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  1. Hurrah, finally got E8S down last night in typical fashion being the last pull of the night, about 2 seconds before enrage and with 34 seconds left on the clock for the instance timer. It's only taken 3 months. Did get top 50 SCH healing for that fight though, not that anyone cares about healing Just need that Ramuh mount now... Do you mean queue for them as in actually try and queue for them in the group finder or looking for a group in the party finder (or making your own)? You'll almost never get a group doing the former. I think I heard that they're looking at adjusting the fights or making an easier mode though so they can add them to the normal raid roulette. I only ever got ran through them at level 70 so i'd like to do them at an appropriate level but I think some are still supposed to be pretty tough and would need practising over a number of nights if you're sync'd down.
  2. Only when players refuse to play around it. People deploy as close to the enemy as they can, charge right at the enemy, don't take account of the enemy movement capabilities and use barely any terrain and then complain that the game is decided on a dice roll
  3. Only on PC and even then it's a third party program that while they accept is being used they'll ban people for if they reference it in game. https://advancedcombattracker.com/ https://www.fflogs.com/
  4. A static is just a raid group. With the group sizes for raids only being 8 there tends to not be any rotating of players from night to night so it's just a static group of players.
  5. @Alan Stock While many of the early dungeons have some alternate paths or side rooms they largely abandon that later on and they're just single corridors to run down. What you can do if you really want to root around after a run is finished though is use the Return ability that normally sends you to the last Aetheryte you attuned it to. In dungeons it just returns you to the start so you can have a wander around at your own pace or read any lore that happens to be present, although there are only a few dungeons with any of that and you might run into any mobs that might have been skipped.
  6. Only for glamours yeah. The following parts are less do specific dungeons and more buying bits with tomestones so you can just keep the quests in your log and do them gradually if you need to dump some poetics you don't want to spend on gear if you've capped them out.
  7. No one really queues for the harder content like coil, savage raids or ex trials in the Duty Finder. You might be lucky and get the odd one if it fills the players through mentors roulette but generally you need to keep an eye on Party Finder or make a group yourself. Especially with somewhere like coil where Duty finder will sync you down to 50 and most people that will run it will want to just run through at max level. As for mechanics, often when it comes to AoE's and the like it's some kind of remix on the normal version so if you've been doing it there first you know what to expect but they throw in something else you need to keep an eye on. The normal version is generally far more lenient and even if you do die to it a few times it's not the end of the world as there are very few mechanics that are outright wipes if only a few people mess up and no real dps checks. There isn't generally anything that complicated that it takes a long time to work out either, it's execution of people that know what to do and mess up that result in repeated wipes over not having a clue what to do. There also tends to be very few brand new mechanics, it will be something that is kind of what you've seen before that you can use as a reference but if you're new you won't have that experience. There's always that sprout that gets a share marker running around with no idea what to do with it
  8. Yeah they stripped out some of the spells with Shadowbringers. There used to be an extra DoT, a placeable AoE and an ability that spread your DoT's to surrounding targets but they got rid of them so that all healers pretty much have one DoT, one AoE and a single target spell.
  9. All the healers are largely identical for dps. The difference with SCH is that the xp is shared between SCH and Summoner as they're both based on Arcanist so they're always the same level.
  10. Really been enjoying this so far. Feels like a good evolution over SoR2 like that was over the first one. Only downside so far has been trying to play with a friend on the xbox last night and we had to give up after 4 stages since we were getting issues on every set of screens almost. I got dc'd twice and he would end up with his screen freezing until it loaded in a new part of a stage or finished a level. He could still move fight on my screen though so I ended up having to talk him through the pier stage to avoid the pits and then he just stood in a corner and kept attacking on the boss. Was pretty funny I had to talk him over to the chicken at one point to keep him alive and then he ended up accidentally getting a juggle in off the screen edge to get the last hit in on the boss. We gave up after that.
  11. I was disappointed when someone moved and it turned out they weren't
  12. bcofn

    The Division 2

    It is fun when it all hits the fan. Was doing the Navy Hill CP3 last night and as usual not only did the friendly reinforcements seem to aggro some patrol half a mile down the road on their way but a normal patrol came back as well as an elite supply convoy. I keep hearing phantom drone beeping now. Sometimes it is a bit too much though. Was doing Stranded Tanker on challenging and 4 rogue agents popped up near the top of the tanker and our entire group just seemed to evaporate.
  13. There many people playing on PC on here? I picked up Shadowkeep when it came out and have been really enjoying it and playing it more than I probably should so I've tried to join the PC clan that was linked earlier in the hopes of grouping up a bit.
  14. I don't get this. I watched the Giant Bomb quick look and part of the quests that send you to talk to people when you get to the tower sends you to the campaign npc. It was there flashing away on the map (even though they ignored it). Nice to see there will be Hero Nightmare Hunts tonight though as the normal ones were a bit of a zerg. DId the hero nightfall for the first time last night and that was pretty fun although i'm forever jumping off the edge. I only had the free version on battle.net up until Shadowkeep so it's nice to be doing current content for once anyway and having lots to do other than just a weekly flashpoint.
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