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  1. We were going to kill the LV dread under construction. Their pos was already in reinforced mode. IIRC there were over 100 dreads there and a whole bunch of carriers. I logged onto TS at 3 AM only to hear 'bah the node went down again'. Then I logged off and went back to sleep.
  2. Hmmm no. Never heard of it to be honest. But on account of being a complete sub whore I will aquire it
  3. Have you tried any of the other ones? They are incredible intense I assure you. I can guarantee you they will get your adrenaline going B) I'll cut and paste a comment from the SH3 thread
  4. Oh my god! Silent Hunter III was beyond ace, and I had no idea there was another one on its way. http://silenthunter4.uk.ubi.com/ (March 22rd) SH4 looks incredible. I'm so exighted I want to pee my pants!!!!! I'm totally getting the pre-order deal http://shop.ubi.com/SH4/UK/ The videos are also amazing! Exighting times fellow sim fans
  5. I doubt an indirect nerf to mwd would be such a bad thing. If you got a blasterthron at point blank you're going to die without scratching its shield unless you got autocannons or blasters yourself so making it slightly more difficult for the thron to reach you is ok in my book as both apoc and geddon will lose hands down to them. Mwd on an Amarr bs is just not plausible at all, on minnie ships yes as they use no cap to fire.
  6. Meh? Nano bs's ftl Gorf. ftl ..and I cant wait for my tachs to be tweaked. Sure they wont be as great as they was in the old days but I'll come out blasting when the fix comes. (probably in 10 years time)
  7. CCP Godzilla you Japan. And thats that.
  8. Tonight something great will happen. Someone is going to be very angry.
  9. Just another episode in the big space soap opera that is EVE.
  10. I have no idea what so ever!
  11. Sweet. fuck him, fuck him up his stupid ass.
  12. This game is rather addictive in an arcade-ish type of way. It's still in alpha so some features havent been implemented yet, but much fun. It even have giant crabs, and you can build outposts and stuff to fend off evil npc's. The coop is pretty cool.
  13. http://www.armada-online.com/index.html Been flying around for a few minutes, don't know what to make of it yet but its interesting.
  14. As long as I dont have to fight RA in a pos war, and get to kill BOB, LV, ISS, FIX then I'm happy. Oh lol I AM happy
  15. Due to people living in different areas etc it might be sweet to co ordinate something, as in name of person you want dead and the amount of isk you offer for his/her corps and persons location. I'd like to see Vymordryss suck some vacume. 50 mill to whomever kills her. Targets is located somewhere in Vezilla.
  16. Might be Delorean but what the hell http://www.eve-tribune.com/index.php?no=2_5&page=8 Even has a Xirtam card Props to the Goons for making this. edit : We have a winner
  17. Oh man you should see me do the Lambada, it's the forbidden dance!
  18. Meh, I bet it runs much deeper than this. Sceptical.
  19. Captain Crunch


    Anyone tried these feckers yet? Took a look at the energy ones, damage for cap doesnt seam like a good deal to me. Fuck you Tux!
  20. I hate bob on account of ATUK members joined them. (ATUK biggest smack talkers in history)
  21. EVe is very....how can I put it into words? Someone whos English is native tounge can explain
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