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  1. That’s correct so it’s presumably what the sticker means.
  2. 8 stops to go!!!! Hopefully they’re quick ones.
  3. Mine has just been marked as out for delivery by Amazon. It’s down as being delivered by 11pm
  4. I haven’t watched tonight’s episode yet but this series has largely been shite. They’re still great at doing historical bits/tributes like the Stirling Moss feature and Chris Harris with actual knowledge is great. Flintoff and Mcguiness however blatantly don’t know much about cars and it suffers as a result. There’s a lot more that’s faked than ever before now as well. Obviously Chris Harris has racing experience but suddenly Flintoff and Mcguiness can keep up with and even beat him? Plus you can see the camera work being used to hide the driver during these sequences.
  5. You can get a copy of this for £8 with a Harry Ramsdens meal. The details are below for everyone but if anyone would like a free lunch I’ll happily pay in exchange for the code. http://www.gizmodo.co.uk/2018/10/uber-eats-call-of-duty/ Here's how you get one: 1. On Friday 12th October, log into Uber Eats 2. Choose a Harry Ramsden's restaurant in either Manchester Trafford, Birmingham Arena or London Victoria (yes, it's only those three in the whole country, sorry) 3. Order the 'cod for COD' bundle, which is a regular cod and chips and will apparently cost less than £10 4. Get your fish and download code delivered to your door.
  6. Great news. I really enjoyed the first film. Was just a good, fun film.
  7. The store usually gets updated on a Wednesday afternoon or evening so it will probably update at some point today.
  8. That particular bit was awesome, as soon as the 'outside agency' was mentioned I was hopsing that was who it would be. Then the voice came in!
  9. The whole of The King of Limbs from the basement is up on youtube now! I've only watched the first two tracks so far but its looking good.
  10. Yeah, awesome ending. The show really deserved to get its chance to go out like that.
  11. I will be posting something for this. Just need to edit it and i'll post it. Hopefully a few more are on their way.
  12. The cars suposed to be the Audi quatro should be great.
  13. The chainsaw = one of the best moments ever.
  14. Top of this page is the link for it: http://www.bbc.co.uk/dragonsden/episodes/dragons4_ep1.shtml
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