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  1. deKay

    Fall Guys

    I linked the PC version just now and it has my PS4 version progress. And yes, they're all on the same Epic account.
  2. deKay

    Fall Guys

    My PS4 (well, PS5 now) version has been linked to Epic for a while. I linked the Switch version this week. They both operate entirely independently for me - no progress has transferred in either direction.
  3. The "quit playing" button on Fall Guys on the Switch is the same button as Jump.
  4. Oh, found it: https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/ps-plus/getting-started/#pc
  5. Where's the "stream on PC" option on the PS site? The PS Plus section just 404s on me.
  6. I think they already have. The (apologies if I use the wrong term because I’m an ignorant white boy) imam definitely has. The wedding was amazing. My daughter said “why don’t we have weddings like that?!”.
  7. deKay

    Fall Guys

    Disappointing my PS4 version progress doesn’t carry over to the Switch.
  8. He gets hit by the car, then later his wife is at the graveyard in front of a Victor Meldrew headstone. Then she returns home and explains to Victor, who is alive, that she'd been and left some flowers on his dad's grave.
  9. Eh? Victor Meldrew doesn’t die. It’s a bait and switch at the end.
  10. deKay

    Nintendo Switch

    NIN(E)TY POUNDS?!?! Or is that a pun on Nintendo?
  11. Then can you really call yourself a human?
  12. ANYWAY - the One True Handheld has been dispatched: My Thumby is on the way!
  13. Group 4 is basically the same as not ordering one at all.
  14. I thought they'd already dispatched to some of group 2? Group 3 tramp here
  15. deKay

    Nintendo Switch

    McDonaldland 2: Ronald Ain’t A Paedo Honest
  16. And me, who has neither as PS+ expired last month. But then, all my PS+ emails come addressed to someone with a different name to me and I’ve had, but not paid for, PS+ for about 6 years.
  17. I’m finding the high quality TV *is* the Marvel stuff
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