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  1. Shadow of War has two separate downloads for the X1X, one for 4K Cinematics and one for High Resolution textures. Just noticed they didnt download automatically but had to be acquired from the store.
  2. Once xCloud is up and running, I wonder if you can stream all GPU games to your device/phone even if theyre only on PC at the moment, like Undertale? I got Ultimate pass but only a MacBook at home.
  3. I was expecting Shadow of War after the first one went up earlier in the year but not this soon. Looking forward to trying that one out, as I think it received an absurd amount of criticism based on the notion that you had to buy lootboxes to have access to everything which was patently false. Also Dead Rising 4 is a great add, I feel like a schmuck for not supporting it at launch.
  4. Cheers, I definately will try and pick up DS2 where I left off. Ive left that game at the Ruin Sentinels, because I believe I didnt have the right build for it and I was struggling too much to see the end of it. Think I went 2H melee or something in that build, and the Ruin Sentinels have a weakness to Lightning magic, or something like that. It is probably super doable with the 2H, but there is a semi long runback and Ive exhausted all of the souls in the area so it feels rather futile to keep running up and banging my head on the proverbial brick wall. I do think I have some of those items which let you distribute your skill points again, I faintly remember planning to find a more suitable build and try again. Agree about the tools and combat arts not having much of an impact outside of a few situations, it would be nice if they were implemented more like in a Zelda game as you say. As for the exposition of the differents strands of the narrative, I thought some of it worked pretty well, one thing I remember well is the way Sekiro reacts when he is talking with Kuro about the dried aromatic branch, where he says "I know that fragrance..", and then later when the player discovers the alternative path to the other Owl fight 3 years before and picks up the aromatic branch still with the flowers intact, they can also deduce that his foster father is the one who stole that from the sacred tree in the palace (if I remember that correctly). I didnt get this connection until the second time through, and I thought it was a brilliant way of explaining some of the key parts of the story. There is also the scene after the player has defeated Lady Butterfly, where someone rams a huge sword into Sekiro´s back and he is resurrected by Kuro; those frames are repeated after the Emma & Isshin encounter where Sekiro performs the exact same back stab on the Great Owl. I dont think its ever explicit in the game who killed Sekiro 3 years prior to the events of the game, but this final cutscene sort of confirms that by its visual design.
  5. I might go back and try a new game save and see how I feel about a fresh start and if it is as tough now. The game talks a lot about having poise, which I sort of built up as I got better at the game but it took me almost a hundred hours to beat the game first time. Ive never beat a From/Souls game before, and a major part of the reason for that I think is because its much simpler in terms of the combinations of skills and weapons that you can make compared to their previous games where I would always find myself at a boss where I didnt have the right weapon or build (melee vs ranged vs different kinds of magic spells). I believe Miyazaki said something about making those things less frustrating for players (and Im sure for themselves in balancing the game) before they launched Sekiro and I think they pulled that off, and made a leaner and more action oriented game as a result.
  6. For some reason I never downloaded the Orange Box when it was on GwG, so I really appreciated Portal: Still Alive now in June, especially as it dovetailed with BridgeConstructor x Portal that came to game pass at the same time. Id never even heard of that, and its awesome. I dont think it was a coincidence that these were added at the same time as Outer Wilds coming to game pass, they obviously have some gameplay mechanics in common: quantum tunnelling, and the signalscope which is another great invention in line with the gravity gun and portal gun from Valves games. I think its great that they can curate games across both services like this. Also, Guacamelee! 2 is a stone cold classic, I think that game just hit my platforming sweet spot like few other games have done.
  7. Looks like theyve remastered the mobile version more or less intact to the Switch. The Phantom Bride was added a year after release.
  8. I think the game was patched recently
  9. I got that Breaking Dead DLC although pretty late in the game. Probably a better investment if youre going to start from scratch. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/breaking-dead-dlc/9mtkx7gdjkf1?activetab=pivot:overviewtab Theyre cool, you can place them at certain spots around your farm and basement areas, to provide a steady supply of wood and iron and other services around your farm. I finished the game the other day, at around 40-50 hours playtime (600 days in game). I grew tired of Stardew Valley by the early 3rd year or so, this is much better in terms of having questlines to follow and not having to hope for a rainy day in order to do something else than water plants. And it has a proper ending, as well as a cameo appearance by a famous Vampire Hunter.
  10. Dandy Dungeon coming to Switch today apparently https://www.destructoid.com/switch-port-report-dandy-dungeon-the-legend-of-brave-yamada-558782.phtml An Edge 9 as well I believe (iOS) I still have it stuck on my mobile but they shut the servers down so there is not much to do but replay the old levels
  11. Its one of my favourite things about Forza Horizon, ever. The best way to get the expansion is to buy the ultimate add-on which is 35 pounds if you have game pass, I wouldnt have bought any of them separately. https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/forza-horizon-4-ultimate-add-ons-bundle/9p7jj1fkqwxh?activetab=pivot:overviewtab There are 4 LEGO cars I think, one is hidden in a barn until youve built your house sufficiently. I think its a F1 car by the looks of it, but Ive yet to find out as its taking ages to repair it.
  12. One of the best things about Game Pass in the last year has been all of the indie games that have appeared on the service, and it was great to see that they are going to continue this trend by releasing 25 games on GP day 1 over the next year or so. I dont know if Microsoft has made any statement as to whether or not they are doing something similar to the Epic Store and paying developers a sum up front for launching their games on the subscription service, but it sounds like it from the answer that Charla gave to gameindustry.biz in an interview recently: https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-06-19-how-is-game-pass-adding-so-many-indie-titles-at-launch Im not sure if Im comfortable with so many exclusive indie games on one platform, regardless of which one it is. But its great to see indie developers supported like this.
  13. I dont disagree with the grind for the currency, its rubbish. Im pretty far into the game and it still takes forever to save up for some of the stuff you need, like the citizen papers you have to buy from the mailbox by the church. As for the grind for XP its not that bad, no worse than Stardew Valley, and far more lenient than that on the upkeep of your farm. Theyve released an add-on now that lets you grow an army of zombies to take care of the mining and gathering stuff. At least it should be in greater shape now than when it launched. I had to abandon the game for months because of a bugged quest line.
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