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  1. It is really nice but the upgrade was an impulse thing (I'm an idiot for spending). I probably should have waited more than 1 day before buying a £100 case to stick the buttons into . It takes some getting used too, just been testing it on fightcade and SFV. Definitely easier and quicker to pull of QCF and so on but it breaks your brain a little with some of the more complex manoeuvres Yeah, I like the clean look, i bought a perspex cover for it so I could stick a print underneath it but i think I might just leave it as is. The metal feels really nice on your palms too
  2. well that escalated quickly!!
  3. Felt like an epilogue rather than the final chapter
  4. It's locked to the refresh rate so if you have a 120hz monitor or whatever then you'll need to lock it to 60HZ before firing up the game
  5. Made myself a cheap hit box. zero delay usb encoder, sanwa red and seimitsu white buttons a cheap £20 box off eBay. It’s quite nice, I might swap the case out for a better one if it ends up getting some use. about £45 total I think.
  6. looks like you ca. Download the original stick image here. https://retrogamecorps.com/2020/10/09/rg351p-firmware-guide/
  7. has anyone paid for this? I was unsurprised but annoyed to find out it costs a tenner!
  8. A Sweet Patreon release today from Jotego! System 16A beta - the first game beling:
  9. hey, do you still have these? I might be interested to go with my tmx
  10. Not sure if anyone else is on the Jotego Patreon but this weeks update includes Street Fighter Alpha 2 and its absolutely incredible. He's also suggested that he is planning to convert Robocop at some point. when that happens I shall poop with Joy!
  11. https://winaero.com/create-a-new-vhd-or-vhdx-file-in-windows-10/ This covers it on Win10. It's very simple.
  12. This works really well, its a bit of a faff to set up as you need to create a FAT format VHD containing the ZX Next firmware and whatnot but it seems very solid for an initial release. Just being playing WarHawk and the Pawn - couldn't get pogie to run
  13. Is atmos or dts worth paying the extra ££ over windows sonic?
  14. Aye, do it, its only £95 and if you don't like it then you can probably sell on ebay without losing money
  15. Does the PVM support cores such as Archimedes and ao386? Stuff that's not 15hz basically. My sony pvm doesn't but I am running mine through vga > scart > BNC as the output is split between 2 CRT tvs and a PVM
  16. This was my finding and I have too little spare time to invest in fiddling.
  17. Can you run the Xenia emulator in dev mode? Just wondering whether I could run outrun 2 arcade on the old series x using dev mode!
  18. The penultimate Attack on Titan is out! It's amazing as usual. I only got into this off the back of the recent humble bundle but its a really great Manga and I've loved caning through it over the last month - just in time for it to finish up!
  19. It's great to see Mister FPGA getting such love here. It's a really wonderful bit of kit and I think it really excels in 8/16bit computers. The Amiga for example far surpasses anything I've used before - its just an Amiga!. Anyway, check CPS2 Aliens vs Predator on the Mister - its utterly brilliant!
  20. I use chunky comic book reader which is a really nice app. I store all my comics on OneDrive and pull them onto the iPad via the app
  21. I should! Although if someone pays or sells one for £250 for then they are an idiot!
  22. This was me, I backed the Sinden on Kickstarter. It's a really well made bit of kit but i completely failed to get it properly working on anything (I'm pretty lazy when it comes to tinkering! I couldn't get it working it all on my monitor but in retrospect I wonder if that might be due to 144hz refresh rate. Anyway I ended up selling it in anger which I kind of regret doing now.
  23. How violent is this? Something I can watch with the good lady her indoors but she won't watch it if someone gets their fingernails pulled of or an eye poked out!
  24. The demo is still available here, just installed it. https://steamdb.info/app/1519390/
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