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  1. I don’t think it’s in their nature, which is why we’re all rooting/praying/hoping they can hold on. That ball was soooo out of play before the goal! Crazy how all the VAR muppets missed that.
  2. I hope they add a touch control option to Xcloud for this. Would be great on the go I echo the same experience as others; first few goes and you’re wondering what the fuss is about and then it clicks!
  3. The border crossing one is being removed soon too. Are we going to end up with any maps left?
  4. The attachment thing is really interesting. I need to read up. I’ve only been using the M4 blueprint you get for finishing the campaign. Is there a M16 with the old school iron sight? That never needed a scope or sight. I love FFA sneaking around, but sometimes the tension and excitement feels too full on when I get in the ‘CODZONE’, every so often I’ll feel like I’ve got my young gamer skills back from OG MW2! Then it’ll go to shit. But it only seems to happen in FFA, which has always been my favourite mode, until Gunfight… Missing Gunfight so much though, that consumed 90% of my playtime. The tournaments they used to do were amazing! Proper team work and tension. I’d buy it as a standalone game. So good.
  5. Oh and I’m disappointed there’s no barracks to check stats in this game. I’ve been doing quite well and hit the ground running for a change in a COD game, so it would have been nice to see my performance. Surely they are going to add it?
  6. I just had a FFA game with lots of packet loss. I’ve rebooted everything and done a load of ping tests that seem fine. Hopefully it was just a one off. I have noticed my ping is higher in this game that other games I play that display it; Rocket League and Fortnite.
  7. Shotguns seem very nice in this, one shot from the hip at dickheads running around in close spaces. Has a few great matches that took me back to the days of OG MW2 when I was half decent. Maybe there’s life in the old dog yet…until they ruin it and cater to the bunny hoping everywhere wankers
  8. I’ve seen that some people on Reddit from the US have been ordering food in France to pick up so they get a code. Lots of burgers going to waste It’s my favourite mode, getting the headphones on and being a sneaky bastard! Did you ever try gunfight in the last MW? It will hopefully be making a comeback on this at a later date.
  9. Would be awesome for the list/thread to have some dates on, I like to put releases in my calendar, so it would save me some time
  10. I remember adjusting my settings and using this Reddit post as a starting point This YouTube video was handy too:
  11. Lucio is a great one to start with as he heals other players by just being near to them. He’s really fun to play as too! Switching jump to one of the trigger or bumpers makes him easier to use. His secondary fire is also great to boop the enemy players off edges, it never gets old!
  12. Maybe try Twitter. I’ve always found moaning on there gets me in touch with the right people when I’ve had issues with companies.
  13. Yeah, I realised this after I’d posted, thought the steam decks were way pricier. Definitely not worth the price compared with the steam deck.
  14. What we really need is Nintendo to announce a Switch Pro with Xcloud gaming, would be truly amazing. This looks interesting though. I use my iPhone 12 Pro Max with an Xbox controller and a stand. It works well but it’s a faff with a phone and a stand, also the screen isn’t big enough. I’ve been eying up an 8Bitdo controller and mount for my travels, but I recon my home will make it a bad experience. The Pro Max is a great phone, but mega heavy compared with similar size screen phones. I’d also considered a razor controller for the iPhone, but this would be way better and cheaper than a steamdeak. Which makes me believe it might be best to order one as soon as you can if you fancy one
  15. ARMS 2 please! (Never going to happen is it? ).
  16. My Switch seems to have a different IP addresses for docked/wired and handheld. Should I make these the same? Then I can have the Switch in the DMZ if I’m wired or handheld?
  17. Played two games on turf war handheld tonight, no issues during the game, but both times I got a communication error just after the map that shows the percentage. It counted as a disconnect two wins too. I’d played a little Salmon Run before this with no issues. Had to hog the TV via a wired dock after this and had no problems for the hour or so I played. Seems a little odd it happened at the same point twice after flawless games. My docked and wired connection is type A now after messing around with the DMZ setting on my router, wireless ia B. I don’t think the NAT would cause the disconnect though? Anyone else have communication errors at the same time? Turf war is now a massive challenge, like dataDave has said the usual tactics of minding your own business is less effective right now. Many games are very close. It’s made me play a bit of Salmon Run which I barely touched on S2(only played TW) and I’m loving it, great fun. Dipped into single player too tonight and had a great time. Oh and does anyone else have the music stuck in their head whilst they aren’t playing? I think I’m totally addicted to this right now, I’ve gone a few months without much urge to play all the games I have on my Xbox(and I’ve got some fantastic stuff installed via game pass), but Nintendo comes along and I’m back into it. It’s making me want to replace my launch day console with a pretty Splatoon OLED .
  18. Sorry, I meant as such, as inappropriate for kids.
  19. I don’t remember seeing anything offensive on the previous games. I’ll be reporting any I see. I’ve got lots of “I like/kiss men”, it’s not offensive as such, but I don’t know why they feel the need to tell us. There was a load of stuff going on on Reddit about one of the announcers being non-binary then an uproar when Nintendo mentioned she identifies as a girl, so I think maybe Splatoon has a big following of certain groups. I’d just rather it be child friendly than a place to air views on society etc.
  20. I think they use PC software and somehow plug into their Switch Edit: looks like you can get a little PCB that can be programmed. https://www.instructables.com/How-to-Use-a-Teensy-to-Print-Pictures-on-Splatoon-/
  21. When I first stated playing Splatoon, I saw the advice to play it as you would a normal FPS, but use the motion control as a fine tune to your aim. I’m not a pro by a long way, but I messed around in the test area for quite a while. Motion control takes a bit if getting used to, but once you do, it’s almost like using a mouse to aim. Salmon run and the single player might be a good idea to try to get your aim better. I’d try and stick with the motion controls as when it does click there’s no going back I love the music so much in these games, I’d probably even go to the concerts if they did them over here The replays are awesome! It’s great fun to change the camera to overhead and watch the game unfold.
  22. I guess I could try putting the Xbox into DMZ and the switch in the port forwarding profile. It’s probably a limitation of the BT router maybe.
  23. Cheers for that, I’ll have a look. Battling against the NAT is a pet hate of mine, spent so many hours on different routers down the years eventually getting an open/A NAT, but I’ve less time and patience these days.
  24. I’m using a BT Homehub and it won’t let me open the same ports for use on more than one device; I’ve already done a load of port forwarding for my Xbox and the Switch needs the same ports open, so the only option was to put the Switch into a DMZ, which still gives me B on a wired connection. A is open via WiFi. Very annoying!
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