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  1. I love Rock/Alt/Indy and find electronic music OK (and some awesome, there's overlap). I really love Rez, especially the track for Area 5.
  2. Ryan


    I liked The Great Pretender, they're using each arc to flesh out each of the characters. Hopefully the second half will be good.
  3. It's 100 GBP for one kart! At that price I'd be expecting both the Mario and Luigi karts.
  4. I think you mentioned the wrong Ryan @StumpyJohn, at least until my daughter gets shown an ACNH ad on youtube
  5. Points per game is the most accurate because it includes the most available data. That is far more fair than "cancelling" the season.
  6. If this season is cancelled then it's going to kill football for me. Liverpool have been waiting forever for this, they've been so exceptionally dominant that it would be a complete travisty were they not to take the title. Honestly I would prefer to have some kind of play-off for positions that aren't absolutely clearly solved.
  7. It's 2020, we should be able to buy a game once and play it on any platform we want. With the same **save game**.
  8. I generally avoid reading books because I have this little problem of not going to sleep until I've finished them. But I feel like I'm missing so much so I've started on the Witcher series. Really enjoying the first book - it being made up of short stories really helps with the addiction problem.
  9. My kids absolutely loved Castle In The Sky and my daughter (4) liked Kiki. I seem to be missing all of the other Ghibli films, there's no Totoro, Naussica, Spirited Away.. only Porcco Rosso and Tales of Earthsea.
  10. I started playing Witcher 3 after watching the series and am hooked. At first I found it really morbid but on once you get used to the systems and have missions not involving dead people it gets great. It's shockingly mature too, totally unexpected from a game.
  11. Replace Dirty Dancing with something like Under Siege / Lethal Weapon / Die Hard and switch the genders and you get the same point. It's not at all insulting to either gender; these films are targeted towards a specific audience. Of course there'll be some overlap with other audiences, but the main groups are pretty clear.
  12. Ryan


    It's excellent, the story is going to get way better from here on out too
  13. WoT has a really interesting premise and the first book is good (at least as an audiobook) but the story starts to drag like crazy and then the author unfortunately died before he finished the actual story. I gave up after three/four of the books because they spent 95% of the time walking in circles. If properly condensed however then I'd love to see the world realized on film.
  14. Finished it now. It's set up for a 5+ season run, right? I really hope that it proves popular enough to get it with this kind of budget. The way this has been adapted gives me hope that someone might be able to make something from the Wheel of Time series.
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