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  1. Only made 1 rank up last week and got stuck with this lot
  2. Looks like the newly added Minion Paper (N) glider is top spot for DK Pass R and T, that may be worth picking up from the store if it appears.
  3. Jeff G and Spencer spoke about this during their 2nd Nite interview, and Spencer said that Console Streaming (~Switch functionality) is free, but there is going to be some kind of cost to using xCloud. Ive timestamped the moment where they talk about cost They also talk about Stadia and Sony a bit, and xCloud on the Switch.
  4. Theyre probably not going to be released all at once, but I dont know. Still a couple of things to find out about the way these games (FF, Yakuza, Kingdom Hearts) are going to work on the Xbox; they may be some locked to Game Pass exclusivity "Only on Game Pass" and not be available at retail. And hopefully spaced out over at least a year in my opinion, since I would like to be able to finish FFVII, and FFVIII, and XII out of that list, as well as keep up with all the other stuff being released elsewhere. And then there is the question of how long they are going to be on the service; a year seems very short for all of those games. Maybe they have secured some kind of lifetime deal with this selection. They did a great job with remastering FFXIII, I wouldnt be surprised if that was in fact some kind of demonstration by XGS of what kind of upgrades they could add to Squares old games, and that at least some of the other releases on there will have a similar treatment to what XIII got.
  5. Id completely forgotten that MGS3 didnt have the 3D camera to begin with.
  6. I cant remember if I had an NTSC PS2 or some kind of freeloader disk, but I played it some time in January or February 2005. As soon as I got in the mail from the states.
  7. I wonder if they were meant to throw the player off in terms of what happened with Snake during the Tanker incident as well.. the first thing that popped into my mind when it crawled out of his arm was that he in fact died there and had been resurrected somehow. Also, why the name Iriqois?
  8. Yeah, I think I was just too hyped back then about playing the new Metal Gear and having all of these cool weapons and shit, to notice what was going on in that part with Otacon and Emma. One other thing which I never figured out is
  9. Yeah but I think the game is supposed to take place in 2007-2009, according to the information on the screen where you choose what game to load. Okay that makes sense Still a crazy sidestory to bring into this game
  10. With the launch of Death Stranding and the 15 year anniversary for MGS3 coinciding, I thought it was a good time to go back and replay MGS2 and MGS3 before venturing into Kojimas latest game. They are PS3/360 releases - I dont know about PS4 compatibility but they are BC on Xbox and were added to Game Pass a while ago. (MGS2) I couldnt remember the first thing about MGS2, even the fact that you play as Raiden most of the time had completely vanished from memory. And I ended up with mixed feelings about the game; a lot like RE2, the first part of this game is great because of its location on the Tanker, but I dont think the Shell in the second part works very well as a playground for Snake/Raidens abilities. It wasnt very exciting to maneuver around the struts, it felt more like a bunch of VR missions cobbled together rather than exploring an interesting location. After you beat Solidus in the Harrier, you start out at the bombed remains of the walkway to next strut, where you have to do some light platforming in order to get across. I fell into the ocean countless times at this point, while trying to do the simplest of maneuvering over the tubes with bird droppings, and to the railing on the other side, where you have to run over a bunch of collapsing metal tiles to the top of the strut. I just felt the controls got in the way a lot of the time, not to mention spending the two first hours of the game shouting expletives at the telly when Snake decides to lie down rather than getting a move on and hide behind that corner. But the main thing that I have been trying to figure out how to articulate in this post, is how shocked (I guess thats the best word for it) I was at some of the crazy shit that Kojima decided to include in the narrative. Like the sidestory going on between Otacon and his estranged step-sister Emma (E.E.). In the course of events, we are told that Otacon and Emma hasnt seen each other since a fateful day in their childhoods, when their common father (Huey) died and Otacon ran away for ever (for ever and ever). This is the first time since then that they are supposed to meet up again, with Emma being a scientist in the employment of the Patriots, and at one point in the game the player has to rescue her from a flooded part of the plant. And this is where the film breaks for me. As you reconnect Emma with Otacon, the truth behind their common father's death is revealed: he committed suicide by drowning himself in the family swimming pool after discovering that his second wife Julie, whom he got Emma with, was having an affair with his teenage son Otacon. Huey almost managed to drag Emma down with him in the pool, which is where she feels that Otacon betrayed her in not coming to her rescue. But of course he was hanging out with his step-mother. Emma then goes on to talk about how much she enjoyed playing "house" with Otacon and always wanted him to "look at her as a woman". She was apparenty born in the 90s, so at best she is 15-17 years at this point (MGS2 being set in 2007-2009) but she acts like she is 12. I just find this disturbing, and gross, on so many levels. So what is going on there? Was this ever explained by Kojima? Because I can see how it works as a sarcastic joke on some level, like how Raiden seem to be the embodiment of any fan of the Metal Gear games ("I played 300 VR missions as part of my training!" or something like that). That having an affair with your step-mom, or your step-sister, is something that videogamers would fantasise about. Im just looking for a rational explanation for why this is in the game at all, and Im probably missing something. There is also the soldier on top of Strut L pissing on Raiden/player as they sneak past below, and the penultimate boss fight takes place in a virtual space called the Rectum. Which was not entirely out of context, as it really felt like I had been on a journey through Hideos digestion system by that point. I love the speech by the Patriots at the end, though, given the times that this game was released in. No World Trade towers on the Manhattan skyline. The problem for me with this game is that the crazy shit far outweighs the good bits, and even drowns out the hand-holding around GW and the American Constitution at the end. It was still a great revisit, since it turned out I had forgotten almost all of the plot, and a lot of the action scenes. On to MGS3.
  11. How Game Pass is Transforming Xbox https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-11-14-how-game-pass-is-transforming-xbox
  12. 19 new indie games coming to Game Pass day 1
  13. Final Fantasy VII to XV coming to Game Pass Think they said XIV is being added at some point, too.
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