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  1. Thanks, I'll pick it up again BTW an adblocker is required to view the site, without one it freezes O_O
  2. Which guide? So far for me it's the worst RPG I've played in a long time. I've just got the bit where the open world opens up (probably 2-3 hrs in).
  3. That and the story being strung out like crazy. A better author would have been able to tell the story in three books.
  4. Wow they got someone good? That was *not* expected.
  5. Signs should have ended before the whole "they were allergic to water bit".
  6. Awesome, thanks for replying. Deffo gunna buy it
  7. Is the switch version of new star soccer good? It's om sale now..
  8. Ryan


    What were the shows of 2018? Megalobox, Jojo and Gridman were all I really watched. This season is good, I'm watching: JoJo, Slime, Mob and SOA (which is now gone boring). Have I missed anything good (except Cells At Work which is on my to-do list)?
  9. Ryan


    The manga is excellent, it's a seinen series pretending to be a shonen.
  10. Discovery is getting worse with every episode whilst Orville is getting better.
  11. Chani is an Arab, how can they cast an American to play her? The guy playing Leto is 20 years too young for the role.
  12. The acting was good but wtf was that story. It made absolutely no sense.
  13. To be honest I gave up after an hour or two of play because being forced to swing a sword with the wrong hand is little fun..
  14. Skyward Sword is only horrible thanks to the controls. All they had to do was add a mirror option and it would have been such a fantastic game. Hopefully the eventual remake will do that (or drop the motion controls).
  15. MacFarlane said that he was going to cut the comedy down a bit this season. It's great fun and all but it just makes me want a proper modern Star Trek series in the TNG/Voyager/DS9 style. Discovery is also fine, but it's just Mass Effect the TV series, it isn't Star Trek.
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