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  1. Could always start one of the Heavensward jobs if you don't fancy levelling a new job from level 1 and want to stay on the trial for now. They start at 30 but it doesn't take that long to catch them up.
  2. Pretty sure you can have as many as you want. I was a little disappointed when I built 3 close to each other to mine different materials that I couldn't actually join them up with power and pipelines to have them all converge into one central base hub.
  3. Depending on what you want or what you might be playing: Gear for other jobs you might play (Ironworks (lvl50), Shire (lvl60) or Scaeven (lvl70). Gear to desynth to sell the materials. Buy the materials you need for the heavensward relic weapons or to start the quest chain for the current one for another job. Gear to hand in at your GC for seals to use for ventures or dark matter for repairs or lvl 50 relic materials or GC teleports
  4. I'm not sure the Ultimate fights are something you can really dip your toes in haha. You're talking about a good 30+ hours of prog on one fight and that's with knowing everything in advance. Savages/EX fights are fun though and there are a few options for difficulty at least if you're doing old raids.
  5. Character Config > Hotbar settings Button > Cross Tab > 2nd section down, Cross Hotbar Controls
  6. The queue for Leap of Faith in the Gold Saucer was just over 5 minutes which was pretty massive for an instance with no roles. That being said, you should check if you have all the languages checked in the duty settings or if you've restricted it to just English. Those trials are in the Trial Roulette so the queue shouldn't be that long.
  7. Yeah DNC and RDM are generally thought of as the easiest to play. I tend to find the trick is learning when you don't need to be looking at something. DNC you only really need to look at your bars after you've used the previous procs and your basic skills (so every 5 to 10 seconds depending on procs). RDM if you're alternating black and white skills you only need to know when you're close to maxing them and which one is lower for after the melee combo. I like it, but it's different from wow in that there tends to not be continual damage, it's generally occasional large hits. As such you're expected to be dpsing a lot of the time or you'll be stood around not doing anything and that dps is one or two abilities unlike dps's more complicated rotations. I'm not sure what rewarding would be as really it depends on the group you end up with and if you prefer it to go smoothly or ending up some kind of clusterfuck (I do prefer the latter). Most dungeons are pretty much a zerg where you spend most of your time aoeing stuff down and I don't find healing them all that fun but the raids and trials are pretty cool especially on the harder difficulties.
  8. Top tree Dawnblade warlock with sunbracers. You float around the battlefield killing weak mobs with your ranged melee and then either carpet bomb everywhere with grenades or light up a boss like a minature sun.
  9. Feels a lot like the whole sunsetting thing is totally overblown. If you were reading the likes of reddit you'd think all those weapons were useless when they can still be used in the vast majority of the game where the minimum recommended power is 1050. The only weird standout for me is that Nightmare Hunts require a power level vastly higher than Shadowkeep I presume because there are triumphs tied to them but you can use the lecturn weapons in Pit of Heresy or the raid totally fine. They've just moved the levelling part of the game to purely the new part and make everything else a flat playground. It's actually what i've wanted them to do with WoW for a long time.
  10. I honestly didn't find the loss of a DoT pressed about every minute all that much of a loss. In content that doesn't require all that much healing you were still spending 95% of the time before spamming a single dps or aoe ability. It does depend on the content your're doing though and dungeons and the like simply aren't that challenging but I certainly don't find the savage raids and EX trials when they're current tedious. But then I don't like farming and part of what I like about the role is being able to drag people through a fight so I tend to enjoy practice parties and prog far more. I feel a lot of the complaints about healers are based on perfect groups and it's much more fun when everything is going wrong. Zenos is pretty boring but (spoilers for after 5.0):
  11. Hey I pretty much always say hi. Sadly between cutscenes closing the message window, only having 4 chat tabs and if you're in an instance often being too busy to type it's often really easy to miss messages. Will be interesting to see if they can maintain the quality going into the next expansion. I've really enjoyed my time on the first and the main Ascian characters and i'm not sure I find the possibility of going back to more Garlemald (and associated characters) quite as compelling.
  12. There is a MUK free company but I don't think it's that active.The people playing are spread out over a bunch of different fc's so just use the cross world linkshell to talk (although that is pretty quiet most of the time anyway).
  13. Seems a bit of an unfair fight. As if Imperial Guard lasguns are any where near as deadly as goblin spears.
  14. Hurrah, finally got E8S down last night in typical fashion being the last pull of the night, about 2 seconds before enrage and with 34 seconds left on the clock for the instance timer. It's only taken 3 months. Did get top 50 SCH healing for that fight though, not that anyone cares about healing Just need that Ramuh mount now... Do you mean queue for them as in actually try and queue for them in the group finder or looking for a group in the party finder (or making your own)? You'll almost never get a group doing the former. I think I heard that they're looking at adjusting the fights or making an easier mode though so they can add them to the normal raid roulette. I only ever got ran through them at level 70 so i'd like to do them at an appropriate level but I think some are still supposed to be pretty tough and would need practising over a number of nights if you're sync'd down.
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