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  1. https://kotaku.com/demons-souls-remake-also-coming-to-pc-timed-exclusive-1845082896 Kind of indicates its day one on PS5 and PC, then other consoles down the line.
  2. The only launch title that I want is demons souls. I've just discovered that's coming out on PC so that kind of seals it for me. I'd rather buy the Oculus Quest 2 i think (minus concerns over the forced facebook integration).
  3. Cheers, I completely forgot to back it - just like last time! Must be destiny, or kids getting me distracted.
  4. Ngggh.... I'm getting tempted to back this at the last minute. Does the accelerated version actually offer much? I don't really care about TZX files which seems to be the main selling point
  5. Well, I've learnt 2 things from this thread which I started: 1) A lot of people don't think much of Turrican Especially Super Turrican on the SNES which i still play a lot, I never get very far but i really love the music. 2) Psycho-Nics-Oscar is pretty awesome - I'd never heard of this before! You can really see how it influenced Turrican. I'm pleased to have found this. I ordered both of the collections but I think i might scrap volume 2 - that seem to be a bit of a rip off tbh, I don't think I had twigged that Mega Turrican and Turrican 3 were the same game.
  6. could I take golf with friends pretty please?
  7. I deeply love Turrican so this seems worthy of a thread: https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/09/classic_run-and-gun_blaster_turrican_is_making_a_comeback_and_fans_might_need_deep_pockets shame its split over two collections but I'll hoover these up just to be able to play them on the Switch https://store.strictlylimitedgames.com/collections/turrican Who else loves Turrican?!!
  8. I found it pretty similar in look and feel and still really enjoyed it, the directional shooting does change things up quite a lot though. IMO its worth a purchase
  9. watusi

    Abandoned Games

    Ta both, I'll probably plod on for a bit, my gaming time is limited though. I struggle with long games at the moment but picked this up just for something different. I spend more time playing old arcade games and Beatmania IIDX at the moment.
  10. watusi

    Abandoned Games

    On the cusp of assigning Last of us 2 to the abandoned bin. I loved the opening section then as soon as i went a little "open world" I have just lost any compulsion to keep playing...
  11. I'm running this on an i5 2500k with 8GB ram and GTX970 and everything works perfectly so far.
  12. Is anyone using this with a wheel - particularly for Outrun 2 / SEGA Race TV? Tempted to pick up a cheapish one so interested whether they work well and are easy to configure.
  13. I was going to pick one up but £300 is just to much for me when I already have a Mister which does the spectrum perfectly - albeit without all the flashy ZXnext stuff.
  14. Just finished this - kept dipping in and out - I really really loved it. once the mechanisms clicked it very very fluid. I played this on the PC, I can't see how the frenetic action would work on a console though. Feels like K&B is mandatory giving the pace of the action.
  15. watusi

    1440p or 4K

    So, the ASU’s monitor is IPS and has a bit of backlight bleed. I expect this is normal but it is bugging me a little. you can see on the photo, just on the edge. just musing on returning it with aim of getting a perfect one. no such issues on the dell.
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