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  1. And you also need to factor in the cost of other essentials.. https://www.ray-ban.com/uk/sunglasses/aviator
  2. I once used an ironing board for the Microsoft 360 Wheel. It worked pretty well! In fact I’m sure I got the idea off this forum
  3. Of course they are! Just not in male dominated forums! Did you spit your dummy out at the Diet Coke adverts?
  4. I don’t understand? Dig up? You okay hun?
  5. Well, I’m heterosexual, but May 1995 was a dream come true
  6. No, but if I were gay, I would, so what’s the problem?
  7. I’m a Rovers Fan, I’d quite possibly choose Shearer as a close second for a smooch
  8. Sorry! She’s always a bloody good pundit. I probably should have added that the majority of the attraction is that she is a pleasure to listen to. A few beers have been consumed on a stressful night. Also, I don’t think calling her adorable is in any way sexist? Maybe I should have used endearing?
  9. We need to get to 90 minutes and then the manager to give them a team talk. It’s either that or a moment of magic. We look tired and nervous.
  10. Why’s it always a dude. Alex Scott losing her marbles and streaking across the pitch is the only thing that could save me from this tension right now
  11. For all the talk of the atmosphere, they aren’t pushing the players on. Needs a fucking brass band. (No ban request pls).
  12. I’m hoping it doesn’t and you’ve got some strong coffee!’
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