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  1. Its all in the reserera thread on Xbox/PS5. Find it yourself, I am done here.
  2. I think the speculation has moved to how many Shader Engines theyve crammed onto the APU: 2 for 36 CUs (2 x20 per SE minus 4 compute units disabled) or 3 for 54 CUs (3 x 20 w/ 4 CUs disabled). The first option with 2 SEs concurs with the numbers from the github leak and the PS5 thus has to perform around 8-9.2 TF @ 1.8 - 2.0 GHz. If it has 3 SEs, and thus able to have 3 different steps to performance: 1 SE for PS4 BC, 2 SEs for PS4Pro BC, and then all 3 working simultaneously in a PS5 only mode. That would bring the performance up to somewhere between 12 and 13 TF. This would also mean that the data from the github leak regarding the PS5 only referred to BC testing. Personally I think the last option is going to be too expensive for Sony to bring to the market right now. Ive said previously that both the PS5 and Series X are going to be 450 at launch but I think you also have to take into consideration that the PS5 is going to compete with the Switch, which is in a pretty good place at the moment and costs around 280 - 300. They probably cant ignore that and have to place the PS5 around 399 official, but with deals making it go for 369-379. And I dont think they can hit that spot with a 54 CU APU with all of the bells and whistles. Then its more likely that they are going to do something like that (a 3 x Shader Engine APU) for a mid gen refresh, for the PS 5 Pro.
  3. Y'all trying way too hard to find issues with the game. Why does everything has to be so fucking perfect, or triple A, or the best thing ever, or the best new fad after Fortnite, or the best game that anyone has ever played. "MS game straight to gamepass" "a failure like Battleborn" No mention of NT being bought by MS, not bad. Stereotypes being used to pigeon hole this (and other) game(s), before they are even released and with only an hour or two with a beta client. I think this is going to do pretty well on Game Pass. A lot of people are probably going to be playing a MOBA game for the first time, like me. Ive played a lot of Paladins on Switch/Xbox but thats it. The only think I could see as a problem is that youre probably going to want to play with mates you feel comfortable talking with, or get ready to trash talk over xbox live.. As for the art style I think its perfectly fine, and just as good or better than for other games that have launched in a much worse state than this. I like the gunplay in Apex Legends for example, but the character art and map design is all over the place. And it launched with a lot less features than BE looks likely to launch with. So I was really impressed by the level of polish to all aspects of the game; wonderful animation work, as present in that dolphin clip above. Really nice production overall from what I gathered in my 2 hours or so with the game. And looking forward to at least checking out how the unlocks work, cos there is something going on there with builds and stuff that I liked. I also thought it looks really fresh and colourful, more than Id thought from the early presentations. Great soundtrack and ambience as as well, lots of attention to details.
  4. Google Assistant is finally working on my One X, after the latest system update.
  5. Yeah but I think they referred to a bunch of games from the PS1/PS2 era in their tweets about this project. I was foolishly hoping for a remake of Vagrant Story.
  6. I dont get this obsession with a remake of such a recent game as Demons Souls. Its only previous gen .. and should have been BC with enhancements on PS4 and PS5. Not paying for a remake of that. I still have my copy of the game sitting on the shelf. And a Fromsoft game remade by someone else? Uh no thanks. Tenchu fits with the time period they have been referring to earlier.
  7. Rumour about Bluepoints PS5 game Probably total bs. Why would BP announce this?
  8. My point is that there wont be another Red2 situation with the Series X and PS5. Not just because of the GPU, but all of the new tech going into the new console designs. And their 1p should definately be 4K 60, in most cases. I dont expect 3p games to do that, and in cases like Assassins Creed they will obviously not be 4K 60. Or games using RT, and so on. From Resetera PS5 and Xbox Series speculation |OT12|
  9. 2 hours aint all that in the long run but yeah .. ancient saving method. I just finished chapter 4 at 26 hours or so, cant help doing those substories. And Pocket Racing.
  10. I dont think a 3 TF delta will matter that much in the end, mainly because they will both be safely within range of performing at 4K60. That was the main problem for the Pro in comparisons with the One X, which was designed with that in mind. There will at least be some kind of parity in that regard with the PS5 and Series X.
  11. Didnt they get a lot of cash from Tencent recently? Whats up with poaching money from customers via Kickstarter?
  12. Only took me 10 hours to find the shrine in Kamurocho .. and a bunch of items that come in handy. Are the platinum/gold/diamond plates of any use in the game or can those just be sold off to a vendor?
  13. If the AMD leak is correct in their numbers on the PS5 GPU, and that it is based on 36 CUs (for BC with the PS4), they would have to run at 2.0 GHz in order to output the 9.2 teraflops. Which may be a problem in terms of cooling afaik, and the more likely scenario is that the cores are running at something closer to 1.8 GHz, which brings the GPU performance up to 8 TF. So it may be anything from 8 - 9.2 TF depending on how they deal with the clock speeds and cooling.
  14. Completed the main game. Loved it, and couldnt put it down for the last week or so. Its not perfect, and there are some obvious shortcomings but altogether I think the expression "more than the sum of its parts" is apt. Playing time was more like 55-60 hours in reality, as the game counts your time even when pausing (making food in the kitchen every time they camped - god this game made me hungry) The last two chapters were fucking epic
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