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  1. Have you ever spoken to teenagers? They haven't got a clue about anything.
  2. It's possibly photography? It's not as "premium" finish as, say, a Switch OLED, but it's way above anything ATGames can do. The design is fine - looks new and old at the same time, which is what it is. Controller looks awful and way bigger than it needs to be, though, but it's fine to use.
  3. Can’t risk turning it on yet though - everything in the box is wet with condensation
  4. But I need to be able to play it on my Switch. In fact, everyone does. Basic human right.
  5. Mine is out for delivery today!
  6. I did think it might have been moved to the politics folder.
  7. When there are five pages of dialogue for a task you have to do over and over. Current provider of this shit - Pokémon BDSM when you pick and plant and water berries.
  8. I think there are very few PC games I’d pick. There’s Morkin II, which is a clone of Chaos for DOS, and Command & Conquer, but most other games that are perhaps classed as PC titles I played on the Amiga or console. So point and click adventures and Civ II, Amiga, and anything newer, console. Oh, and GORILLA.BAS
  9. Oblivion is the reason I bought a 360. Except no bigger had any copies in stock so I had a 360 and nowt but Hexic for a week or so.
  10. Lego DC Villains is awesome. But I’ve already 100%d it
  11. You mean you can make their house on your island match the one on the holiday island?
  12. Simply undo your flies and walk around a bit.
  13. Plus who the hell goes to actual shops.
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