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  1. With the TV director, even when they were focussing on the fight (i.e. Perez vs Hamilton at the end) they insisted on doing mad zooms on one car! It was crazy! You'd get a glimpse of Perez and then it'd zoom right in so the Merc was the only thing on screen. Is it the same TV director for every track?
  2. You've got to browse to the page you want to turn it on for so browse to the Ps5 Console page. I used the smile version cos apparently people get more luck with that? https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08H95Y452/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_AD8VWV0KNJ1J6M8XBZDC
  3. I think it was like this for Amazon which was checking for the word "Unavailable" and setting off an alarm if it can't find it.
  4. Sorry had to look it up as I uninstalled straight after: Auto Refresh Plus!
  5. There's a chrome plugin that will refresh a page every 5 seconds and sound an alarm if a phrase has stopped appearing (e.g. "currently unavailable" on Amazon) I used that to get mine!
  6. My time ranout in the game queue and suddenly it's down for maitenance
  7. I had the same problem with my x55. It doesn't take too long to get the major things in and it was actually quite fun in the end mapping the stuff I needed and drawing myself a wee diagram. When you're binding stuff there's like an "Input search" field where it really means you click it and then press the button you want to assign on the controller, took me ages to figure that out. Was originally fannying on trying to work out what "button 11" corresponded to.
  8. Geo

    Two Point Hospital

    I think they're starting like a management game franchise based in 'Two Point County' so you'd have 'Two Point Mall', 'Two Point Prison' shit like that. I agree though it's a terrible name but i suppose it's hard not to name these things "Hospitect' or 'Healthcare Tycoon' or whatever. Anyway, played a bit of this this morning, so many animations! It seems like good fun and the interface is largely nice and simple. There was an Always Sunny reference too which was nice in amongst the buckets of 'ENGLISH HUMOUR (TM)'.
  9. Jump Force sounds like they just picked a variable at random to name the game after.
  10. Hey! The game I'm making is in this montage! Didn't know!
  11. Guys... I kind of want to buy an Xbox One now....
  12. I was dissapointed by the lack of
  13. This is absolutely nails, can't get past the first continent. Feel like a dumb dumb when I skillfully whack all the enemies out the way of my guys only to realise right at the last minute I've made them aim directly at some poor civilians. Happens all the time too.
  14. This is a third off on Steam (and is only staying that way for the next 20 hours!) so I nabbed it and finished it in an evening. Utterly astonishing game. I don't think I've ever been so consistently surprised. More people need to play this!
  15. I've played for what feels like quite a bit and have one shit card for my preferred class. It's rubbish.
  16. This is one of the buggiest games I've played this year. In 2 days of playing I've seen: Textures not loading getting stuck in geometry the bullshit 'freeze you in place while server catches up' that sometimes never ends getting stuck on menus camera spawning below the map lighting not loading for interiors Bodies appearing and crumbling to the ground getting stuck on spawning screen I've shipped games before and pretty much any of these would've blocked submission. It's ludicrous, the loot boxes are almost a distraction to how rushed the rest of the game is. When I get a smooth game it's fun but this definitely needed a March 2018 release.
  17. God I love it when they announce games for Switch as well as the other consoles. So much more convenient.
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