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  1. Reidles

    Overwatch - Bob!!!

    I play on PS4, but have tried the PC version at one of the Belong's in Game. I failed pretty miserably for a while and then asked if I could switch to a pad. The really helpful assistant suggested we go along to their team nights, but I batted him away after seeing just how terrible my mouse and keyboard skills were. Then he said that their best player uses a pad and, despite getting ripped by other teams for not using M&K, they quickly had to back down as she was getting all the kills. Could be a load of sales twaddle, an outlier or they could all just be awful; but I think you'll be ok. It's only really the snipers, Tracer and Genji that would allow a much higher skill cap on PC I reckon/what I hear from friends.
  2. Mine was ok...but far from great. If anything it's making me excited to watch it again on Monday, with a delicious 1080p copy As for the whining
  3. Reidles

    Overwatch - Bob!!!

    Has any PS4 players experiencing lack of dramatic music in the menu/setup/timer countdowns/etc since the update yesterday? It feels awfully quiet without it...
  4. Reidles

    Doctor Who

    Count me in the 'loved it' camp. The final act was messy as most of Moffat's stuff tends to be these days, but a lot of that was probably down to the Jenna U-Turn. Anyway, just wanted to leave some kudos to the wonderful Christmassy themes that were slipped in. The dreaming and desire to wake up (metaphor for Christmas being like a dream and then back to reality when it's over). The reminder that every Christmas is like a 'last Christmas' - explaining the dying aspect of the story. Christmas is a timely reminder of that we are all dying; and whatever Christmas you have in any given year, is so very different to the ones you may have experienced in years gone by. This may be a bit of a personal reflection, but after spending a day seeing my little ones open their presents, my elderly Gran in home and a visit to the coast to lay a flower for my late stepmum, it seemed to resonate with me... Even the explanation of the anaesthetic was nice touch to reference the various anaesthetics (overindulgence) we all use at this time of year to get us through the holiday period! Anyway, definitely the best Christmas special since A Christmas Carol. So THERE.
  5. Reidles

    Doctor Who

    I considered this for a moment while watching. It could happen, but I'd be surprised if it went that way.
  6. Reidles

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Going into the Real game, it makes me remember the confidence I had back in the Rafa days that the team were very difficult to beat. We would be tight, especially in Europe, and invariably nick a result. I don't pine for a return for that, but we were difficult to beat due to how little we gave away. We were difficult to beat last season as well, but that's because of the lethal attacking mentality (and him) that we possessed. And it wasn't just Suarez, anyway: we did this with or without him in the team. Sturridge, Sterling and Phil all contributed at key moments. I guess my point is this: while our defending is ridiculously bad, it's not what Rodger's teams are about. He plays quick, penetrating football and has had some pretty decent results with it so far. While we need to improve our defending (by a considerable margin), I am getting a little fed up with every analyst or pundit looking at that as the key problem. Right now, we need more from out creative and attacking players and, for me, this is where the real area of concern is. We haven't looked threatening since the Spurs game. Tightening up defensively won't make up for the loss of Luis's goals. This is far from a 'oh Liverpool haven't replaced Suarez' lament, but I just feel there's more than one way to be difficult to beat and we should play to our strengths. Under Rogers that's never been a defensive efficiency, why should it be the focus now?
  7. Reidles

    Homeland - US Pace

    Watched the first two episodes of this season, and I thought it was pretty good. The show is definitely different, much like the Guardian preview suggested - a soft reboot. There's some powerful stuff in there, mainly I'm enjoying the terror plot being repositioned as the story arc, rather than the main drive of each episode. This feels much more like the characters' personal stories are driving the narrative; at least, at this stage of season 4 anyway. Worth a go, especially as it has .
  8. Reidles

    Doctor Who

    I want to see this in the TV show! http://www.doctorwho.tv/events/doctor-who-experience Ok, the link to the website doesn't seem to play the video, but it may be my creaking laptop playing up. I'll put the link to the Facebook page where I found it in the first place anyway. https://www.facebook.com/DoctorWho?fref=nf
  9. Reidles

    Doctor Who

    Anyone seen this? http://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2014/sep/17/doctor-who-late-time-saturday-night I'm not necessarily saying I subscribe to the idea - in fact, I can actually see some fairly sensible reasons for moving it this late - but it all feels a little Michael Grade. Pretty sure I remember reading somewhere that he moved it to a terrible timeslot after it's hiatus in the 80s. Like ITV did, with Bullseye, but that worked out fine.
  10. Reidles

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    His passing has been awful since the start of the season. He was on the bench against Spurs and we played well, so I don't get the justification for inclusion in the first XI atm.
  11. Reidles

    Doctor Who

    Yeah, this is absolutely spot on. It's all about the eponymous lead. Winds me right up when a lot of my sci-fi obsessed friends start (negatively) comparing it to BSG or similar, or when they start obsessing about canon/continuity a la Star Trek. It's a totally unique show and *probably* has more in common with general Saturday night television than science fiction. Save for the odd story, naturally.
  12. Reidles

    The Trip

    No real (literal) lol moments in last night's episode, for me. Obviously, the tone was different and it was handled well, but still missed Rob's enthusiasm. His Coogan impression at the end almost made up for it, but just gutted I have to wait another week. Still, unmissable stuff, mind.
  13. Reidles

    The Trip

    Fantastic again - I was crying at the 'guess the bill' gameshow bit!
  14. Reidles

    Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey

    Finally caught up with this, and I think its ace. Massive fan of Sagan and the original, but I think this treads the lines between remake, homage and freshness fairly effectively. The Sagan clips/sound bites are a nice touch and the new stories told to illustrate the scientific evidence are evident of it feeling like Carl's spirit is driving the show, along with Neil's enthusiasm. Its not perfect, but I enjoyed it much more than, say, Cox's recent offerings. Also; Seth McFarlane, Ann Dryun and Brannon Braga? I nearly squee'd. Also, one last point. Channel 4's lap of space, this show and Gravity doing well at the Oscars can only mean that space is cool again! Hurrah!
  15. Reidles

    British Comedy Awards

    That bit was great and Vegas was so right about Paul's comedy. However, I do think that he's not exactly innocent as some of accusations he makes about 'other people's comedy'. I also really liked the Lee Mack/Nina Conti bit. The link is below and you probably need to watch before and through the nominations reel to understand what Lee Mack does when he wins. I'm a big fan of Lee Mack; he's nothing original, but his wit and timing doesn't always need to be. Edit: the link starts at the bit I mean, 47 minutes in. Edit 2: That cut Coogan speech is at the end of the link too and it's fucking AWESOME.

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