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  1. Dan

    Nintendo Switch

    It'll bring back memories of playing Super Mario Kart multiplayer at mates houses as a kid. Someone always had to use the shitty third party controller
  2. Much more stable frame rate, especially during explosions apparently. I've preordered the Wii U version today, £40 seems like a bargain right now!
  3. Dammit I want a dog controller as well a pro too.
  4. It's going to be streamed on the three Nintendo YouTube accounts. I've just finished work and in at 2pm tomorrow, don't know if to go to bed early and get up at 4am, or stay up or get up at 6am, preorder from amazon and then watch.
  5. Dan

    Nintendo Switch

    I preordered with shopto Monday night, but it's seems they have had preorders open since late October? Will they be just taking as many preorders as they can with no idea of allocation? I might have to double dip with a amazon preorder.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. http://www.oversumo.com/ Downloaded this app earlier. Shows you how you rank in different aspects of each character. Good for figuring out where to work on your play with everyone. It would seem I'm pretty awesome with Soilder, I should be easily gold or higher, rather than silver/gold that I was last season. However, I played a lot of Lucio when no healers and Dva when no tanks(or my team were fannying around no where near objectives..). Does anyone else find, if you have a really good round with someone, another player will instalok them at the select screen? Maybe they are really effect Soilder players? Nope. Usually running in like happy little lemons and then healing themselves miles away from your dying team after not helping to protect the healer.... Doesn't bother me though, honest! I love the variety, games like battlefield and COD can drain you a bit sometimes, but this can be kept fresh, when you fancy taking a different approach.
  7. They are a different type of box, so not worth hoarding [emoji4] I wish I'd kept an unopened box from each of the events now, to make the loot box menus look good. Impossible not to open them though! I'm level 106 and have started getting loads of duplicates [emoji17] so I've started saving them up to 5 or so and opening all at once. Usually I get at least one or two decent items then so it's not so annoying. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I've managed to talk the girlfriend into getting me the codes from GAME. I don't see my little boy until Saturday. The codes stop this week I believe. Does anyone know if I can claim both codes in the game and then pick up both Pokemon from the delivery girl in the poke centre or if I can only do one at once? I want to claim the codes before they expire, but save the Pokémon to be collected by my boy at the weekend.
  9. Does anyone have spare codes from GAME for the Volcanion and Genesect? I told my little boy I'd get him the codes, but haven't managed to get out to the shop yet :-(
  10. Yeah, just played against six of them No limit match, was nearly all Sombra(me included) for quite a while, but I can see she is going to cause all sorts of problems for me, as Tracer does now!
  11. This is £25 at GAME this week, absolute bargain for anyone that hasn't got it already!
  12. Dan

    Nintendo Switch

    An Animal Crossing game on this would be lovely.
  13. Dan

    Rocket League

    OMG I just realised. I've been having issues lately logging in, I reset password using an old email address I thought I'd used for my account(Gamst), but turns out I must have created this account and forgot about it . But yeah serious login issues, if I'm logged out I have to reset my password everytime or it won't let me log in. I guess I'll keep this Dan account though, I was considering asking the mods to change my Gamst name to Dan and was planning on seeing if it was taken. Serious lurking though hahah will definitely watch the stream if I'm up/and about. :-)
  14. Dan

    Rocket League

    Good luck! 10pm Sunday? Will there be a stream? I've only just got into the game really, but maybe by next season(it's three month seasons isn't it?) I will be up to a standard where I can think of joining! At the moment though I'm still playing casual matches.
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