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  1. That's not Urban Ye Tire Cords, btw.
  2. The record label might have something to say about that: https://urbanyetirecords.com/
  3. Just watched this. Was “fine”. Except Jafar got four wishes, but that was never explained how or why.
  4. His work was as a salesman, a showman, a spokesperson and an advocate. He’s the PT Barnum of comics. The Vince McMahon. He promoted comics. Pushed them, made them what they are today. He may not have created the characters or stories, but he created and steered the industry - and without him Marvel would not be what it is.
  5. They’re in the new Chip and Dale film.
  6. It was supposed to be. It wasn’t. https://lofi-gaming.org.uk/diary/2011/06/sonic-colours-wii-completed/
  7. Sonic Adventure and Adventure 2. The second one especially. Worth the cost of entry just for chao garden. But not since then. Generations looked like it was going to be but whiffed it spectacularly.
  8. I'd forgotten how monumentally shit Sonic Unleashed was.
  9. Just finished all of the Picross S Sega one. 32 hours! Jesus.
  10. Chip & Dale was incredible!
  11. Looks good for a Sonic game
  12. It does say hammer right to go faster though.
  13. This isn't a plug for the podcast I host (no, that's in my sig) but we recorded last night and a cohost on it pointed out exactly this to me explaining that it's because there was no "defined rule" for how to "do jumping" on side scrolling platformers when Pac-Land was released, because there weren't really any side scrolling platformers when Pac-land was released...
  14. It literally tells you on the screen the entire time you're playing.
  15. We'll all be dead by then.
  16. Maybe I'm just not noticing it.
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