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  1. Boring but correct.. it's a bit like Messi in football, if BoTW is in the competition you might a well give it the first place.
  2. Ahh, I use a DualShock and 360 controller for most things but grabbed a cheap wireless SNES and Mega-Drive clone for the MiSTER.
  3. Aren't the xbox pads good?
  4. Leave my Monster Hunter alone.
  5. From the C64: Creatures 2 Mayhem in Monsterland Impossible Mission Elite and Exile were both already mentioned, and were both amazing games at the time.
  6. I mean the combination of that + having the race director decide on what happens on the restart. Which in this case was literally deciding who won the championship.
  7. What an absolute joke. With rules like that it's literally Mario Kart, not a real motor sport.
  8. Same thing here - I used to love F1 but quit watching it when Schumacher was allowed to take out Hill to win the title. It's not a sport when you allow that to happen. This race was fantastic until Verstappen pitted on the safety car. The second he came out it was clear he had won. The only thing I don't understand - why didn't Mercedes pit Hamilton? His tyres were ancient, and didn't he have a new set of slicks ready to go?
  9. Probably the same as a lot of us - busy with work, family, not a lot of time to game. Still lurk around because, hey, when you've been part of the community for almost 25 years... if I just look at my case, rllmuk is my longest running group of "friends".
  10. Ryan


    We must have read a totally different series. I loved it. It tells its story more visually than verbally, and I appreciated that.
  11. Ryan


    It's nothing, it's a long evening session with a good series.
  12. Ryan


    These are great: * One Piece - stick with it, it gets really good but it has a slow start. Long but you can move fast. My all-time #1. * Jujutsu Kaisen - one of the best of the current series. * Record of Ragnarok - fight manga, Gods vs Humans, read the first two fights. * Monster - classic, he might be too young for it. * Blame! - classic sci-fi, can be read in a day. * Knights of Sidonia - if he liked Blame! * Hunter x Hunter - classic. * Naruto - the anime makes it, if you skip the filler. * One Punch Man - just make sure he reads a few other Shonen before this. * Mob Psycho - at least the anime is great. * Full Metal Alchemist - manga is better than the anime. * Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) - all time classic, fun. * Bakuman - good read once you are a manga geek. * Eyeshield 21 - really enjoyable sports manga over American football. There are some good manwah: * Tower of God * Solo Levelling * The Gamer There are some other insane series for when he is a little older: * Berserk * Vagabond (reading this myself) * Ashita no Joe * Vinland Saga * Gantz - some love it, when the alien rape started I quit that shit.
  13. None of that requires an NFT. If games developers want to do it, they could implement it today using a database.
  14. I'm re-reading Dune, I've managed 30 minutes this week of not working / being screamed at by kids / talked to by wife. That's 23 pages.
  15. I can kind of agree with what people are saying regards part II - if there isn't a sequel, then this film is no higher than a 7/10... if there is, and if the sequel does as good a job on the bits it covers as this, then it's a 10/10. Right up there with the original Star Wars, 2001, Blade Runner, Terminator, T2, Alien/Aliens as a classic.
  16. I have spent a fair amount of time in various deserts, and the color palette was spot on. The atmosphere, the feel, that too.
  17. I agree with your point - this is *very* much only half of the film - but what an amazing job they did of that half of the story.
  18. Ordered yesterday, delivered today. I have an OLED TV, and after playing Switch on that I couldn't go back. Result: haven't touched my switch in 9 months because the Mrs wants the TV for Netflix. It was 350 EUR, but it was worth it. This is the screen it should have released with.
  19. First thing I said to my wife when I got home: screw the new bathroom, first priority is getting our new TV furniture so I can finally get the sound system installed in time for Xmas.
  20. So, for those thinking of watching this at home: DO NOT WATCH THIS AT HOME - GO TO THE CINEMA! unless you have no other choice. I had to wait a few weeks before I had the chance to go and I'm really glad I did, instead of waiting for a leak or the blueray.
  21. I've read the first book a couple of times, and the entire Frank Herbert series once. The Lynch film is one of my guilty pleasures - it's bad, but I love it. I went in expecting something good, but it totally blowed my mind. It's a fantastic adaptation of the book, brilliant acting. I'm even really down with the small changes which were made (like a certain gender swap). I was really worried that we would end up with something close to most other modern sci-fi - a hyperactive mess of a film. This is the opposite - there are long sequences of silence in the film, which are used masterfully to create the atmosphere. Jessica is amazingly beautiful, really well cast in the role If you've not read the book: this film is very much set-up for what is to come - don't expect to see anything "complete" here. It reminded me a LOT of the last Mad Max film - the way it was filmed, how dirty but somehow real the it felt. The only bad thing was the Dutch subtitles - harsh white subtitles really get in the way of such a beautifully shot film. Looking forward to watching it again on my TV - but I'll need to upgrade my sound system to get the most out of it..
  22. There is no way an adaptation of The Foundation will be fast paced. Not yet. It'll start really slow, and then the Empire will fall..
  23. Ryan


    Monster and 20th Century Boys are absolutely amazing. Going to read Pluto once I'm done with Vagabond.
  24. NeoGeo on a large OLED display is something else
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