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  1. I beat every boss on my first or second go in Dread, bar the final one. That took quite a few attempts but once I had the timing and signposting down I could reach the final phase without even taking a hit. I struggled with every single boss in Super, and spent *days* trying to beat the plant boss and Ridley in Prime! I think getting some of the upgrades in this, especially those that need dexterity for the shinesparking, is going to be bloody hard but honestly the only difficult bits in the entire game aside from them are the blue EMMI (until I figured the best place to stand) and the end boss. I found every other Metroid difficult even just wandering round, but here there’s nothing that can really kill you, even with no power ups - you can just walk past most things.
  2. The bosses are much harder than Dread, and Samus is basically invincible in Dread by the time you get the power bomb.
  3. It’s much, much easier than Super Metroid, Fusion, Zero or Prime.
  4. deKay


    Schtranger Thingen
  5. deKay


    After being horrified this even existed, I've recently seen the cast and crew and I'm now completely on board. Paterson Joseph Olivia Colman Ellie White Tom Davis Mathew Baynton Simon Farnaby (who also wrote it) And music by Neil Hannon. Come on!
  6. Well, I stand corrected. Each episode of The Orville is about $7m, and Discovery is $8.5m. However, The Orville also got a massive tax rebate from the State of California, so presumably could only go that high as a result. TNG was around $1.3m, which is about $2.8m in today's money.
  7. The Orville's budget and production values are way, way below this. And probably way below TNG. Which makes it all the more impressive.
  8. In itself, it has its moments (mostly those with Tilly/Stamets/Reno/Saru), and *some* episodes are legitimately great, but it is in absolutely no way a Star Trek show.
  9. deKay

    Nintendo Switch

    Anyone seen the new sub for sale yet?
  10. Well that’s that cancelled then: https://gizmodo.com/y-the-last-man-canceled-at-fx-as-its-first-season-ends-1847881430
  11. Eh? They’ve got Forza Horizon 5, Pokémon, Battlefield 2042, Halo Infinite, Riders Republic, Jurassic World Evolution 2, Peppa Pig…
  12. deKay

    Nintendo Switch

    I don’t pay for the cloud saves. I pay for the other stuff and cloud saves are a side effect.
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