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  1. Meaning Katya Kinshi is a fucking troll
  2. deKay


    It's Bioshock 2 only Viva Pinata.
  3. A bit like Qazimod, I normally have a “big game” and an “arcade” or more casual game on the go at once. Plus Animal Crossing of course. Previous big games have been the likes of Pokémon, Assassins Creed and Yakuza, with others usually being Picross or old Mega Drive games or a 2D Metroidvania. However, at the moment I’m juggling Animal Crossing, Atomicrops, Sega Picross, Reventure, Bloons TD6, Outer Wilds and the C64 Mini so it’s not going well right now.
  4. What the Golf? Cat Quest Haven Park Mom Hid My Game ichidant-R Subara City Plantera Hidden Folks
  5. Not when you look at the uniforms. I've never even heard of two of the games today, even though it seems I own them both.
  6. I’m misremembering what they look like then
  7. Was “are you an Egyptian superhero” girl Kamala Khan?
  8. deKay

    Apple TV +

  9. deKay

    Apple TV +

    I mean the ending is incomprehensible. How can she go back in and do whatever if she's invisible to everyone still? Or is she not, and if not, why not?
  10. The Sands of Time trilogy which has 4 games in it. 7 or so if you count spin-offs.
  11. deKay

    Apple TV +

    Watched the first 4 and that was the standout. First one just ended with no sort of resolution and was incomprehensible.
  12. They’ve been saying that for 20 years though.
  13. Why does it need to be "remade"? Can't they just watch the one that's been made already?
  14. It’s great. They’ve tweaked the UI for the Switch too.
  15. Big Who Framed Roger Rabbit energy from that.
  16. Characters is all we know - and there's a Deluxe version with them in it. I suspect they'll do Rogue One and Solo as DLC though.
  17. It is, yes. There’s a BttF world in there.
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