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  1. Well, just let me tell you this, it’s looking way more amazing and spectacular that you can could ever imagine
  2. I saw 00:00 25/2/22 somewhere on the Xbox, so definitely. Which means set your timezone to NZ and you can play much earlier 11am Thursday??
  3. I’ll raise your bad at games and add that I’ve never played a souls game before. Can’t wait I’m looking forward to the challenge and am prepared to learn the mechanics and develop my skills.
  4. If i’m away I’ll take a controller and use remote play to access the rewards app and gamepass to play a few games that give easy achievements on my phone.
  5. https://www.twitch.tv/redbull Some PvP being shown. Edit: They are showing a boss battle now, so maybe don’t watch if you’re being cautious.
  6. What’s the first rule of Switch Sports Club?
  7. I seem to recall that was the size stated on the ms store. I’m guessing there’s going to be a lot of us moving to New Zealand next week?
  8. Anyone have any issues with their disc drives? It’s been ages since I put a disc in my Series X, but today I wanted to try cyberpunk, since it’s been updated. It’s not reading any discs. I’ve tried changing the power/standby settings that’s recommended on YouTube etc, with no joy. Just over a year old, obviously. I don’t really want to have to send my Xbox to Microsoft for repair. I don’t buy physical games on Xbox these days anyway, so it’s not a major issue I guess.
  9. I’m Gamst on the challenge thing. Nice to have a score challenge as a break from trying to pop cats and not popping whales
  10. The question should be was it around before or after IFGO? (I’m fucking getting one!!1!)
  11. I tried this yesterday on an Amazon Firestick 4K on a old 1080p TV. It worked better than expected via the built in web browser. If MS ever bring out a HDMI dongle for this it’d be great for going on my travels.
  12. Cheers, fingers crossed then
  13. You’re lucky, I sent a support request and they just said they are looking into it
  14. Dan


    It’s been a while, but I think it might be because they’ve lost previous games. I didn’t find a match last time I tried playing, but the time before that I struggled to win the few games I played; think it was a combination of the remaining active players being good and me being rusty
  15. Dan


    I love this game. One of my all time favourites. I used to play thumbs up with joy-cons stood up. Fantastic work out! (And I’m someone who never liked waggle!). I agree with the boxing point. Some fights are tense, dancing around, almost waiting for the first chance to land a blow or to counter one. I’d use ribbon girl and at times feel like I was floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee!
  16. You get EA Play included with Gamepass, so you can play a trial of FIFA 22 for 10 hours
  17. Just on the 9-Volt section now and it’s awesome! Spent a while clearing the missions on the first section, so only just making some progress(and failing a lot of the stages first time!). I’ve only played a few hours and it’s been a few hours of a constant grin on my face! Batshit mental and I love it Can’t wait to play some multiplayer with my lad this weekend, we had lots of lol’s with the demo. This will be great in 4 player when you’ve guests round(or you’re at a roof party or basketball court hanging out). It it fails to raise a smile you must be dead inside
  18. On another note, when I bought the controller from Argos, I wanted the extended warranty, but they wouldn’t allow it!
  19. I guess the plastic bits are there to try and prevent wear on the switches, but end up getting worn themselves? Once I’ve opened up, I don’t want to have to mess around doing again anytime soon so may just remove them too. I’ve babied this controller so it’s annoying. I’d probably just buy two or three fancy regular controllers in future, though I love the paddles for Rocket League and COD.
  20. I’ve got the same issue with my right bumper. From what I’ve seen it could possible be an easy fix, once you got the front cover off which looks a pain in the arse to do… There’s a little bit of folded plastic in between the bumper and the switch that gets an indentation. It can be replaced or folded again to help. I’ve been putting off fixing mine for weeks as I don’t want to damage the cover. I’ll have to do it soon though as it made pyschonaughts 2 unplayable. that guy takes out the plastic, but this guy folds it:
  21. I love the personality in the faces, you can picture the kind of human face features they’ve taken as make each character. The teeth gross me out a little as well as woo me in how nice/horrible they look!
  22. Just watched a little of this on YouTube in 4K and it looks lovely! Lots of polish, I feel like I want to say Nintendo level. I really wanted the guy who had done the video to slow down and take in the scenery, but he kinda raced through it
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