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  1. Just buy some cheap credit for a discount then.
  2. Aye. The do at least warn you about this if you read the T&Cs, but who reads them...
  3. Ah, thought you could preorder it - that’d explain if so. Just worried as they discontinued the program in the US a few months ago!
  4. Slightly worried this game isn't on the list of games you can buy with the 2-for-£84 game vouchers you could get from the eShop. Anyone seen any reason given? Are they going to be? I've a voucher that expires in a few months!
  5. deKay

    Nintendo Switch

    198X out next week!
  6. deKay

    Google Stadia

    15 minutes isn't really enough time to eat my tea.
  7. deKay

    Google Stadia

    How do you play (in Chrome) in not-fullscreen? If I resize the window it pauses the game and then resuming makes it full screen again. Also, pausing the game kicks you out after a while. Which is nice. You don't even resume from where you were - you have to start again or reload a save. Not how I expected it to work.
  8. deKay

    Google Stadia

    To be honest, this is probably the *only* thing I want it to do.
  9. Porting/remastering PS3 and PS4 games for the PS5 probably has the side effect of being minimal effort to shit out a PC port at the same time.
  10. deKay

    Google Stadia

    If anyone has a buddy pass going spare (I believe they gave people three extra ones recently?) I wouldn't say no.
  11. deKay

    Google Stadia

    I thought this was only with the buddy pass, and to use it "properly" you still needed a Chromecast Ultra. Is that not the case? Does the controller connect directly "to the cloud" yet, as promised?
  12. deKay

    Google Stadia

    Well, computers or things that plug into your TV rather than telephones.
  13. deKay

    Google Stadia

    And when is it coming to devices you can actually play games on?
  14. Blimey. I thought Star Fox was about the limit of what it could do!
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