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  1. The new sniper really is broken. Even without the hitscan ammo which I havent unlocked yet. It is like a shotgun with a 400m range. How did this pass testing?
  2. Is this just an android thing or can you use the streaming service on a PC with the app or on the Xbox One itself? I tried PSNow for a short while and the kids liked the fact that you can just start any game without having to wait an hour for it to install and download the latest updates.
  3. Still won't update the 93Gb update from within the game, just keeps trying the same file over and over again.
  4. I get the content manager but it seems to download, or rather be unable to download the same file over and over again. Things were easier when everything came on a disc.
  5. Just started a 7 day free trial on PS Now but cannot start any PS3 games. PS4 and PS2 games seem to be able to stream just fine, but not a single PS3 game seems to start. Anyone had similar issues? *edit - just tried the PC app, it won't even let me log in. Just returns me to the main login menu after I have entered my ID and password. Great service....
  6. Is it just for me that match making takes forever after the last patch? On PS4 with crossplay enabled. Quite often it fails to find any match, especially Ground War.
  7. You can yes, if you have the base gun unlocked it seems. If I haven't unlocked it by completing the assignment the "Gunsmith" part is not available.
  8. No you can't. You owe me €2
  9. So they released a new LMG with the new patch, but behind a horrible challange in order to unlock it. My questions is if I buy a Blueprint on the said weapon, will I be able to change the attachements once I unlock them or do I need the "base" version of the gun to do that?
  10. Pretty annoying that the game needs to have its install size available as free space in order to be able to update. Especially as the game is 125Gb.
  11. I must say that this doesn't have the same pull as the earlier BLOPs titles (both 3 and 4). I find my old go to mode TDM way too random with some really weird spawns and almost no consistent spawn switching. Ground War is fun but no one plays the objective. The last 5-10 games have all ended up with either spawn trapping or being spawn trapped. Yesterday I lost a game 48-9, so a nuke for owning all bases after 5 minutes or so. We took home base and then everyone went for the sides or roofs. The super easy sniping really messes with the balance of this game m
  12. The Oden is amazing. Stick the colossal suppressor on it and you will drop even snipers at range. I run the HDR and Oden when playing Ground War, great combo to deal with all threats bar tanks.
  13. @Soi Used that before I had fibre installed. Tried it after (even bought new better ones) but it severely limits my speed, could never get more than 30mbit. Old house, old wires. :-) Hopefully it should be better once I get everything running on cable. MW tells me I have packet loss (indicator on the left of the screen) and but a game like BFV plays fine on the same PS4 without any packet loss. Hopefully I will have everything running on cable when PS5 hits. BTW just played a game of Ground War that was really good. So the quality varies a lot for me.
  14. I rarely get below 60 ms ping on any COD game. European BFV servers are around 35 ms. It will be wired once we get around to moving the kids rooms. :-) Until then I am stuck with WiFi.
  15. That is my Internet, measured on my phone. I run an Asus router, the PS4 is connected to the 2,4Ghz network and my NAT is open. I just played a quick game of BLOPS 4 and it played just fine. 60 ms ping and no other issues.
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