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  1. Ryan


    AoT's ending was worse than Bleach. It was worse than the second half of Death Note (which, despite the second half being braindead, actually ended well).
  2. Harrison Ford. You get Star Wars, Indy, Apocolypse Now, Blade Runner, the Clancy films and a quite a large range of middling to good films. Sean Connery would be another good one.
  3. Ryan


    I'm downloading them from nyaa and copying them to my iPad and reading them in a comic reader app. Unhandy but better than the alternatives.
  4. The thing with CE is that it was great until the flood turned up.. whereas Halo 2 was too much "in your face". Still enjoyed it. Halo 3 and either ODST or Reach killed my love for the series at the time: I just don't like fighting against Brutes and the Flood and those games felt like they were only about that. Guess that's why I'm really enjoying Halo 4 so far (and it looking amazing helps too!).
  5. There are still a *lot* of people who rate Halo 2's campaign as better - because there is a lot more happening than in CE.
  6. I googled "best halo game" and Halo 2 is coming our regularly top. I think that it was super popular with Americans, and maybe with people who were young teenagers when it came out.
  7. Finished Halo 3: though that I'd abandoned it on the 360, but it turns out that it was Reach and ODST that I binned. Wasn't expecting much from Halo 4, but boy is it good. It looks good, runs well and the combat feels like a return the CE. That's something the other sequels never got right. I agree with most of the recent posters here though: Halo 1 is an amazing game, but *only* on Legendary. It's a very good game in Heroic but it's something else on Legendary. None of the other games get close.
  8. Her rescue was beautiful, one of the smartest and best things I've seen in TV. It was so claustrophobic, you felt like you were with her peering into the void.
  9. Ryan


    Demon Slayer had a decent story to start with, only the author had no real plan. It's super popular because the anime was amazing, that art work, the whole battle style of controlled breathing. The fights had the very best from Naruto but with much less plot set up and way better looks.
  10. What a fantastic series so far. That last episode. Amazing. Realising that we now have to wait for the weekly episodes to drop
  11. Once stocks come in I'm hoping to build: Ryzen 5900X 64GB RAM GPU TBD (waiting on the reviews and stock of the new AMDs) Samsung 980 Pro 1TB (main) Samsung 970 Evo 1TB (secondary) Motherboard TBD Fractal Design Meshify S2 (unless I can find a cheaper case with good airflow which has no glass and doesn't look like an xmas tree) (https://www.pcmag.com/reviews/fractal-design-meshify-s2) 750W PSU from an A-brand Air cooling. It's for work so the cores and lots of RAM are important. The videocard is less so, but it's not worth skimping
  12. The reviews are now in, if you're a gaming the 5600x is actually a better part than the 5800x. Save yourself some money there and put it into the GPU or more RAM. I'm also waiting to see what the reviews are saying over x570 vs B550 motherboards.
  13. I agree, it was telling that they didn't show the results of any RTX heavy test or game. I see Port Royal and Control everywhere I see RTX. The 3080 is the card to get, paired with an AMD CPU.
  14. Their CPUs destroy Intel too. This is the first time in a while that AMD have even been close with their graphics cards, no?
  15. 6900XT $999 = 3090 $1499 6800XT $649 = 3080 $699 6800 $579 = 3070 $499
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