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  1. 54 minutes ago, Mr Majestyk said:

    So over this festive season (and beyond) I've got


    God Of War

    WRC Generations

    Sonic Frontiers

    Evil West

    Atari 50

    Goat Sim 3

    Bayonetta 3


    and of course if you're on a budget Vampire Survivors is digital crack.


    They're all already out though. What about games for Christmas?

  2. Two of my favourite games this year (they came out last year I think but anyway) have been Blaster Master Zero 2 and 3. Full pixel art, in the style of the original NES game, but makes use of all the buttons controllers have today. Great Metroidvania games, and wouldn't have even caught my interest if they weren't pixel, I expect.

  3. 9 hours ago, Thor said:

    I want new and innovative games, I just don't want them to look like they were made to run on a C64 or a Master System.


    They can be both things.


    9 hours ago, Thor said:

    DeKay just mentioned Among Us which is also bloody great


    I wouldn't say it was pixel art.


    Tell you what does piss me off with pixel art games though - when the pixels are all different sizes. So you've have them one size for the graphics and another size for the HUD and another size for dialogue. Or sometimes, different sizes for different graphics.

  4. I'll play pretty much anything. Even shite. I don't tend to go for sports games, or survival horror, and the majority of what would be classed as "AAA" is of no interest to me any more but it's as much the price as the content that puts me off.


    I'm happiest with old games and indie games and anything quirky.


    It baffles me the shit that kids play though. You get people on here moaning that games aren't 60fps or are 1440p not 4K and yet kids will play the jankiest, IAP-riddled, buggy shite and not give a fuck. And even "proper" games they play are janky shit - Fortnite, Roblox, Among Us. There's a nugget of fun there but so, so badly put together.

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