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  1. Digging up a fifteen year old thread! So does anyone still play BM IIDX? I've recently picked up a PS2 and some of the series after not playing it for a while and its still up there with the greatest gaming experiences I've ever had. It's just such a joy to play. So much so that I spunked far too much on a DJ DAO Phoenixwan controller. Shown here with some other things to illustrate how ridiculous it is. It makes me happy
  2. watusi


    I just finished up Parasyte (from a Humble Bundle). It's literally want of the best things I've read in years. Compulsive reading. Next up - Nausicaa valley of the wind.
  3. nope sacrilege!
  4. Shit! Mr.Driller! (runs off to eshop). Hope this supports playing in portrait mode
  5. Just in case anyone’s after it. Half life Alyx is 25% off on steam at the moment. £35 was low enough for me to jump in. Suspect I’ll play it for ten minutes then go to bed feeling sick.
  6. I used sideloaded Virtual Desktop and then just launched Tetris EFfect in Steam Vr from the epic games launcher. Used a PS4 controller plugged into PC by USB - didn't need any configuration. Both have 14 day / 2hour usage refund so easy to buy both and try. the PC version seemed crisper as well as having more particles
  7. I answered this question myself by buying both versions. It's night and day - the pc version blows the Quest out of the water graphically. So much more immersive
  8. From what I've read there isn't much point in switching to Rogue, it doesn't improve performance - often worsens it: Couple sites to grab additional homebrew games and emulators from: https://github.com/retrogamehandheld https://rs97.bitgala.xyz/RG-350/ I've not coming across anything to replace the stock emulators though.
  9. Woohoo. Jot who has just released beta 1 of bubble bobble!
  10. This is me, 1500 would cause me huge huge stress. I will still buy it though and pretend I don't have all those games.
  11. So what are people using for a game pad for this? I picked up Tetris effect it seems lovely but I really need a game pad. Trawledthrough half of mine and I failed to get any working
  12. Has anyone tried the PC version of this streaming to an Oculus Quest? I know there's a Quest version itself but it sounds like its a significant visual downgrade. I need particles!
  13. So then, I have an RG350M. It's really nicely made - feels a bit underpowered though for PS1 and a lot of arcade stuff. I'm trying to navigate the 406 different arcade emulator options. Mame4all MAME v0.37b5 romset XMame MAME v0.37b16 romset MAME v0.69u3 romset MAME v0.84u6 romset FinalBurnAlpha .35 FBA v0.2.97.35 romset FinalBurnAlpha .44 - FBN v0.2.97.44 romset I'm guessing its the case that some games work better on specific sets. Just wondered whether anyone has worked through this and settled on a sweet spot?
  14. Not worth loads but a ps2 beatmania Iidx arcade style controller I imported from japan a custom built pop n music controller which was super sexy a custom jaguar controller with a spinner mod for tempest. Oh, and castlevania SOTN for ps1 with the soundtrack. the music controller sting the most as I’ve just got back into those series and I’m eying up some eye wateringly expensive custom controllers.
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