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  1. Picade built with no issues. I love it! I want a whole row of them to pretend I own an arcade.
  2. You can change the overscan through the raspi config menus under retropie on the emu station main menu.
  3. Not seen anywhere cheap for this beauty yet. Anywhere sub £40 on xbox?
  4. watusi

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    I bought saboteur. Just for the memories plus it was less than a quid. Its probably crap.
  5. 20% of a 10 inch Picade this weekend: https://shop.pimoroni.com/ Rude not to! (Says me as I stare at the my lovely unopened picade)
  6. Woohoo I won a match! This game is excellent, they need an old school game boy Tetris battle royals mode. Sort the men from the boys.
  7. This might have been posted but this Reddit thread gives a really good overview of the mechanics: https://reddit.com/r/NintendoSwitch/comments/aqgmwk/how_to_win_at_tetris_99_battle_royale_mechanics/
  8. Woohoo, I love this. 2nd place on my 2nd Game. Don't really get the battle switching stuff though
  9. watusi

    Just picked up a PS Vita....

    There’s a used copy of teknica on amazon. £15 with free delivery. Ships from japan though.
  10. watusi

    Just picked up a PS Vita....

    Clearly you need to get TxK. DJ max technica tune is good. Unlike other ones though. DJmax portable 2 for psp too. Capcom fighter ports are very good too.
  11. In what way is it painful? I want one of these but I’m a right crack handed twat when it come to building anything that isn’t Lego.
  12. I picked up bomb jack for the switch. Because I love it and because I wanted a game for my flip grip.
  13. watusi

    Nintendo Switch

    Vita form factor for a portable only mini switch. That would be sweet.
  14. watusi

    Satisfye - Switch Gaming Grip

    I picked up one of these in the Xmas sale. Got stung for customs so I think it set me back about £40 all in. Ouch. Anyway i I really didn’t like it at first, think it was muscle memory kicking in. I’ve just spent three on monster boy on a train and the trip definitely makes the switch more comfortable once you are used to it. Very easy to slip on and off too.
  15. There's a standalone Saturn emulator on the playstore which runs everything I've thrown at it perfectly - Yabause. I'm using Arc browser as an emulator front end, its not free but its very good. From a quick check on youtube of Retrox they seem quite similar. One area that the shield excels over the Pi is the shader support. Also more recent arcade emulators run better - so you can use the 0.139 mame 2010 romset more happily. Lovely kit, not cheap though!!

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