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  1. Been playing around with Link, Air-Link and Virtual Desktop this week - exciting stuff! VD seems by far the best. Air-Link looks really clear but there seems to be a lot more latency than VD. Link is wierd, I expected it to be by far the best but its really juddery and the audio often stutters. A quick google suggests this is quite common and that its an recent issue (also W11 seems worse than W10 for some reason). Just wondering whether anyone else has experienced this and found a fix?
  2. I don't even really know what it is but I'd buy the shit outa that! (I do really know what it is)
  3. So have the updates for this made it any better? Tempted whilst it’s £30 on Amazon. Probably never even unwrap it
  4. How are the buttons and dpad on this? I had the Hori and didn't really like the feel of it. Can't 100% put my finger on why though
  5. IMO mister is much easier to set up than a Pi running retro pie. The set up scripts pull every you need apart from the computer and console Roms. the simplicity of the menu means no dicking around scraping stuff too.
  6. Group B for me, I'm ok with that. Random impulse buy and by the time it arrives I will have forgotten what it cost!
  7. Monkey Ball worth a shot at £12?
  8. I briefly owned one of these, both Dreamcast and N64 ran like complete shit. No where near playable. I am a bit anal about emulation though, if it can't run it perfectly I won't touch it.
  9. Did anyone actually buy this? I see it’s down to £32 on Amazon now which is vaguely tempting.
  10. https://www.humblebundle.com/books/lone-wolf-cub-koike-from-dark-horse-books Lone Wolf and Cub (and others) bundle on Humble Bundle if anyone's interested.
  11. Just started this, its excellent - and more than a little unsettling!
  12. This mini ITX board for the DE10-Nano is out to order now. https://www.d3fmod.com/mini-itx-ironclad-plus/ £143 with shipping to UK. Very tempted even though it doesn't really add anything over the setup I've already got!
  13. I've just fired this up and tried a couple of games. I've not tried to prior version but... Tempest 2000 - menu seemed slow but the game itself played really well. Unfortunately it crashed out after a couple minutes. mouse crashes it. AVP - crashed after menu Zool 2- playable but slow Super burnout - doesn't load. Not there yet but shows promise if it continues to be worked on. I only really care about tempest 2000 tbh, if this was stable and I could use my spinner on it I'd be a very happy boy!
  14. https://www.brookaccessory.com/detail/59327520/ I’ve used this an 8bit stick and a hori one.
  15. there’s always the brook adaptor if you already have a stick
  16. is there a handy guide for x68000 setup? I know it needs a secondary SD card setting up but that about it!
  17. This looks intriguinging. https://www.mortaca.com/rgb-mister/ Came across on on the RGB PI discord. I have the same cable for the PI3 and its a really nice simple good quality thing.
  18. Shite, i had to buy this again. 3rd times a charm!. What a beautiful game!
  19. you have to pair the controller with the brook adaptor so they won’t conflict, just need to sync it back to the Xbox one when needed. I might flog my ogx360 as it seems surpless to requirements now. Agreed its a better option for more than one controller.
  20. Much like others, I was not prepared for how much better the new screen is. It’s amazing!
  21. Mine has arrived alongwith Metroid, a hard case, some stickers, a posted and a keyring!
  22. thanks both, I thought about sun damage but I can't see how that could have happened. It's literally in a case when its not in use. I'll raise a ticket with Oculus on it and see what they say.
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