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  1. stan

    Mario 64

    I swear to god I always thought that smoke stood out! I can die at peace now
  2. This is weird. I’ve been watching this guy for years. assumed I found out about him through the forum yet everyone seems to be discovering him for the first time. I also thought he used to post on here too. I forget who I thought he was. But I must’ve got it all wrong. Anyway, he’s not an electrician, or won the lottery. His ‘story mode’ series explains his back story. He just a legit fucking go getter
  3. I started a thread in Discussion once. It was fucking great. I mean a really great one. It was about suctioning your Amiga joystick to a copy of the Guinness book of records for a lap rest. And it went down a storm, like people saying all their old gaming memories. And do you know what happened? A mod moved it to the retro folder. Literally killed it dead in its tracks. I'll never forget that openly hostile move and it for that reason I will never create a thread in here ever again. But, know this, I take a huge amount of satisfaction seeing you now beg for content.
  4. people want somersaulting Mario spinning on a dime ITSAMEEE! MORGAN!
  5. oooh big man someone didn't get the sign off from the wife to sit and play a videogame all weekend!
  6. mate what the absolute fuck are you banging on about. Do you need money? I'll send you the money
  7. Hey guys, really not up for paying £49.99 for this 60 hour epic that’s been 8 years in the making and the passion of 100s of incredibly talented people does anyone know an intricate convoluted method involving challenger banks, dubious codes and foreign stores so I can make a saving of less than a pint of beer? Otherwise I’ll probably sit this one out
  8. couple of beers down are ya, Saturday night, feeling cocky eh
  9. The thing about max landis scripts is, I feel like he could do something amazing, but they never are. I wondered why I always find his stuff mediocre despite his energy and passion. I think it’s cause he has ADHD and literally just pumps out like a script a day. Feel like he doesn’t nurture them or think about it long enough. So there’s always a thread of something exciting but never any proper depth
  10. It made me sad they didn’t like it. I felt like it was a departure from the AT-ST! AT-ST! thing. It was a mad film. It shook everything up. The only joke I didn’t like and was mis-timed was when kylo was topless. All the rest I thought were great. There were a million things in that movie, I agree it was messy but (and maybe I’ll change my opinion after I’ve seen it a couple times) but it was a beautiful mess. Right down to that last shot. That last shot made me so hopeful for the future of the (now endless) Star Wars franchise
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