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  1. They’re actually related.
  2. There’s an area on the map where people who never leave live.
  3. YouTube want my credit card details to watch that trailer.
  4. 10 hours done, just started Chapter 3. Map says I’m 17% complete?! Really enjoying it though, even the bits that I’m finding a bit spooky for me.
  5. A 1TB SD? Christ. How much did that set you back?!
  6. Is it the right type of SSD? You've got m2 and mSATA and sometimes they'll both fit in the same slot but only one will work.
  7. The one where he mentions the blip.
  8. I remember getting stung at customs for a stupid amount because they didn’t understand HK$100 was not the same value as US$. By a factor of ten or so. Got it eventually but took months of explaining even though it was obvious on the label. Also remember being sent a fan for a NAS from China as a free replacement, net value of said fan was about 14p, customs charge of over £100 because they said it was “a PC” and the quoted price on the A5 Jiffy bag label was obviously made up. Refused to pay and a few weeks later it dropped through my letterbox anyway. Customs are idiots.
  9. I thought the 64GB one was eMMC? There’s no 64GB SSD option is there?
  10. Someone fix the thread title please. My favoUrite is under my avatar.
  11. If I see one, I will stand up, salute, shout "EXCELCIOR!" and applaud until they drag me away. 'nuff said!
  12. It is though. My daughter got two lots of homework (one from History, one from Drama) just this week about it. Across the Barricades is still a core text for GCSE. The conflict is dealt with in PSHE-type subjects (different schools call it stuff like Social Studies, Citizenship, etc.). The border "issues" are part of the Geography curriculum. The divide is a major part of RE lessons covering Catholic/Protestant differences and clashes. Irish War of Independence is a topic in GCSE History. Perhaps some schools don't do this, but I'd be very surprised if that was the case.
  13. Issue is I don't know which of these people are the one that was on the show. They all have the same name, they all appear in "retrogaming media", and I don't actually know what all of them look like either.
  14. Right decision. I think it's clear now who the person in question is. Thing is, there are at least three people prominent in the "retro scene" with that name. Two of whom I follow on Twitter and at least one of whom posts here. So which of these people with this name is the one which has been arrested? Can someone tell me so I don't make an arse of myself? Ta.
  15. OK, so I can't find exact figures but I do have "episode sales prices" which you would expect to match. So a high budget show would have a high sale price, right? To cover their costs, at least. I know cheap shows that are popular can command a higher price, but we can at infer something... https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1992-03-22-fi-7368-story.html That says in the late 80s, early 90s, episodes of QL sold for $300,000. The Wonder Years (period show, but same every week), $500,000. Alf (comedy sci-fi), $980,000. Murder She Wrote (anthology), $450,000. The A Team (usually anthology, $950,000).
  16. I'd never really thought about it before, but QL was probably a low cost show considering it was sci-fi. No fancy sets, no special effects, no futuristic props or sound effects. Aside from Sam's leaping thing (which was easy to implement) and Al's translucent Lego iPad, of course. Yeah, a handful of times they needed more than that, but otherwise it was no different but probably cheaper than (actor fees notwithstanding) something like Airwolf or Knight Rider.
  17. https://lofi-gaming.org.uk/blog/2015/01/15/upgrading-your-3ds-sd-card/
  18. Found this on the Doctor Who Reddit:
  19. So clickbait. I suppose that works though.
  20. I can't see anywhere that says the new Rose is the same character as the "old" Rose. If it is, that's fucking stupid. But if it isn't, the name is just clickbait, so also fucking stupid. Basically, fucking stupid. My guess is that it's a parallel timeline Rose?
  21. Daily Mail comments are, well, exactly what you'd expect though.
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