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  1. Oh, and it’s not a bad game actually. I bought it a while back for a quid or something.
  2. Robonauts is only free if you have one of their games already.
  3. deKay

    Nintendo Switch

    Did it ever come out on the Wii U? It was announced in 2012 or something.
  4. deKay

    Nintendo Switch

    Oh, and here's an offer on how to get 10 free games on the eShop: https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/12/qubicgames_is_giving_away_10_free_nintendo_switch_games_to_everyone_including_you Basically, own one of their games, get a different new one for free each day. Colouring Book is free now so get that and you're set.
  5. deKay

    Nintendo Switch

    Fucking hell that was a great list of games. Sports Story, Axiom Verge, Boyfriend Dungeon, Supermash, Streets of Rage 4, SkateBIRD, Murder by Numbers - all big YESes from me. Oh, and whatever the thing which is Hollow Knight X Orko.
  6. Egon is going to be in this as a ghost, isn't he.
  7. They're not really references, they're similar actions, events and characters. In the same way a parallel universe would be. Think of it as an episode of Sliders.
  8. https://fusionretrobooks.com/collections/pdf Some good books here!
  9. In this universe, yes. Just as that film didn't acknowledge the original two films existed in any meaningful way.
  10. You can tell from the first shot she's in that the girl is a Spengler. It's Ghostbusters X Stranger Things X Tremors. I like it? (Also, was that thing that jumps on the car Zuul or Vinz?)
  11. I don't understand what he's saying, but I expect it's something about souls being sold and goats sacrificed to the Dark Gods.
  12. It'll look great next to my Vega+.
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