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  1. It feels like Fortnite x Smash. I’m doing pretty well after 4 games. I feel like I’m mashing buttons a little, but that’s the case for me often with Smash Im going to spend some time in the tutorials now, which seem really good. Combat seems pretty deep. No problems at all with lag etc. All 4 of my matches have been flawless. I think this could be something special, though I bounce off Smash every time as I’ve usually not got the gaming time to get good. This does have characters that can provide support to team mates, so it may add an Overwatch vibe of helping out when you’re not pulling off mega combos. Maybe they might add Hodor from GoT? He’d be like Rheinhart, letting Shaggy lob his Sarnies whilst he’s protected! So much potential!
  2. I’d love one, if you’ve still got any?
  3. It’s the Alpha for this now. Did anyone manage to get a code? You can share three codes with friends. I didn’t manage to get in so far, didn’t realise I’d received an invite email until yesterday
  4. I can’t seem to find anywhere to see my best points record for bowling, anyone found it?
  5. I think that kind of AI is a little way off with the soldiers; they just nonchalantly walk past their mates laying on the ground that I’ve just massacred 5 seconds earlier Though it’d be impossible to clear out areas otherwise. I’m not very far into this and feel like I’ve wasted a lot of time messing, but just got a bow from a hidden away merchant near the starting area and it’s so cool! Currently silencing sine time gathering supplies for arrows
  6. Hold Y (triangle?) and then RB to switch between 1 and 2 handed I missed the instruction for this(though im guessing this was only an issue to me because I’m new to the series?!).
  7. Prioritising your balls, before your brain like a true warrior!
  8. There’s something to acquire to make the first part of the battle easier. I haven’t done this yet, but someone else will be able to help you.
  9. If anyone needs to learn this they could fast travel over to the beginning and do the combat tutorial again as it covers this. I completely missed this section early on by mistake(as quite a few others did I believe )!
  10. He’s being funny or trying to be, I laughed anyway the horse thing is called Torrent.
  11. I had this on VHS back in the day. Me and my mates would watch it all the time. My local video rental place also had Public Domain. Kids these days don’t know they’re born with YouTube and the internet
  12. You can branch out into any class later on in this. It’s only the start that makes a difference. You can become any class you like as the game progresses and put your stats where you want them.
  13. The confessor class looks like it could be a halfway house. On the Redbull thing the guy that picked the class said he wanted to try it because as well as it having healing and stealth magic, it also meant that he could use the stuff he found early on. I’m a noob to all of this, but have watched a few videos on classes.
  14. It’s very handy to have. Sometimes I’m away with work for a few days and all I need to do is load the rewards app on my Xbox to click that I’ve done some of the tasks. I’ve found playing certain games doesn’t always work so well, But for keeping on top of the rewards it’s great.
  15. I was watching some streamers and a dev talk about classes at the weekend on that red bull stream and they mentioned that whatever class you choose doesn’t mean you’re tied down to it at all, you can develop your character to be anything. However, it can be quite important at the beginning of the game. I think since I’m new to these games I’ll try Vagabond/Knight. I did fancy a magic based character, but I’m thinking that may make the game difficult for me starting out? The confessor looked interesting, but seemed to take a lot of damage early on.
  16. Well, just let me tell you this, it’s looking way more amazing and spectacular that you can could ever imagine
  17. I saw 00:00 25/2/22 somewhere on the Xbox, so definitely. Which means set your timezone to NZ and you can play much earlier 11am Thursday??
  18. I’ll raise your bad at games and add that I’ve never played a souls game before. Can’t wait I’m looking forward to the challenge and am prepared to learn the mechanics and develop my skills.
  19. If i’m away I’ll take a controller and use remote play to access the rewards app and gamepass to play a few games that give easy achievements on my phone.
  20. https://www.twitch.tv/redbull Some PvP being shown. Edit: They are showing a boss battle now, so maybe don’t watch if you’re being cautious.
  21. What’s the first rule of Switch Sports Club?
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