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  1. Ryan

    RIP Bob Wakelin

    Wow, I never knew that those covers were all from the same artist. I loved the NZ Story, Rainbow Islands and Batman artwork. They have a special place in my nostalgic heart.
  2. Sad news, it's such a waste of a life. I see what alcohol did for my father-in-law and how it ruins so many lives. RIP my fellow 'mukker.
  3. Ryan


    is there VAR at this game?
  4. Ryan


    Is there anything good this season? This year I've watched Demon Hunter and JoJo and that's is. Have I missed anything good? I've read the manga of BHNA/TPN/Dr Stone so will skip the animes.
  5. That's great casting. Hopefully they learn something from The Expanse.
  6. This is a better score than I was expecting but less than I think it's worth. It's clearly worth a 9 because it's only really comparable to Astro Bot in the fun stakes.
  7. Bought this as a whim on Saturday. A few hours later I heard my 6 year old chuckling away followed by proper full out laughing. He'd found the game and had locked the guy out of his garden. Really fantastic little game and one of the best games I've played in years. It's just pure fun. No loot boxes, no loading times, no boring cut-scenes. Just joy.
  8. They missed that but somehow managed to include about 40 of those terrible Medal of Battlefields Duty Creed games. AstroBot is the most glaring miss for me but it's crazy to have listed some "OK" games but fail to mention either Horizon or Final Fantasy XII which are both classics.
  9. Ryan


    I've also just finished rewatching NGE. I couldn't get all of the way through the final episode though. In previous viewings it never quite hit me that the entire series seems to be about Anno's issues. It's brave and maybe kind of crazy to air your inner thoughts like that in your art. It's also clear to me that the structure of the final two episodes was planned, though I expect that the transition was not originally supposed to be so abrupt. The series is a masterpiece even today, although it's not an easy thing to watch (I don't like stuff which has a bad ending).
  10. I hated the first two Thor films but loved Ragnarok. It's only behind the MCU finale as best film for me.
  11. Tyrian 2000 is one of my favorite shooter of all time. Such a shame that there isn't Switch version. Other than Tyrian 2000 I keep coming back to Rez and Halo 1. They're more than just amazing games, they're amazing experiences. Creatures 2 and Lightforce on the C64 also come up every time I get nostalgic.
  12. Thanks, I'll pick it up again BTW an adblocker is required to view the site, without one it freezes O_O
  13. Which guide? So far for me it's the worst RPG I've played in a long time. I've just got the bit where the open world opens up (probably 2-3 hrs in).
  14. That and the story being strung out like crazy. A better author would have been able to tell the story in three books.
  15. Wow they got someone good? That was *not* expected.
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