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  1. Tried turning off 120hz and it made a BIG difference to resolution and clarity of the game. Resolution in 120hz seems to take a much bigger hit in this than in Cold War, the difference was more on par with the on i Battlefield V when you turn on FPS Boost.
  2. That is very true. Makes it hard to see, especially indoor where it seems that debris and particles keep circling about long after any kind of explosion has taken place. The would be another critique from my side, it is very hard to spot people. 9 out of 10 I would say that I spot the orange (what happened to red?) name tag and not the player model.
  3. Played for about 2h or so by now. It is not bad, I actually enjoy it more than the latest one. But it seems to be quite rough technically. At 120hz it is very low res and blurry also seem to have a lot of stuttering and lag. Some really bad animations too. But the general gunplay seems really nice.
  4. This is really good! I have never liked the Halo-style arena shooter but for some reason this really clicks with me. The que seem to be getting shorter little by little. If you enjoy online FPS you should really try this.
  5. Managed to get in a couple of hours ago and played 4 games. It is actually not bad at all, arena shooters are normally not my thing but this played really nice and was good fun. The UI though, that was a mess with select switching between A and X all over the place.
  6. What Dan said. You can also adjust the mix between external and game sound so one can be more in the background.
  7. Servers are up but que times are +1h according to their Twitter.
  8. Followed the suggestions from Squirrel's video and put piloting to Hard. That was a different game, even taking off was hard due to rough side wind. Tried landing but unless doing a forward flip is considered OK I think I failed.
  9. The menu is acting a bit wierd in this game. At first I couldn't find how to use the active pause, then suddenly it appeared to the very left on the menu that pops up when you click the left stick. Very handy and I used it to fly around a bit with the drone camera. Started the game this morning and active pause was gone from the menu. I didn't do anything to get it there in the first place, and I didn't do anything to remove it. Very strange and annoying.
  10. One thing I have noticed is that the Bing maps are quite old compared to the ones Google maps uses. The place I work doesn't show up and this building have been here since 2013, but in Bing Maps it is just a grassy field so the data must be 10 years old or so.
  11. Is there any way to set the altitude when you start a free flight from the world map? Climbing takes forever and I would just like to start above the clouds.
  12. I think the servers might be down or something? Stockholm was more or less just a flat texture right now. As easy as you want it, just pick a spot on the map and fly. You can even pause and have a look around with a drone camera if you want to take a closer look at things.
  13. Is there not some kind of free camera where you can pause your plane and fly the camera around instead? I think I have seen videos of people doing that on PC but I can not find any way of pausing the plane completely and no way to engage the free look camera.
  14. Yeap, 42 + 55 Gb if I remember correctly from the pre-download.
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