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  1. I know he will hold a speach there, but it's not an event they will attend. Who says the speach is all they'll have ;-)
  2. Well, I'm not expecting the big gun, but it's the last planned event they attend before the release of the Xbox 360 / end of the year.
  3. which would be a pretty good reason for Nintendo to take some of their fame, wouldn't it?
  4. Please let me know when you've thought of a reason to question them.
  5. 02-Aug-2005 Nintendo has announced that they will reveal more information about their next gen console, the Nintendo Revolution at the Leipzig Games Convention in Germany. At the opening press day at wednesday 17 august, at 11am, Nintendo will have a press conference entitled 'Expand the Definition of Gaming', which will last for... Read more
  6. .:. 1. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - people didn't stand in line for 4 hours for nothing . . . . . . . . . . . . 14. Shadow of the Colossus - the horseback riding sucked compared to Zelda, but it's ICO for god's sake 15. Nintendogs - who can't resist them 16. Mario Kart DS - playing wireless Mario Kart against the voice of Mario... I can't not choose it 17. Sonic DS - I can't help it, I love blue hedgehogs
  7. .:. Those shots are soooo cool. I posted the news item on Hyrule today. I think they are for real. I;ll be telling you in less then 2 days. .:.
  8. .:. I've taken the whole week of to actually go there (go me!) .:.
  9. .:. Thanks for the ideas. We'll get it fixed before E3. .:.
  10. .:. Considering the amount of screenshots you see it's not that slow, but we'll have multiple servers for E3. .:.
  11. .:. From Sony PR in the Netherlands: Tuesday 17th May at E3 will now be as follows; 12.30pm Trade/Press Arrivals + Lunch 1.30pm Business Presentation Starts 2.30pm PS2 + PSP Sampling/Developer Interviews 4.00pm Euro Retailers leave for Nintendo trade presentation at Kodak Theatre (coaches provided) Media stay on for interviews/game demos 5.00pm Ends .:.
  12. .:. Revolution definately. There's hardly anything to anticipate about the others on E3 because you already know what they'll have: better graphics... At least Nintendo is trying .:.
  13. .:. Good to hear you like it. More specials coming before E3, one making you very clear where to be if you want Zelda on E3. .:.
  14. Though the site is not completely open yet, should be so later this week, Hyrule is all ready for E3. The ultimate pre E3 Zelda special will help you get totally up-to-date on Zelda so you can talk with the big boys when E3 is there.
  15. .:. Can I post 18+ pix here when I get back .:.
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