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  1. Theres already stuff like the GPD Win 2 out there https://www.techradar.com/news/gpds-sequel-to-its-handheld-windows-gaming-pc-is-far-more-powerful Is it even possible to pack a Lockhart into a handheld device? CPU, GPU, SSD. Battery life.
  2. There was this *rumour* a while ago https://www.altchar.com/game-news/rumour-elden-ring-gameplay-could-be-shown-at-xbox-series-x-reveal-event-aNvZ29x4LbbO Via some era member .. Probably total fucking bullshit
  3. From Software going to XGS would be megafuckington but I really really doubt it. Just for multiplatform reasons. But how are their finances working out with their current owner - maybe they feel they can get a better development environment within XGS?
  4. I should have checked that video, but I was pretty sure it wasnt in there. Cheers. I thought maybe it wasnt in there because the final TV edition didnt have a release date at that time, but who knows.. Im getting it either way!
  5. Is Kentucky Route Zero coming to game pass?
  6. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2020-01-17-microsoft-goes-all-in-on-the-evergreen-platform This is well written by Mr Fahey as always, but I think its missing a couple of key issues as to why cross-gen compatibility is important: Game Pass and BC games. MS didnt equip the One with 360 compat for nostalgic reason: for someone to play a couple of old games a year. Game Pass is a central part of the Xbox platform now afaik, and a clean break would also need a clean break with Game Pass. A Game Pass 2 for next-gen? Obviously not. But the article doesnt mention GP once, and focusses on exclusives that are supposed to come out in the first year which historically hasnt brought the greatest 1p titles to either platform. So its not just about a clean break or not, its about XGS wanting to keep their Game Pass base intact regardless of device, and Sony not yet having reached the level of organisation where they can support such a subscription service. Its still a bit early to make sweeping generalisations on launch games and how they are taking advantage of the new tech. And I will not be surprised if Sony already has plans to upgrade Now to the level of Game Pass with the launch of the PS5, tba together with the PS5. I dont think they have an option really, and not just because of the Xbox. The Last of Us 2 would be a great launch game for the service, right before E3 and make everyone talk about it.
  7. The wifi chipset in the Xbox One is known to cause issues with connecting the controller. Just a random search now shows its still an issue Stuff like this Maybe its that. I had this problem early on with the Xbox One but I dont know if the issue was with the controller or the console chips.
  8. I cant remember, I just googled the bits I was stuck on and found some stuff here and there. Right after launch of the game. Some of it on Reddit.
  9. Just use a guide if youre stuck. I did that a couple of times, like towards the end of the cycle where I knew where to go and what things to do, but not the exact order in which to do them. Im curious why some people have issues with controlling the ship, that felt like second nature to me. Using autopilot and the landing cam and all that.
  10. The map in the ship pretty much told me where to go next, with up to several points to explore at any one time. If you are not «done» with a place you should go back and have another look. Along the way the pieces started to come together for what you were supposed to do. Its kind of fascinating from a scientific point of view how they managed to base some of the stuff you need to figure out on quantum mechanical principles, albeit on a very basic level. As has been noted above, a little bit of curiosity goes a long way.
  11. I restarted and the tooltip for opening the gate popped up
  12. Is Morta a bit buggy? Playing through the tutorial and the first door wont open after clearing the area.
  13. The comparison with WiiU is stupid because that was not just a naming issue - people didnt understand what it was supposed to do even. I got one on account of it being a new Nintendo but I was not sure how the thing was going to work before I actually got one. Another side to this is that, if someone does buy a One X instead of a Series X by mistake, they can still play all of the games on Series X on that console - until they get around to return it. How is that going to work if you mistakenly buy a PS4 instead of a PS5?
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