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  1. I like it, its fun to fiddle with and flip the parts around. It usually has a white balltop but I was trying (and not liking) a battop instead. I applied the firmware update which is meant to fix the lag and TBH I haven't noticed any issues (but that might be insensitivity). It's really well made and probably my favourite out of my sticks. The 8bit do stick is really convenient, it can be paired to switch, pc and via the usb stick all at the same time. I use that a lot on the Mister. The old Mad Catz stick is still a really great stick and only cost me £40 fr
  2. All of the consoles are hooked into a Lotharek Hydra 2 Scart switch, it has two scart outputs, one of which goes into another 1 in 2 out switch, so everything is connected to all 3 CRTs. There's a ps1, ps2, saturn, DC, xbox, xbox 360, Wii, Gamecube (all modded) and also a Mister FPGA out of shot to the left of the TV. The mister is also hooked into the monitor and a 55 inch TV via a HDMI switch. The scart switch has analog audio out running into a headphone valve amp too. I need to add some decent speakers. Sticks wise, a Hori Fighting Edge, Nacon Daija, 8bit Do stick with sanwa bu
  3. Ooooo. This looks very interesting if you are a CRT user with Mister.
  4. I re-arranged my CRTs and consoles, much better layout. here's a couple photos - I'd love a CRT monitor but no space at the mo! I have too many arcade sticks
  5. would something like this work? https://www.blunderbuss-designs.co.uk/anti-slip-mat
  6. Another update to CPS2 beta: Now that the basic CPS2 architecture is in place, it is time to add more games to the core. CPS2 games could have up to 32MB of graphics ROM; for this week, the focus has been games of 8MB. These are the titles: -Street Fighter Alpha, at last, we have the original version working on MiSTer -CAPCOM Sports Club, a "Nintendo Wii" title in your CPS2! -Mighty! Pang, the USA version fitted in 8MB, unlike the other regions. We get to play that one this week (in the alt folder) -Megaman: The Power Battle, again only the 8MB version (in the alt folder
  7. Some progress on PS1, nowhere near full speed but good see it running Ridge Racer!
  8. Shit, just bought one along with the astro mini and pad. £266 all in
  9. £145, not too bad. where from?
  10. That's lovely, how much did it set you back? I've been tempted to get one for use with my Mister FPGA - but i already have 5 expensive arcade sticks
  11. Well I'll find out as I bought one from DroidX last night
  12. @SpoonmanYou know i'm pretty sure I have some spare DC, Saturn and PS2 scart cables lying around. Just cheap ones. I replaced all mine with retro gaming cables cables. Happy to sell them on cheaply.
  13. Has anyone owned both a RG350 and a RG351P? I had a RG350 briefly and liked it but found the controls a bit iffy. The face buttons in particular had too much "deepness" when pushed in. Wondered if its the same on the RG351P.
  14. I'd recommend getting some tweezers - it makes it much easier https://smile.amazon.co.uk/OriGlam-Precision-Anti-Static-Non-Magnetic-Electronics/dp/B07YFYZP75/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=electronics+tweezers&qid=1613817319&sr=8-5 I swapped the shells on my joycons which basically involves completely dismantling them. I managed it and I'm completely cackhanded!
  15. https://www.retrogamingcables.co.uk/ can’t go wrong with these. Not cheap though.
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