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  1. Unfortunately my Series X pad has a sticky right trigger after only moderate use since February. I use my Elite 2 and my little boy uses the Series X. I’ve done a bit research and it seems it’s very common and it’s to do with a rubber pad coming loose. Luckily I got an extra controller due to having to buy a bundle. I haven’t bothered to send it off to Microsoft yet as it’s a massive pain in the arse as I’ve not got a UPS centre nearby.
  2. It has no games! When’s the stuffed crust DLC coming?
  3. Maybe we’ll have a handheld Xbox by then! If only we’d get a Nintendo Switch Pro with xCloud that had a SIM card and 5G.
  4. Maybe when 5G coverage is better, xCloud on the go will be possible. I get decent 4G, but the ping shoots up and down randomly. EE are now offering game pass as an add on for their contracts and it includes unlimited 5G data when using it. Everywhere I travel to for work doesn’t have 5G yet and all the hotels have awful WiFi. Tried this at premier inn last week. 0.2mb connect, their premium WiFi for £5 a day offered 5 times the speed
  5. I’m away from home all week and it’s kept COD, Fortnite and Rocket league updated whilst on standby. With my Xbox One it was hit and miss(well more miss than hit). Cyberpunk hadn’t updated automatically recently and I’d not played it for months, which is what got me thinking it might have something to do with it.
  6. After having this issue a lot on the Xbox One, I haven’t on my Series X. I have, however found if I look for updates it finds them for games I haven’t played in a while. Is it happening with games you’ve played recently?
  7. I think I read the bags of flour are explosive, probably have to shoot them to create an explosive atmosphere and then set that alight? I’m on Xbox so not tried the demo yet *jealous*
  8. https://www.hotstock.io/uk/p/xbox-wireless-headset In stock at Very
  9. Dan

    Old Age Gamers

    There was a guy at work, in his mid-fifties, mocking me and another guy for chatting about games and that we should grow up(we’re early forties). This was whilst he was sat playing a crappy mobile phone shootumup game! I’ll be playing for as long as it’s physically possible and as previously said, hopefully I’ll be able to get plugged straight in by the time my hands are too old
  10. I think back to a local pub twenty years,or so ago, that had a Pac-Man Co-Op. I never used to go in regularly as it was a bit far away and also in a bit of an RAF district. However, it was the only place locally to show Blackburn Rovers matches during our League Cup triumph run. Nowhere else in the local area could get ITV Digital, I don’t think we even had channel 5 back then... (Topless darts was just a myth back then). At half time and full time I’d sink a few quids in and have a blast.... Never really played it before and since. Pac-Man always provokes tho
  11. Wasn’t a decoy grenade was it?
  12. Dan

    It Takes Two

    I would probably buy this from Shopto, but the website tells me my password has expired and the password reset hasn’t worked for months. The first level is free to play btw https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/it-takes-two-friends-pass/9nmg7zj9xk0h?activetab=pivot:overviewtab
  13. My 11 year old boy when we first started playing liked running around collecting loot, but the first sign of an opponent and he’d throw me the controller. Now he’s loads better than me. Him and his friends spend hours in creative having box fights. I remember telling him years ago that he’d one day be better than me and he didn’t believe me. I guess at that age you’ve got the dedication and patience to practice building for hours. The same thing is happening on rocket league, he’ll spend hours in training. Bet I could still beat him at COD though(he’s not played it yet ). I played m
  14. I think that’s the thread.
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