.
  5. Guild Wars 2 - RLLMUK server: "Desolation"

    Lost interest in GW2 after leveling my Elementalist to 80, have a 80 Engineer too. Did quite a lot of WvW but found the progress system quite boring since it was essentially just a long grind without any tangible reward(s) at the end. Tried out some of the first fractals but like in most MMORPGs with a dungeon finder it is a very unsocial experience. People zone in, kill some mobs and zone out, often without a single conversation taking place.
  6. Battlefield V - Rumoured to Return to WWII

    Just give me Battlefield goes Planetside 2 and they could place it any time frame. I dislike the fake chaos they är trying to create. Let me create my own chaos.
  7. Monster Hunter: World

    So when you start the game you get two options. Join Online Session or Create Online Session. Choosing join it tries to matchmake for about 1.5 minutes and then stops with an error message, giving the option to start an offline session. Anyone else having the same issue? And why isn't there an option to start offline? So finally in the game I got a quest to kill one ugly bird, spitting poison and trying to lick med with a big purple tongue. Found the monster and started hammering away only to suddenly have another monster pop up. So what am I supposes to do with two monsters? Just watch them fight and hope the right one dies finishing my quest?
  8. Monster Hunter: World

    So continued a bit tonight and got at quest to set up a new camp. Had to kill one ugly bird first though which took some time. Do all monsters run as much? Quite annoying and not very exciting when 50% of the fight consists you chasing the monster across the map not doing much else than running as much as your stamina bar allows. Used the Long Sword this time and liked the feel of this weapon much more, felt like a good combo between attack speed and movement speed. Using the Long Sword I could at least dodge some of the attacks on purpose unlike when I tried out the Lance. But I have a question about upgrading your weapons and forging new armor. Now that I found out I quite like the Long Sword, should I just focus on upgrading it? And also should I spend my mats on making some new armor? And with which should I start? I hate crafting when I have no idea about how scarce the material I use is. I don't wanna use a lot of materials only to find out that had I saved them my life would have been much easier down the road.
  9. Monster Hunter: World

    So bought this yesterday against better knowledge. I really don't have the patience to play these kind of games. So ran through the tutorial and slayed a couple of minor monsters using my sword and shield. Then it was time to take on a bigger foe and I thought that a defensive weapon would probably make it a bit easier so went for the Lance. That was probably a mistake, turned out movement was like I was battle ship on dry land and I had serious problems with just trying to get my hits to land. But hey after some grinding and one faint I downed the monster. Tried out some weapons in the test area before logging off and for the next one I think I'll go with the Katana, seemed to have a good balance between movement speed and attack speed.
  10. Sea of Thieves - Get Yer Booty!

    Watched this being played on Twitch yesterday. Looked beautiful but utterly boring. I don't know if I found the worst streamers out there but generally the conversation between the people playing didn't match what was being shown on screen. It felt like people desperately tried to pretend that the events taking place was much more interesting than they appeared. Can actually playing it be THAT more exciting than watching it?
  11. Battlefield 1 - World War One

    The much talked about weapons balance was not included in this patch? I thought that was supposed to be?
  12. Guild Wars 2 - RLLMUK server: "Desolation"

    Level 68 on the elementalist now. I will level the last 12 levels and not use the 98 one-level tokens I have in the bank. :-) Have participated in a really cool world event involving one big ass dragon. They should become much better at announcing these events, if I hadn't stopped to see what all the people were doing at the same place I would have missed it.
  13. Guild Wars 2 - RLLMUK server: "Desolation"

    Level 40 on my Elementalist now. Really liking the class so far. Much more fun to WvW with a more ranged class than with my Engineer. If I ever got close enough to actually do any damage I was dead in like 5 seconds with the AoE spam which seems to be a bit out of control right now with 80% playing either Scourge or Ranger.
  14. Battlefield 1 - World War One

    Great patch. Lag like never before resulting in the wonkiest hit detection ever. And a nice bunch of new bugs. The 3 second freeze when spawning is a new one I haven't tried before. GG Dice.
  15. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    Had a game of the large scale assault mode yesterday. The gunplay is still super boring, just like in the first one. It's like playing Laserdome vs. playing paintball. Shooting light at people just isn't very satisfying. The TTK seemed quite high too, strangely more so in close combat than at range. I liked the reload feature though, gives you a bit more strategic choice. But the general feeling was that I wasn't impressed. With the new CoD also looking bland I don't know what game will still my shooter cravings.

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