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  1. I have reached RSG on Insane! SCARED FACTOR 10, MR SULU!
  2. Hmm. Never seen "大" as "Dai" before. Only ever as "Tai" - Taipan, Taipei, etc. In fact, it's Tai as in "Taikai" here: But I am aware there are separate readings of stuff so anyway.
  3. Hmm. It's Taiseko, I think. Tai, certainly. But sounds more like "bicycle" than anything else.
  4. "When"? I'm still stuck on "If"!
  5. My first "game" was a MicroPrimer educational title for the Spectrum. You, as a mouse, had to run round the screen away from a cat. You increased the gap between you and the cat by answering questions. I think they were simple maths sums or something. It was ACEBEST. The first *proper* game I played was probably Maze Chasers (I later found it to be a Painter clone) for my own Spectrum when I got it in 1983. It was one of the demo programs on the tape that came with the computer. The first *console* game I played was, I think, Golf for the NES.
  6. Damn thing STILL isn't here. Excuse me while I go and have a little cry in the corner.
  7. Well, there were screenshots all over the internet, in EGM, and there's box art and pre-order-ability on most of the US games sites. And it's listed on www.nintendo-europe.com and www.nintendo.com. And, IIRC, Square-Enix's site.
  8. I'm going for the US version, purely because I'm getting it for just under £20 from VG+. Oh, and also because it's out in the US first.
  9. Looks like a crappy Supervision game box to me
  10. It makes me cry. Every single time. I'm a right girl, me.
  11. My first import game I bought was this: But the first game I actually ordered from abroad was probably this:
  12. I have three levels on Insane left to go. Anyone else noticed how Over the Distance is by far the easiest on each mode? I've done it first go each time so far, with at least an A rank. Even on Insane. Mind you, I do have the album it is on and have heard it about 982734982789534798 times. Which does actually help.
  13. I've played on my DS almost every single day since the day I got it - US launch day almost a year ago. It doesn't have a hope of gathering dust
  14. Where is my damn effing game, MR EVIL PIKEY POSTMAN?
  15. Don't get your hopes up - I had two games ship from YesAsia on the 16th October. Still waiting for them...
  16. deKay

    Jump Super Stars

    I agree with this post. I like it, but the fact I have to go to GameFAQs for the mission objectives means that it has fallen somewhere near the bottom of the DS game pile I have.
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