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  1. Dan

    Nintendo Switch

    I had the left stick issues, it was drifting and not centring when tested in controller calibration. I saw a post on reddit about using electrical contact cleaner on the stick and it’s completely fixed my issue! I got the WD-40 branded stuff(not regular WD-40!) from Wickes. https://nintygamer.com/switch-controller-drift-fix/ https://reddit.com/r/NintendoSwitch/comments/b5z81z/how_to_fix_controller_drift_on_the_switch_joycons/ I only did this last week and it’s been fine since. There’s a chance it’ll need doing again, but I’ve enough contact cleaner to probably last a life time as I only gave it a small blast.
  2. Dan

    Football Kits 2019/20

    Apparently it’s because black and white striped shirts don’t sell very well in America as they look like American football referee shirts?
  3. And you can dig up the floor in the basement to find lots of chests
  4. Has anyone else bought Ding Dong XL? 89p and very addictive!
  5. Dan

    Xbox Game Pass

    Yeah it is, I’ve just been playing it with my Son. Him on the switch and me on the Xbox. You’ll have to login to the Switch with an Microsoft account to enable cross play.
  6. Isn’t that the case for most games? A way to unwind and relieve stress? We could all quit gaming and do something more productive With kids, you need to make sure there’s a balance to their hobbies and pastimes, just like with diet. My 9 year old boy and I spend quite a bit of time on Fortnite, mainly at the weekend, I love every minute, it’s real bonding time, especially when we get a victory royal and I can sneak a quick hug! We mix it up with football and outdoor stuff, but when it’s chucking it down, nothing beats father and son duo’s on Fortnite with a bag of Haribo
  7. Haven’t we been able to do that for a while? Pressing a direction on the d-pad?
  8. Thinking about it. The 90’s was the best era of music. In every genre. Modern music is shit. I watched the super bowl the other day. I used to quite like Maroon 5, casually. But, who the fuck were the other dudes? I don’t mind rap/hip hop Dre etc... but music is dying a death, the target audience are sheep and would buy albums of their favourite “artists” farting down the mic if it were popular.
  9. I remember paying £20 or something on this for the album on import at HMV(which was a lot of spends back then!), worth every single penny! I think I more or less introduced them to my mates that didn’t have MTV and the US Top 20 countdown(Daisy Fuentes <3). Oh and they all got a tape copy before the CD came out over here )
  10. Was there any better era of music than the 90’s? Edit: I probably should have said, has there been any decent music since the 90’s. That’s what I meant Edit 2: The 90’s beats any other era IMO
  11. Dan

    Nintendo Switch

    Definitely, lack of third party was something that help kill the Wii U. I imagine they sold a lot of consoles at Christmas to parents buying for their kids to play Fortnite.
  12. Just has a go with a few mates. The three of us in a plane was proper good fun! “Chocks away old boy!” Especially since we were still learning to fly! Has as anyone else noticed that the colours look a bit saturated now? Especially in the lobby. I love the constant updates of this game. Me and my little boy have sunk so many combined hours into this, that regularly spending money on it seems worth it. Well, I’m justifying like that anyway!
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