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  1. I really liked FF Tactics Advance but had never played 12 so when it popped up on Gamepass I thought i'd give it a go and it kept catching me off guard when all the same music kept cropping up from stuff i'd been playing in 14. Reverse nostalgia or something. Also you can get the gear sets for the main characters from 12, although no Ashe sadly. And Frans bike! although quite a bit of effort for that. Its a bit of a shame they're not sure there'll be any more Ivalice content in 14 as i've really liked all of it so far. Got the Trial 2 ex down last night. Took about 3 lockouts in total joining blind groups in Party Finder so not too bad overall.
  2. My understanding of some of your questions I wrote last night, just forgot to post. I don't think there are any spoilers from after 5.3:
  3. Don't queue, you won't get a group. Think only the JP data centre's queue up for them using Duty Finder. You want to look for a group using the Party Finder. The groups listed are under the High End Duty button you can filter them by.
  4. Trials have regular and EX, Raids have Normal and Savage. The current ones are those under the high end tab. The 4 savage raid bosses will be added to that section when they're unlocked after Christmas and then they'll rotate out when a new patch is released. It used to be that most of the trials had an EX mode and then for some reason the big main end of x.0 and x.3 trials were called Minstel's Ballad for their harder version but they seem to have just called them all that this time but the previous shorthand has stuck.
  5. Got the first EX Trial down last night. Joined a couple of fully blind pugs in party finder and only took about an hour and a half in total so not bad at all, although from what i've heard it's the easier of the two. Fun fight though and good to have one that didn't need pre assigned positions for the raid after the last bunch of Shadowbringers ones.
  6. 10k queue, 2 hours to go down to about 6.5k, 2002 error and back to 9.5k. Another hour and down to about 7k and another 2002 and back again to 9.5k. At least i'm getting this No Man's Sky expedition done I guess lol
  7. Yeah you don't usually need to replace that gear until the last 5 levels. The 85 dungeon should be about the first that you might want upgrades from. End of Stormblood BiS was 400 and the Qitana Ravel dropped 406.
  8. Yeah you'll be able to buy all the 530ilvl Cryptlurker gear for poetics as soon as 6.0 goes live. You'll also be able to exchange any level 80 tomestones you have for poetics at one of the vendors in Mor Dhona (not 1 for 1 though).
  9. I'd be up for grouping up for any raids or trials or whatever. I've asked in the linkshell a few times if anyone wants to join for roulettes but it's pretty quiet in there and it's easy to miss messages so somewhere else to organise would be better. I've pretty much done everything other than the 3 Ultimate raids and the Monster Hunter event and i've only got my PLD left to level so could fill in for anything.
  10. A friend couldn't download it either to begin with but has managed to now. No idea if that means it's fixed or just a random issue though.
  11. See this doesn't seem to bear any resemblance to the game i've been playing. I'm not sure what you think the game would have been had it not been what it is from the start since you don't really get any time with any characters in the base campaign beyond some introductory missions. The only time you actually get to play them in any meaningful way is in the post game missions. The only shock part of Ms Marvel having powers I remember is her jumping to defend someone in one of the early missions and I didn't feel it was 'Oh i've got powers' It was 'Oh I didn't expect to react that way and punch a guy across the room'. The tutorials come when they seem appropriate in the movement and then in the combat section when she's forced to fight. In fact the story makes it clear that she was affected by the events of the prologue and that her dad has been encourgaing her to keep it a secret. Pretty sure she also mentions when you get to her hideout right at the start that she's pretty much the only one that would be able to get there. I really don't remember seeing any endless tutorial messages about currencies either. I'll repeat what I said before in that I didn't even expect to like it. I had no interest in it and only installed it because a friend wanted to play it in multiplayer and i've been really surprised at just how much i've enjoyed it so far. Obviously it's difficult to judge based on a game a year later (although i've not played the Hawkeye and Black Panther operations yet) but having spent some 81 hours in the game so far, enjoying the combat with Black Widow, Captain America and Kate Bishop I really don't think I would have been unhappy with it if i'd bought it.
  12. I mean what you're basically talking about here is the treadmill right? It seems totally unfair to me to have a large chunk of pretty great content largely dismissed because they said they were going to carry on development of the game post release. Everywhere I see the campaign and the combat as kind of handwaved away as "Yeah they're good BUT...". If they were expecting people to pay monthly or per season or something then I could maybe understand it but they're not so I think it's totally fair to judge it on it being a one off purchase with possibly more. I've put just over 60 hours into it so far in finishing the campaign, playing the characer missions and some of the post campaign stuff but I haven't touched any of the dlc operations or characters so far which all say they have about another 15+ missions each and the lions share of my time has been spent on Black Widow and Cap who are now both halfway to max level and are at the soft power cap. On that basis of what I would have paid for I think it's been pretty fucking fantactic, and no, I can't see much of the feeling around the game being justified. Some disappointment that you can't play it as a job perhaps but certainly not the vitriol i've seen in a number of places. For all the people complaining about how they've slowed down levelling to get people to pay for boosts it's not even been that slow with about a level per mission depending on length. I'm sure it will slow down a bit more as I get higher in levels but then I've got all the basic stuff unlocked and nothing is gated by level it seems anyway, only power which has been pretty quick to reach cap. It really just seems the paid xp boosts is yet another example of something that doesn't seem needed apart from by idiots who insist on spending money to avoid playing a game they profess to be into. I can't speak to what the developers have said or not, I wasn't even interested in the game and thought it looked a bit crap on the small amount of streams I watched when it was released, i'm just judging whats ended up in front of me. I've also not had any real issues with any bugs. I had a really messed up map on the mission where you recruit Stark on the 2nd day I played it which made me a bit worried but it's not something that's come back and aside from that I've only noticed that the speedy running effect seems to get stuck always on when on some of the Utah maps. So the game's been out for a year and has had 3 updates consisting of a new character and a bunch of missions, 2 of which are in new areas it seems. It doesn't really seem like that lacking compared to say Destiny or something. I should point out, grinding for gear is the least fun thing I want in a game. It's just boring. It's what puts me off WoW these days and one of the things I like about FFXIV. I don't feel compelled to play it all the time unless i'm raiding or actually want to play it because i'm enjoying the gameplay thats relatively open ended. I think the main issue for me at the moment is while I'd certainly want to come back and play new characters and new story content (kinda like I do in FFXIV) I really feel they're limited in terms of what I would be willing to spend money on. I've never spent any money on just cosmetics in a game, although i've bought the odd season pass for Destiny in the past. I don't know if it's a directive from Marvel but it feels like whole model skins is a bit limited and many of them are very similar. It really feels like it needs some more wacky alternatives for skins and some different kinds of customisation like Destiny has it's ships and ghost shells. Maybe more Carrier and Quinjet alternatives.
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