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  1. https://lofi-gaming.org.uk/blog/2015/01/15/upgrading-your-3ds-sd-card/
  2. Found this on the Doctor Who Reddit:
  3. So clickbait. I suppose that works though.
  4. I can't see anywhere that says the new Rose is the same character as the "old" Rose. If it is, that's fucking stupid. But if it isn't, the name is just clickbait, so also fucking stupid. Basically, fucking stupid. My guess is that it's a parallel timeline Rose?
  5. Daily Mail comments are, well, exactly what you'd expect though.
  6. To be honest, although I enjoyed the actual show, I hated the direction RTD took the series. Far too many world effecting stories that everyone in the world knew about. Much preferred the "secret invasions" of older Who, which Chibnall mostly returned to. I think what we (I) need is RTD showrunning but Chibnall or Moffet "grounding". Not everything is Daleks capture all of humanity/Cybermen capture all of humanity/The Master captures all of humanity. Small stories on Earth, big stories on other planets. So RTD returning is a step back for me, and although I like Tennant's Doctor, and I get it's the 60th anniversary so it makes sense for that reason, having him back just overshadows the new guy who the press have already forgotten about thanks to the Tennant news. I'm also concerned that having blown open the Doctor's past RTD will just ignore all that and we won't see the Fugitive Doctor - or other early incarnations - how was intended.
  7. Totally forgot to say happy birthday! And I really shouldn't forget!
  8. They disbanded (or downsized) a lot of teams they'd bought previously, like Lionhead, Rare, BigPark, PressPlay, Twisted Pixel, etc. but I assume many of the devs from those teams just ended up in the big ol' Xbox Game Studios team. They also had Obsidian, inXile, Double Fine, Playground Games, Ninja Theory and Mojang prior to COVID. EDIT: And 343 and Turn 10, of course.
  9. I thought it was delayed to early 2023 this time?
  10. "That it for big games"? Well, aside from the not-E3 announcements we don't even know about yet, there's loads left: Vampire: The Masquerade Swansong Sniper Elite 5 Pac-Man Museum+ Capcom Fighting Collection Two Point Campus Saints Row Sonic Origins Mario Strikers Forspoken Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Touken Rambu Warriors The Quarry F1 22 Gotham Knights Hogwarts Legacy One Piece Odyssey Sonic Frontiers Live A Live Marvel's Midnight Suns Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Splatoon 3 Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Advance Wars 1+2 Bayonetta 3 Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope Metal Slug Tactics Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora Grid Legends Monster Hunter Rise - Sunbreak STALKER 2 Diablo Immortal I assume by "no big games" you mean "no CoD or Halo".
  11. Well, I've played this for 5 hours having got it today, and I'm still on Chapter 2, have 75% of the map yet to uncover, and have only done about half of the side missions I've stumbled across. So unless it only has three chapters and you never actual uncover most of the map, I can't see it being anywhere near 10 hours. It's really good though! And has some incredible toilets! In fact I think the toilets in Shibuya Train Station might have the first disabled toilet cubicle I've been able to go in in a game.
  12. On which service? And is Letterkenny series 10 on anything yet too?
  13. It’s not even that - it’s because that’s a shot from the PAL version
  14. I've bought games for less important reasons.
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