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  1. after 5 years I've just completed BotW for the first time. Shame there's no post-gannon world state to potter around and finish up the side quests. Other than that it's the greatest video game of all time.
  2. does Zelda's frame rate improve on the OLED switch? (in docked mode) it's never been a problem, but off the back of Elden Ring im like holy shit this is choppy
  3. does voice chat not work on this? also, does anyone else get constant 'controller disconnected' even when the controller is plugged in?
  4. this is how I think about it: graphics: 10/10 art direction: 7/10 I'd score BotW like: graphics: 7/10 art direction: 10/10
  5. I get the criticism about the game looking bad. It's not that it looks 'bad', to me, it just looks completely uninspired. Like they downloaded every collection of 3D assets with '#futuristic' in the tags and dumped it onto a map. like a big interactive Pinterest board. Exactly how the star citizen art direction makes me feel too. but it's all worth it for Tim Rogers
  6. if the Settlers is on this (and it can handle size 8 maps) this is worth ten times the asking price
  7. does anyone have tips for taxiing? after landing, I go slow and use the left/right rudder to steer and the Cessna always just veers completely off course. I've still not once properly completed a landing, because I always slowly veer into a building and then become permanently stuck
  8. lol they really need to work on their copy telling you you've purchased something and also that you own it, makes you sort of assume..
  9. so I bought the premium edition. do I have to manually install updates? Like, for example, there is a world update and it says 'purchased' and if I click into it is says 'owned', but I actually still have to install it?!
  10. when I first played the game the other night there was definitely no active pause icon in that top row when clicking L3, but last night I noticed it was there. I assumed something had updated sweet. Thank you!
  11. after landing at an airport.. how do I park? I get the 'taxi aircraft to chosen destination' notification and 'request taxi clearance' (which I do) but then I have no idea where to go, and also the Cessna always veers off in some weird direction
  12. stan

    Apple Arcade

    spent approx 16 hours making a level on Wonderbox. Such a polished game and the level editor is amazing. inspired by the deku tree in ocarina of time:
  13. stan

    Apple Arcade

    Big day for arcade today! A load of classic games have been released. Also Wonder Box is beautiful. And the game from the final fantasy guy.
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