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  1. Whaaat? When did they add this to the PS5?
  2. I hadn’t realised the Steam Deck screen did 120Hz
  3. It looks slightly shinier than the original version, which was terrible.
  4. I very much doubt they'll do that for the show. Not least because in the comics if feels tacked on at the end - like, they finished the run but then did another series just to do that thing. Which big plot point from the comics have we just had? Because I don't recall anything this series even being in the comics.
  5. deKay

    Nintendo Switch

    Rumours are the Direct is mostly about Bayonetta 3.
  6. Yeah, it is Among Us on a boat. It's not very close to Reverse Hitman, I'll admit. Not played it, but does Disco Elysium fit?
  7. I had the same concerns. Then 120 hours happened. It is buggy and janky but it's pretty close to what you want.
  8. I'd have trimmed the quote to be more obvious but mobile editing is shite.
  9. There's a single player mode where you have to find a serial killer.
  10. If you're talking about my spoiler, it was in direct reply to a (quoted) question about the comics.
  11. I played 120 hours of it, entirely offline as a proper, single-player, narrative-based campaign. For free.
  12. Even the V/temp-V is vastly different between the show and comics Then you've got MM's origin story. In the show, it's only really just come out about Soldier Boy, but in the comics that doesn't happen and he's called MM because Aside from the name of the show and some of the characters, it's only really the basic premise that's the same between the show and comics. The vast majority of stuff in the comics *can't* happen in the show because the setup, characters, events, powers, etc. don't exist. Hell, one of the major comic storylines involves a member of the Seven who *isn't even in the show*.
  13. Super Columbine Massacre RPG. Which went on to inspire another real life school shooting. So yeah, "great idea".
  14. Watched it today and very much enjoyed it. Some of you lot are really hard work to please.
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